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Recent articles by Rick:

'Ultra-MAGA' frame gains traction for Democrats: The Note

Former President Donald Trump has already injected election conspiracy theories into Pennsylvania's Senate primary, which is almost certainly headed to a recount. → Read More

Pennsylvania GOP reaps what Trump sows: The Note

Next week brings more races, notably in Georgia and Texas, where pro-Trump candidates have endorsed lies and conspiracy theories about the 2020 race. → Read More

Trump stumbles but MAGA still wins inside Pennsylvania GOP: The Note

One headline of the night was the primary loss of Rep. Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina. → Read More

GOP alarms sound on Herschel Walker in Georgia: The Note

Trump’s backing of Herschel Walker for Senate leaves him in commanding position despite avoiding debates with GOP rivals and facing allegations of abuse. → Read More

Biden and Trump both face tests in next stretch of primaries: The Note

The TAKE with Rick Klein A new phase of primary season starts this week -- and it won't just be former President Donald Trump whose sway is tested as voting expands into battlegrounds that are likely to make or break a majority. Amid all the attention on vicious Republican primaries and Trump's impact, Democrats are set to make some of their own major decisions. That includes a few choice races… → Read More

MAGA brawls with itself in next primaries up: The Note

In next week's primaries in battleground states, including Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Trumpism is brawling with itself inside the Republican Party. → Read More

Inflation, abortion vote showcase Democrats’ governing limits: The Note

Democrats' latest midterm messaging is heavy on blame. → Read More

Red states deliver split decision on Trump-backed candidates: The Note

Republican primary voters delivered conflicting messaging on Tuesday in a pair of states that former President Donald Trump carried comfortably in 2020. → Read More

'Big lie' and more at stake in Manchin vs. MAGA showdown: The Note

Voters in West Virginia on Tuesday will sort through a most unusual and particularly vicious primary. → Read More

GOP pushback builds against Trump primary picks: The Note

Former President Donald Trump’s hope of triumphs against incumbent governors appear to be fading in states including Georgia and Idaho. → Read More

Legislative odds still favor GOP in abortion battles: The Note

Abortion opponents have largely taken the expected good news from the high court as a call for further action. → Read More

Democrats seek new claim on working class in Senate battles: The Note

Democrats emerging this primary season will find themselves drafting behind some messaging of the president, whose working-class roots are part of his political identity. → Read More

Abortion ruling upends midterm season with unequal anger: The Note

For Democrats, losing Roe v. Wade is cause for anger about losing a constitutional right to abortion and potentially much more. → Read More

Vance win in Ohio caps banner day for Trump: ANALYSIS

It was a wild Tuesday that felt like a throwback to the daily insanity of the Trump presidency. → Read More

Trumpism becomes fresh issue after leak of abortion decision: ANALYSIS

The adage deserves an addendum. Elections indeed have consequences -- and they don’t come with an expiration date. You can draw a straight line from Donald Trump’s election as president to the shocking leak late Monday of a Supreme Court draft opinion that would end the constitutional right to an abortion. You could start that line a decade and a half earlier, with George W. Bush’s disputed and… → Read More

SCOTUS bombshell lands as Ohio tests Trump and Biden: The Note

The first major primary voting of 2022 will test the style of both men, with the Supreme Court bombshell landing on the midterm landscape just as voting heats up. → Read More

Biden poll uptick likely less than meets the eye: The Note

Democrats have been looking for positive signs to shape their messaging. → Read More

COVID politics sour for Biden: The Note

President Joe Biden plans to attend the White House Correspondents' Association dinner amid Vice President Kamala Harris testing positive for Covid-19. → Read More

Democrats seek to reframe border debate: The Note

A range of immigration advocates and their allies in Congress are arguing that it doesn’t have to be this way for Democrats. → Read More

McCarthy’s free speech problem inside GOP: The Note

This is a particularly awkward time for House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy's colleagues to learn what he had to say about some of the firebrands in his conference. → Read More