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Past articles by Maxwell:

Airbnb Is Banning People Who Are ‘Closely Associated’ With Already-Banned Users

As a safety precaution, the tech company sometimes bans users because the company has discovered that they “are likely to travel” with another person who has already been banned. → Read More

TikTok’s Landlord Influencers Want You To Stop Being Mad and Start Landlording

Extremely online landlords are regularly told their jobs are “inherently corrupt” and that they, personally, are "greedy animals.” But they claim their mission is noble—and that they deserve some sympathy too. → Read More

Lawyers Unsure Whether Workers Who Agreed Not To Can Now Disparage Former Bosses

What does this week's NLRB decision mean for the people who already signed such non-disparagement clauses but deeply want to disparage their terrible former bosses? The answer is unclear, almost chaotically so. → Read More

Companies Can’t Ask You to Shut up to Receive Severance, NLRB Rules

The board reverses two previous decisions that held that such severance agreements were lawful. Limits on free speech have become increasingly common aspect of many severance agreements. → Read More

The Death of Office Culture Leads to Boom Times for Used-Chair Salesman

Used furniture dealers are making a killing on Facebook Marketplace selling Herman Miller office chairs left behind by frantically downsizing corporations. “At this point, we need to get, like, another 10 warehouses,” one seller said. → Read More

‘The Most Measured Man in Human History’

Tech CEO Bryan Johnson is hell bent on discovering the fountain of youth, no matter how much money it costs, pain he endures, or skepticism you have. “I am,” he says, “what I always longed to become.” → Read More

Bosses Give Workers Bullshit ‘Manager’ Titles To Avoid Paying Overtime: Study

A new study shows that firms of all types are giving workers phony managerial titles in order to avoid paying them overtime → Read More

The Year Silicon Valley Bosses Reclaimed the Power

In Silicon Valley, the demands to return to work and desire to crack the whip aren't only about surviving a downturn. It was, and is, a matter of bosses reclaiming power from workers. → Read More

‘I Didn’t Have the Right Face’: Tech CEO Says He Was Forced Out for Acting Like a Tech CEO Despite Not Being White

The Asian-American former CEO and co-founder of Iterable alleges in a new lawsuit that the board used a single microdosing incident to mask over the real reason they wanted him gone: He didn’t look the part. → Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Picks Wild Billionaire Metaverse Fantasy Over 11,000 Jobs

Meta's CEO blamed the company's mass layoffs on "macroeconomic" forces and "increased competition," not his massive, faith-based bet on the metaverse. → Read More

Airbnb to List Actual Prices, Stop Letting Hosts Make Guests Do Laundry

The company will, starting in December, give customers the option to view the total price of a stay before taxes “up front” when they search for homes. → Read More

The Rise of the Millionaire LinkedIn Influencer

To some, LinkedIn's try-hard nature has become a perfect example of the worst of corporate culture. But the site's influencers say the joke's on everyone else, as they pull in big money with ease. "The only opinion that matters is the market," one said. → Read More

Some WFH Employees Have a Secret: They Now Live in Another Country

With growing pressure to return to the office, some employees are struggling to hide the fact that they now live abroad. “It’s quite hard to keep up the facade all the time,” one person said. → Read More

The Guy Who Memorized Google Maps Says You Can Too

Trevor Rainbolt, the “GeoGuessr guy,” explains how he can learned to pinpoint Google Maps image ith astonishing speed and accuracy → Read More

CEO Posted Crying Selfie After Layoffs To Show Execs Are ‘Normal People’ Too

The CEO of HyperSocial, which specializes in services like optimizing LinkedIn posts, faced criticism for making the layoffs about himself, but said he simply wanted to share his journey. → Read More

Venture Capitalists Say the Era of Recklessly Burning Cash Is Over

After a decade of funding theoretical promise and growth at all costs, VCs say careful spending, boring businesses, and solid unit economics are back in style. “We are now in an era of profitability," one said. → Read More

Founders of $10 Billion Crypto Hedge Fund Have ‘Ghosted’ After Bets Go Bad

Three Arrows Capital, founded by two high school friends, is MIA as firms scramble to assess the damage amid indications the fund has been wiped out. → Read More

The Pivot to Web3 Is Going to Get People Hurt

It can feel as if the entire world is bolting on crypto tokens and NFTs. Many in the industry worry the gold rush is akin to a “collective Theranos” that is warping the economy to the benefit of professional investors. → Read More

Metaverse Company to Offer Immortality Through ‘Live Forever’ Mode

Somnium Space is developing a way for people to talk to their loved ones even after they die. All it requires is massive amounts of personal data. → Read More

Twitter Loses Elon Musk the Board Member, Regains Elon Musk the Shitposter

After Elon Musk opted not to take a board seat at the social media company, the question is who made the decision and why. → Read More