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Pennsylvania, United States

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Past articles by Lucy:

Justin Amash and the Libertarian Future

Donald Trump's Republican Party was unable to change him. But can he change the Republican Party? → Read More

Gitmo Preps for an Upgrade

This monument to the war on terror is still open, and it’s costing taxpayers a fortune. → Read More

The U.S. Needs New Nukes? Really?

Trump adds “tactical” weapons to America’s arsenal. → Read More

What We Don’t Know About U.S. Airstrikes in Somalia and Everywhere Else

The war continues and it's costing lives. → Read More

Americans OK With Leaving Syria and Afghanistan

A new poll finds widespread war-weariness. → Read More

Good News, Ladies! The Military-Industrial Complex Is Ours Now!

No one wants to consider if casually blowing things up is a good idea in the first place. → Read More

If Police Put American Lives Ahead Of Theirs, They'd Hurt Fewer People

Police are not supposed to make sure they get home at any cost, they’re supposed to make sure that we do. Otherwise, what's the point? → Read More

Three Heroes at My Lai

And the price they paid for trying to stop a massacre → Read More

During government shutdowns, look out for Washington Monument Syndrome scare tactics

'Washington Monument Syndrome' is what we call the vindictive cudgel that is first cutting the government stuff that people like. → Read More

'Baby It's Cold Outside' isn't a date rape anthem if you understand its origins

Perhaps we should try to understand the song in its original context before condemning it. → Read More

The Juggalos’ fight for freedom

Forget the alt-lite provocateurs, these clowns are the real deal. → Read More

Jeff Sessions: Feds Have the Right to Seize Your Cash, Property

Expands the controversial federal civil asset forfeiture program. → Read More

9/11 Doesn’t Justify Today’s Wars

Kill the 2001 authorization for war. → Read More

Stop Suggesting Mandatory National Service as a Fix for America’s Problems

There’s a season for it–the thinkpieces, the brave suggestions, the crawling out to the edge of the limb and saying, yes, I have the answer, we should f → Read More

The Feds Are Making It Harder for Local Cops to Seize Private Property

Attorney General Eric Holder is axing a program called Equitable Sharing, dealing a brutal—if not fatal—blow to the system of formalized American police corruption that is civil asset forfeiture. → Read More

Libertarian Debate Was Little-Noticed Breath Of Fresh Air

The frontrunners for the other two political parties are widely loathed. But Libertarian candidates have a chicken-or-egg problem with public attention. → Read More

Legalizing Weed Will Be Like Ending Prohibition

We don’t fully know whether smoking weed in moderation will hurt anyone. But prohibiting it has done more harm than good. → Read More

Prostitution is Just Another Vice—So Legalize It

Prostitution is not sex trafficking, and outlawing it creates more harm than good. → Read More

​Everything We Know About the Stingray, the Cops' Favorite Cell Phone Tracking Tool

The more we learn about these fake cell phone towers that no one wants to talk about, the scarier it gets. → Read More

​The NYPD Cops Who Went Binge-Drinking with an Alleged Rape Victim Will Keep Their Jobs

The cops' incredibly unprofessional behavior violated departmental rules, but apparently not enough for them to be pushed off the force. → Read More