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Recent articles by Maya:

Cyprus press condemned for ‘harassing British woman accused of falsifying gang rape allegations’

The Cypriot press has been condemned for allegedly harassing a British woman accused of falsifying gang rape allegations and trying to take photos of her despite the fact her identity is not allowed to be revealed unless she is found guilty. → Read More

Spoof MP job advert offers new recruits chance to abuse women at work

Spoof job adverts offering potential MPs the chance to grab women round the neck with impunity have been posted as part of a campaign to highlight bullying and abuse in Westminster. The Women’s Equality Party has launched the drive to call into question why MPs facing unresolved allegations are not compelled to step down from their jobs. → Read More

One in six girls has not gone to school or work because they ‘felt anxious about the way they look’

‘I didn’t get any GCSEs, and the bullying gave me anxiety and depression. It has really affected my future – my education stopped simply because I didn’t feel comfortable,’ says 18-year-old → Read More

New drug available on the NHS could slow down ovarian cancer

A new medicine could help women whose ovarian cancer has returned, by delaying the development of the disease. The NHS says around half of those living with the sixth most common type of the disease for women, will live for at least five years after diagnosis. Around one in three will live at least a decade. → Read More

Thousands of women suffering 'avoidable' delays with diagnosis of incurable breast cancer, study finds

Thousands of women with incurable breast cancer are forced to repeatedly visit their GPs before they are diagnosed, enduring “avoidable” delays as a result, a new report has suggested. → Read More

Menopausal women wrongly prescribed antidepressants which make their symptoms worse, warn experts

Women going through the menopause are being wrongly prescribed antidepressants which are making their symptoms worse and destroying their confidence, experts have warned. → Read More

Iran 'endangering women' with gender quota for World Cup qualifier tickets

The Iranian authorities' limit on the amount of women who can attend a forthcoming World Cup qualifier is discriminatory and is putting female football fans in danger, campaigners have warned. → Read More

More than a quarter of women have never requested pay rise and find process ‘awkward’, study finds

More than a quarter of women have never requested a pay rise and women are substantially more likely to find the process of doing so “awkward”, a new study has found. A poll of 2,000 people found 41 per cent of men have talked about a salary rise with their manager in the last six month, whereas just a third of women have. → Read More

Pick-up artists could face prosecution for sharing covert recordings of women they pursue for sex

So-called pick-up artists could be prosecuted for sharing covert recordings of women they pursue for sex on the internet. The pickup artist community, which is centred around men using manipulative techniques to seduce women, has been criticised for objectifying women as targets instead of equals, and encouraging sexual violence. → Read More

Six elephants die trying to save each other from waterfall

Six elephants have died after falling down an infamously dangerous waterfall while attempting to a save a baby elephant in Thailand. Workers heard elephant calls from Samor Poon creek near Haew Narok waterfall – which has been nicknamed Ravine of Hell – in Khao Yai National Park in the early hours of Saturday morning. → Read More

Ilhan Omar defends black man jailed for oversleeping and missing jury duty

Ilhan Omar has leapt to the defence of a 21-year-old man who was imprisoned for oversleeping and missing the first day of his jury service. Deandre Somerville, from West Palm Beach in Florida, was sentenced to 10 days in jail, 150 hours of community service and handed a $223 (£180) fine for sleeping through his alarm. → Read More

Rock climbers to challenge Trump's claim his border wall cannot be scaled

Professional rock climbers are set to challenge Donald Trump’s assertion his border wall was trialled by 20 mountaineers and is “impossible to climb”. → Read More

Government 'putting tens of thousands of domestic abuse victims at risk' by letting them be tracked by National Insurance numbers

The government has been accused of putting the lives of tens of thousands of domestic abuse victims at risk due to failing to implement measures to stop them being tracked by their National Insurance numbers. → Read More

'He would destroy my sim cards and lock the front door': A mother and two daughters' story of domestic abuse

Zoe* and Holly* grew up in a household where their father subjected their mother to psychological and physical abuse and have been exposed to domestic violence since they were born. → Read More

Teacher suspended for suggesting Confederate flag is a sign 'that you intend to marry your sister'

A secondary school teacher in Georgia has been suspended from school for calling the confederate flag a sign that an individual plans to marry their own sister. → Read More

Teachers' Day: How educators are celebrated in different countries around the world

World Teacher’s Day commemorates a global document - first adopted in 1996 - which sets out the rights and responsibilities of teachers. Google has celebrated the day with a Doodle which features a spectacle-wearing multitasking octopus in front of a blackboard. → Read More

The High Court bolsters Westminster’s push to bring abortion reform to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world and Victorian legislation means women seeking the procedure there can face up to life in prison. But yesterday’s decision that Northern Ireland’s near-total abortion ban – which even bars the practice in instances of rape or incest – breaks the UK’s human rights obligations serves to delegitimise → Read More

Northern Ireland abortion restrictions breach UK's human rights law, Belfast High Court rules

Northern Ireland's strict abortion ban which even bans the procedure in cases of rape or incest breaches the UK's human rights commitments, the High Court in Belfast has ruled. The case was brought by Sarah Ewart who was forced to travel to England for an abortion after being told her unborn child would not survive outside the womb and had no chance of surviving. Ms Ewart → Read More

Women lose landmark High Court fight against pension changes that caused homelessness and destitution

Women affected by controversial adjustments made to the state pension age which campaigners say unlawfully discriminates against women born in the 1950’s have lost their landmark High Court battle against the government. Nearly four million women have been affected by the changes which increased the state pension age from 60 to 66. In a summary of the court's decision, Lord → Read More

Rosie Duffield speech: Tearful MPs break into round of applause after powerful address on domestic abuse

Tearful MPs erupted into a round of applause after a Labour MP delivered an emotionally charged speech about the domestic abuse her former partner subjected her to. → Read More