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Recent articles by Silvio:

Learning English with Charlie Brown

Charles Monroe Schulz was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on this day in 1922. He died in 2000. Schulz created Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang. Back in the early days of … → Read More

Cuba needs a real referendum

We remember that Augusto Pinochet was born on this day in 1914. He died in 2006. Back in 1988, General Augusto Pinochet had run Chile for 15 years. He overthrew President Salvador Allend… → Read More

Happy Thanksgiving: ‘La Pelosi’ is gone from leadership

They call it “the end of an era” over at CNN: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday that she will relinquish her leadership post after leading House Democrats for two decades, buildin… → Read More

Happy #82 to the great Luis Tiant

We say happy # 82 to Luis Tiant. The great Luis Tiant was born in Marianao, Cuba on this day in 1940. His father was Luis Eleuterio Tiant, who pitched professionally in the old Negro Leagues in the… → Read More

The scary part is the students fell for it

Some time ago, President Biden announced an executive order aimed at helping students with college debt, promising $10,000 in debt relief from federal student loans for most and $20,000 in debt rel… → Read More

Communion and ‘comunismo’

Like many of you, I will go to Mass today and take communion. It’s easy and simple here, but not so easy and simple in Cuba. Down on the island, the church relies on flour donations to serve Commu… → Read More

Gettysburg Address: 159 years ago today

We recorded this in 2013, or the 150th anniversary of The Gettysburg Address, with Frank Burke, contributor to American Thinker and author. Frank also read the speech and discussed its historical s… → Read More

A warning from a Cuban human rights leader

This week, Dr. Biscet wrote a devastating account of things in Cuba. This is from Newsweek via Babalu: It is sometimes said that when people slide into bankruptcy, they do so gradually, then sudden… → Read More

Too early for Trump to get in

Back in 1975, a man from Georgia decided to run for president. In fact, I remember watching him on a morning local show on Channel 5 in Washington, D.C. Nobody knew him. … → Read More

What can the GOP learn from Texas?

It was a great day for the GOP in Texas. This is from Texas Tribune: Texas Republicans maintained their nearly three-decade grip on state government on Tuesday, comfortably fending off a vigorous r… → Read More

Trump would be wise to wait

Timing is everything. Just ask candidate Trump in 2016. Timing today calls on him to wait and let some of the dust settle. This is not a good time for him to declare his candidacy, as Lt. Governo… → Read More

More Yankee and Mets fans will watch baseball in Florida

Incredibly, New Yorkers did not fire the management team running their state. I guess that they want more of the mess from high taxes, crime and people moving to Florida. I hope that every New York… → Read More

Violence south of the border

Down Mexico way, violence is out of control. It’s what everyone talks about when you speak with friends south of the border. This is from Kelin Dillon and Pulse News Mexico: Only weeks after … → Read More

NPR goes sick – Babalú Blog

Recently, a friend told me about NPR broadcasting an abortion. I thought that it was a joke or something from the Babylon Bee. After all, who could be sick enough to broadcast or listen to an abo… → Read More

What a weekend to remember Reagan!

Where were you in 1980 or 42 years ago this weekend? I was almost packed to move to Mexico. My company was transferring me to the bank branch in Mexico City. It was an exciting time, especially a… → Read More

The ‘unity man’ throws one at our heads again

There you go again, to borrow that line from candidate Reagan in the 1980 debate. There goes President Biden again, talking about a threat to democracy and the upcoming elections. This … → Read More

Lula won, but now what?

The results from Brazil show a deeply divided nation. The map was reminiscent of that Bush-Kerry map from 2004 where one region voted one way and the other region the other way. This is from NPR:… → Read More

The electoral wave or the asteroid?

According to people who know a lot more than I do, a massive asteroid is going to be close to us next week: A → Read More

Lula won, but now what?

The results from Brazil show a deeply divided nation. The map was reminiscent of that Bush-Kerry map from 2004 where one region voted one way and the other the other way. This is from NPR: In ju... → Read More

Happy Halloween, and don't forget to vote

Halloween was totally new when our family came to the U.S. The idea of kids wearing masks and asking for candy was totally new to us. I mean totally new. I don't remember watching a Disney cartoon about it, and we... → Read More