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Mitchell Gunter


Clemson, SC, United States
Mitchell Gunter is a freelance journalist who has contributed hundreds of articles to publications including The Washington Times, The Federalist, The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, and The Foundation for Economic Education from a conservative perspective. His work on political issues in higher education has been featured on national programs including Fox Business, The Drudge Report, and Tucker Carlson Tonight. Mitchell holds a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering from Clemson University, and lives in Greenville, South Carolina. Mitchell can be found on Twitter @rMitchellGunter

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Recent articles by Mitchell:

Columbia University profiting off ‘immigrant deaths,’ campus activists say

Activists at Columbia University are accusing the school of profiting off of “immigrant deaths” at “U.S. concentration camps,” and demanding the university cancel a contract with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to provide medical services and consultations. → Read More

Nicotine’s Electronic Epidemic Demands Regulation

E-cigarettes, ungoverned by traditional tobacco advertising rules, have ensnared a new generation on an epidemic scale and must be regulated in terms of sale method, ad content, false medical claims and various potential health issues. → Read More


Germany Unveils Its Version of the Green New Deal

Supporters of the measure don’t seem to grasp the impending economic fallout. → Read More

Vatican-China Deal Betrays Christians Everywhere

It is far from too late for the Vatican to stray from this destructive course, and to preserve its international reputation, Pope Francis must renege on any deals that would further criminalize free expression. → Read More

Clemson Hosts ‘Create Your Own Gender Adventure’

Interested Clemson University students will be able to "create a new gender" as a part of an upcoming workshop. → Read More

New Law Requires Oversight on Pentagon Cloud Computing Contract

Congress just passed a year-end appropriations bill for the Department of Defense and it contained a funding provision that will help save taxpayers money. → Read More

Will voters save free markets in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents will soon have the chance to knock a real tyrant out of the secretary of state's office. → Read More

Will voters save free markets in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents will soon have the chance to knock a real tyrant out of the secretary of state's office. → Read More

Students urge banning ‘anti-queer’ Morehouse Chick-fil-A

Following the suspension of the business relationship between Morehouse College and Papa John’s, some students are urging the school to go a step further by banning Chick-fil-A from campus. → Read More

Congress calls for transparency in health funding

Justice Louis D. Brandeis in 1914 in a book about how banks used “other people’s money” wrote the now famous phrase “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” That credo can be applied today to federal funding of heath studies. → Read More

Student Antifa organizations dox, protest ICE agents

In the wake of outrage over hard line immigration policies, several Antifa groups in Texas have banded together to call for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE, to be abolished, publishing personal details of agency personnel in the process. → Read More

Campus anarchist group: All cops 'deserve to die'

In a stunning series of tweets, a Texas State University anarchist group declared that all cops “deserve to die,” and that “one of the best cures for the crisis at the border, is to remove the border entirely.” They also retweeted a post saying, “cops drive around LOOKING for trouble.” → Read More

Activists protest punishment of Confederate statue vandal

Student activist Maya Little poured red ink and some of her own blood on a Confederate monument called “Silent Sam” residing on the campus of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in late April. → Read More

Socialist leader jokes about burning down conservative activists’ tent

The leader of a socialist student organization at Florida International University recently labeled members of conservative student organization Turning Point USA “fascists,” going so far as to talk about wanting to burn down the organization’s event tent. → Read More

Hofstra students demand ‘all-gender locker room’

In the wake of a widespread push to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from campus, several Hofstra University student organizations have banded together in order to demand an “all-gender locker room” for the school’s fitness center. → Read More

A conservative case for the International Space Station

Acquiescing to efforts to end government funding of the International Space Station (ISS) by 2025 would be a historic and costly mistake to the tune of billions, destroying an engineering, science and geopolitical marvel and elevating America’s enemies to supremacy in space. → Read More

Communist group threatens campus Young Conservatives with assault

A communist anti-fascist action group at the University of Texas, Austin recently threatened conservative students with assault after the Young Conservatives of Texas, or YCT, mocked the group's attempt at implementing mob justice for a UT Austin professor. → Read More

After extensive debate, Hofstra University to keep Thomas Jefferson statue

More than a month after a statue of Thomas Jefferson was vandalized at Hofstra University and an extensive campaign to remove it from campus, the school’s president has announced that the founding father’s visage will remain. → Read More

Texas State University students: You can’t be racist to white people

One freshman student’s seemingly innocuous tweet about racism has ignited a firestorm at Texas State University. Now other students are shaming her and asking her not to attend the university in the fall. → Read More

Pro-life students harassed, mocked on social media

Not all students were receptive to a picture that pro-life students at the University of Texas, San Antonio, posted on social media promoting their beliefs, resulting in some extreme rhetoric. → Read More