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Recent articles by John:

Political scientist: Trump’s record on respect for military worthy of dishonorable discharge

Did President Donald Trump refuse to go to a cemetery of American soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice because he didn’t want to get his hair wet? Did he call soldiers who served in combat abroad "suckers" and "losers?" I have no clue.However, Trump has a history of saying disparaging things about members of the military, grossly inflating his defense policy accomplishments, and removing the… → Read More

College professor: The Trump economy, by the numbers

The most repeated phrase of the Republican National Convention was that President Donald Trump created the greatest economy the world has ever seen. The → Read More

OPINION: Virtual political convention lets all participate

When I learned that the Democratic National Committee would hold their convention in the town I was born in, Milwaukee, Wisc., I was already making plans → Read More

Americans Trust Businesses More Than Government—Except Social Media, Which They Hate

A series of polls reveal Americans want ethical businesses but still trust them more than the current government. → Read More

John Tures: Using A Horrible Holocaust Analogy That’s Bad For Our Health

August 3, 2020 – Earlier this year, my college students and I joined our chaplain and a graduate student in traveling to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The insensitive treatment many … → Read More

Does Mail-In Voting Increase Voter Fraud? We Did the Math. The Answer Is No.

While President Trump rails against mail-in voting, statistics show that it's actually safer than in-person voting. → Read More

OPINION, John Tures: A happy Father’s Day, perhaps without corporal punishment

An acquaintance from my town posted a meme on Facebook that says a lot about parenting in general and being a good father in particular. Some folks have → Read More

OPINION, John Tures column: Digging into the evidence on police behavior

This column is the opinion of the author. We welcome a diversity of opinions.As the U.S. experiences yet another senseless death of a citizen at the hands → Read More

John Tures column: Evidence shows staying at home cuts COVID-19 rates

Despite the presence of hundreds of protesters demanding an end to stay-at-home policies designed to contain this coronavirus, polls show sizable majorities support their governors who are trying to flatten the curve and keep our health care system from being overwhelmed. We need to test whether such stay-at-home policies worked as COVID-19 spread in early April.A few weeks ago, I looked at… → Read More

OPINION, Voices, John Tures: Coronavirus alters 2020 election campaign

This column is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of the Savannah Morning News. We welcome a diversity of opinions.If → Read More

John Tures column: Pandemic shows value of local media

This column is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of the Savannah Morning News. We welcome a diversity of opinions.You → Read More

John Tures column: Virus board game offers sobering lessons

“Would you like to play the game ‘Pandemic?” my friend asked as we visited his church. I shook my head … the coronavirus crisis already seemed too much to take. “But it’s a game about working together to stop a pandemic,” he added.So our families played. And we learned a lot that might apply in these trying times.Here’s more about the game, created by Matt Leacock and distributed by Z-Man Games… → Read More

Will Coronavirus Lead to a Recession? What We Can Learn From Pandemics in History

A look back in history demonstrates how epidemics have led to economic recessions and what we can learn from past mistakes to deal with the new coronavirus Covid-19. → Read More

Setting the Right Tone for Female Executives in Baseball

There’s an increase of females in sports executive roles, and they’re getting an assist from Tone Networks, an empowerment platform that has partnered with the Atlanta Braves. → Read More

Using the Latest Tech to Survive and Thrive in the Next Recession

Is having a virtual AI sales assistant the solution to helping companies become recession-proof? Augmented workforce company Conversica thinks its tech could help. → Read More

Letting Iowa and N.H. call the early shots is destroying our democracy

A national primary day is the best solution. That way everyone would have some sort of say in the process. → Read More

John Tures column: Conflicted on Pete Rose and reinstatement

Pete Rose has applied to be reinstated to Major League Baseball. I’m sure you expect me to be one of those writers to condemn such a decision. But I won’t, and here is why.Growing up, I admit I idolized Pete Rose. He was the hardest-working baseball player who ever played the game. News of his gambling angered me, leading me to repeatedly condemn him. But I realize that my attacks on Rose were… → Read More

Dying to Win an Oscar: Do Performers Need to Perish On-Screen to Prevail?

With the help of on-screen death data and expert analysis, we can determine if a dramatic dying moment means an actor or actress is more likely to take home an Oscar or not. → Read More

How to Enjoy One of the Biggest Online Oscars Watch Parties Ever

Stardust—a social app for movie and TV fans, dubbed "the Instagram" of movies and television shows—is your ticket to the hottest online Oscars watch party. → Read More

John A. Tures: The Damage Alan Dershowitz Did To Our Constitution

February 3, 2020 – When Donald Trump picked the notorious lawyer Alan Dershowitz to represent him in the impeachment trial, I felt the President wouldn’t get the best possible legal representation. I didn’t realize it was the U.S. Constitution that would get an even worse defense during Trump’s impeachment trial. I figured the job of the Trump defense team would be to challenge the facts of the… → Read More