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Past articles by Andy:

Twitter workers freaking out over Elon Musk in internal Slack messages

Leaked internal communications by Twitter employees reveal woke employees are overtaken by despair and anger about Elon Musk’s month-long effort to acquire Twitter. → Read More

Suspect in Canada trucker protest hit-and-run is militant Antifa punk rocker

David Alexander Zegarac of Headingley, Manitoba, allegedly sped off in his car to try and escape after the incident last Friday, which injured four people and was caught on camera. → Read More

Antifa member charged with shooting anti-vaxxer in Washington

Benjamin Anthony Varela, 36, of Olympia, was arrested on Thursday and charged with first-degree assault while armed with a deadly weapon. → Read More

Wi Spa suspect still at large — has history of indecent exposure and masturbation

Darren Agee Merager, the person charged with indecent exposure at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles — a case that led to violent clashes between protesters and transgender activists — is still at large, as sordid new details of their criminal record have emerged. → Read More

Sex offending suspect claims transgender harassment in Wi Spa case

Darren Agee Merager, who spoke exclusively The Post, denies the allegations and says that she is actually the victim of transphobic harassment. → Read More

More than two dozen Antifa rioters charged for Portland mayhem

More than two dozen suspected Antifa rioters have been charged in Portland in the past two weeks, signaling an escalation by both local and federal prosecutors following a full year of riots in the besieged Oregon city. → Read More

How a Portland radical murdered a Trump supporter — and became a hero for Antifa

During the 2020 riots sparked by the police-custody death of George Floyd, journalist Andy Ngo embedded with Antifa groups. → Read More

Trump-loving grandma outs Portland ‘bomber’ to feds — and it’s her own grandson

Karla Fox says she recognized the alleged Portland bomber as her daughter's son, 18-year-old Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill. → Read More

Portland protests have no goal except violence and anarchy

For 58 days, mass protests and riots have taken over parts of the city. Some streets and areas are literal “no-go zones” at night — either blocked by fires or teams of “guards.” → Read More

My terrifying five-day stay inside Seattle’s cop-free CHAZ

During five undercover days and nights in the zone, I witnessed a continuing experiment in anarchy, chaos and brute-force criminality. → Read More

Dayton shooter may be antifa’s first mass killer

While Connor Betts, the Dayton shooter, didn’t leave behind a manifesto, his extensive social-media footprint provides clues as to what may have inspired him. → Read More

Liberals cheer as antifa violence escalates

In the early hours on Saturday, police in Tacoma, Wash., rushed to the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. An armed man was firebombing the... → Read More

A Leftist Mob Attacked Me in Portland

I have been targeted by Antifa and its allies for my critical reporting of their violent extremism. → Read More

Universities Are Too Often Serving As “Hate-Crime Hoax” Mills.

Universities too often serve as “hate-crime hoax” mills. → Read More

Inside the suspicious rise of gay hate crimes in Portland

In progressive Portland where the “#Resistance” is mainstream, stories like Sophia Stanford’s feed into a whisper campaign of violent homophobes, transphobes and racists lurking on every corner ignited a moral panic. A moral panic had now been ignited. → Read More

Sweden’s Parallel Society

A case of mass immigration without assimilation. → Read More

Antifa Went To Protest Fascists. They Targeted The Wrong Group — And Threatened To Kill Me.

"Nazi go home! Nazi go home!" a woman led a crowd into chanting at me as I was cornered against a barrier. A line of police officers stood watching a few feet away. Aiming a bullhorn at my face, the woman continued screaming while others pushed me. → Read More

Another Night in Portland: Protesters rally against police, Trump, and “Fascism.”

Protesters rally against police, Trump, and “Fascism.” → Read More

A Racial Shakedown in Portland

PORTLAND — In a 30-second video recorded on Oct. 28, a female pedestrian holding a bicycle helmet is seen making a phone call. She’s complaining about a car blocking a crosswalk on a busy street in Portland, Ore. The phone call ends and the car’s occupants—a young black man and woman—walk up to her and take her to task for reporting them. Some angry words are directed at the bicyclist by the… → Read More

Antifa At Large in Portland

Andy Ngo joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss the recent outbreak of violence in Portland between far-left activists, commonly referred to as Antifa, and right-wing groups that gathered to oppose them. → Read More