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Past articles by Kayla:

Edith Wharton’s Sexiest Novel Is a Sad, Perfect End-of-Summer Read

Edith Wharton's "Summer," the lesser known of her New England novels, is an idyllic, lyrical read that taps into all the end-of-summer feels. → Read More

Why Are Male Celebrities Having So Many Kids?

High-profile figures like Elon Musk and Nick Cannon are fathering several children with multiple different women. → Read More

Penn Badgley Knows His “You” Masturbation Scenes Are Creepy

On-screen masturbation has come a long way since James Gandolfini reluctantly filmed an (ultimately unaired) jerk-off scene for The Sopranos. In TV’s current age of full-frontal male nudity and on-screen ass-eating, it’s not uncommon to see a character rubbing one out on your sexy streaming drama of choice. That doesn’t mean it isn’t sometimes uncomfortable […] → Read More

Wait, How Exactly Did Viagra Get Into Honey?

The FDA recently issued warnings to four companies after Viagra and Cialis were found in their honey and honey-based products. → Read More

What It’s Really Like Inside SNCTM, New York’s Most Exclusive Sex Party

SNCTM has a reputation for being the world's most exclusive sex club. Here's what it's really like inside a SNCTM sex party. → Read More

Future Method Just Changed the Anal Sex Prep Game… Again.

Future Method's Anal Douche Powder Packs are designed with convenience in mind for safer, on-the-go anal sex prep. → Read More

TikTok's Ultimate Foreplay Hack Is...Knee Stuff?

TikTok's "knee thing," a foreplay technique involving clitoral stimulation with a knee, is the platform's latest viral sex hack. → Read More

Sorry Haters, Missionary Is Officially the Best Sex Position

A recent study has declared missionary the best sex position for one very specific reason: orgasm potential. → Read More

What Is Relationship Anarchy? Are You a Relationship Anarchist?

Relationship anarchy is an approach to building relationships that rejects traditional societal norms and structures. → Read More

Here's How to Ride a Bike Without Crushing Your Dick

Researchers suggest penis-havers stand up on their pedals every 10 minutes while riding a bike to reduce negative effects on your precious reproductive bits → Read More

Are Women on TikTok Using Their Vaginas for Perfume?

"Vabbing," which is the act of wearing one's vaginal fluids on the skin as a perfume, has taken over TikTok. → Read More

This Is the Key to Good Anal Sex, According to Researchers

New research has identified three anal sex techniques, anal surfacing, anal shallowing and anal pairing, that are pleasurable for women. → Read More

“Fire Island” Star Joel Kim Booster Has the Most Relatable Threesome Take

As we’ve previously established, planning a threesome with your partner is often easier said than done. First there’s a bunch of mental and emotional preparation you have to do to make sure you’re both ready to invite a third person into your bedroom — and then of course you actually have to find that third […] → Read More

Do We Choose Our Friends by…Sniffing Them?

A recent study published in the journal "Science Advances" found that people who like each other tend to smell similar, and that smell plays an important role in bonding. → Read More

Could "Love Drugs" Fix Your Failing Relationship?

Some scientists believe hormone-enhancing "love drugs" could be the future of healthy relationships, and they may be here soon. But is love a healthy thing in pill form? → Read More

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club: The New England Getaway You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in Brewster, Massachusetts is the ultimate destination for your Cape Cod getaway this summer. → Read More

Oh Great, Super Gonorrhea Is a Thing Now

Scientists have documented a case of highly antibiotic-resistant "super gonorrhea" in an Austrian man, which is bad news. → Read More

"Sleep Divorce" Is Carson Daly's Key to Marriage Success

Carson Daly has opened up about sleep divorce, claiming sleeping in separate bedrooms is the best thing that ever happened to his marriage. → Read More

How to Find a Third for a Threesome Without Being a Unicorn Hunter

"Unicorn hunters," or couples seeking a third for a threesome in problematic ways, are being called out. Here's how to do it the right way. → Read More

Moaning Is Not (Officially) Part of the Female Orgasm, Says Study

What makes the female orgasm the female orgasm? Not moaning. → Read More