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Recent articles by Jessica:

'Sea of Solitude' looks like a brilliant, emotional horror show

Sea of Solitude feels like coming home. Footage of a hulking black monster swimming among the rooftops and balconies of a waterlogged Berlin plays on repeat li... → Read More

'Fall Guys' is a mini-game battle royale with up to 100 jelly-bean dudes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is what happens when indie developers watch too much reality TV. The new title from Mediatonic takes some of the most ridicul... → Read More

In 'John Wick Hex,' time is the most precious commodity

"John always double-taps." Mike Bithell, the creator of John Wick Hex, is showing off the game for the first time at E3 2019, in a mirrored room at the Hotel... → Read More

The best weapon in 'Cyberpunk 2077' is a glowing orange garrote

Nanowire is the Swiss Army garrote of the future. The glowing orange thread is simple yet multifunctional, slicing through skin, muscle and bone like a whip. Or... → Read More

'Control' is nearly a fantastic supernatural action game

Control comes out on August 27th. That gives developers at Remedy Entertainment less than 80 days to spit-shine their code before the whole thing goes live on P... → Read More

Stop saying 'Minecraft Earth' is essentially 'Pokémon Go'

Minecraft Earth is a mobile AR game, but that doesn't mean it's Pokémon Go. Yes, it uses a mobile device. Yes, it superimposes digital objects on the ph... → Read More

Watch Square Enix's E3 2019 press event here with us!

Let's talk about Final Fantasy VII! Sure, and some other games. → Read More

Id Software built a framework to make streaming video games better

Bethesda is jumping on the cloud-gaming train with Orion, a software collection that optimizes game engines for streaming. Essentially, Orion is designed to mak... → Read More

Evil Within studio debuts supernatural action adventure, 'Ghostwire Tokyo'

It's like the Rapture, but with more paranormal stuff. → Read More

Xbox's biggest competitor isn't PlayStation

Stop me if you've heard this one before. At E3 2013, Microsoft tripped over its shoelaces as it tried to justify the unexpectedly high price and complex ecos... → Read More

The magnificent reappearing act of Richard Hofmeier

The creator of Cart Life is back with a wonderfully weird typing game. But where's he been all this time? → Read More

The new iPad Files app is actually useful for managing files

Apple is making the iPad more powerful with the new iPadOS, and a lot of these fresh features are all about productivity. The Files app is getting a huge upgrad... → Read More

Google will reveal Stadia launch details and price on Thursday

Yay, another live stream from a major tech company. → Read More

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' arrives October 25th with cross-play

Infinity Ward's latest ditches the Season Pass, too. → Read More

Tfue's lawsuit against FaZe has been a long time coming

Turner Tenney is the most popular Fortnite player in the world. He plays as Tfue on YouTube and Twitch, where there's a small red logo for FaZe Clan, the esport... → Read More

'Super Mario Maker 2' has a story mode and online multiplayer

Super Mario Maker 2 is an update to 2015's level-creating masterpiece for the Wii U, and it features a slew of new tools. Nintendo broke down a few of these fre... → Read More

'To Live and Die in LA' shows how much Google knows about you

In episode five, season one of the podcast Serial, Sarah Koenig navigates the strip malls and parks of Baltimore, attempting to fulfill a challenge set down by... → Read More

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' still exists, and here's video proof

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a big deal. It's the upgraded, high-fidelity version of a legendary installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, and it's been blanke... → Read More

Riot Games is expanding 'League of Legends,' even in the midst of scandal

League of Legends has been online for nearly 10 years. During that time, it's competed with newcomers like Dota 2, PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite and a slew of onlin... → Read More

'Borderlands 3' hands-on: More of the same, but in space

This is what happens when developers don't add battle royale. → Read More