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Past articles by Mona:

Tick tick boom: how much is Lyme disease increasing in the US?

Cases appear to have doubled in three decades, but better diagnoses are contributing → Read More

Mona Chalabi’s datablog: why America’s most popular flower ‘never goes out of style’

The tulip is a perennial hit – the most sold flower in the US, with one sold for every two people in 2020 → Read More

Mona Chalabi’s datablog: Iraq war leukemia rates worse than after Hiroshima bombing

Bombing of Falluja preceded 2,200% increase in leukemia rates, as well as 1,260% increase in childhood cancer → Read More

What the numbers tell us about the best – and worst – Wordle start words

The braggers posting their scores on social media offer a treasure trove of data, giving mathematicians a better understanding of the game and why we play it → Read More

Pets prove to be the pandemic’s cute, furry growth area

An increase in domestic dogs and cats is not just good news for their new owners – it’s also a boost for the US economy → Read More

Mona Chalabi: How accurate is the weather forecast?

No one remembers when you're right, but no one forgets when you're wrong. Your local weather person knows that saying all too well. But while they take a lot of the heat (get it?), how much of it is actually justified? In this episode, Mona Chalabi looks at weather forecasting data to see how accurate these predictions really are, and gives us tips for when we should--and shouldn't--trust the… → Read More

Mona Chalabi: Which box do I check?

How we identify makes a difference in our lived experiences, but it's not always reflected in the checkboxes we see on forms. In this episode, Mona Chalabi explores why language matters in data collection, and why the categories we use should reflect who we really are. Want to hear more from Mona? Check out her podcast Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi, from the TED Audio Collective. → Read More

Mona Chalabi: What we miss when we focus on the average

It's tempting to focus on averages when we think about data, but the world is a lot messier than those numbers can make it out to be. So what could we gain if we shifted our attention to the outliers in the data, or as data journalist Mona Chalabi likes to call them, the lost birds? Want to hear more from Mona? Check out her podcast Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi, from the TED Audio Collective. → Read More

The firms that fund anti-LGBTQ+ politicians while waving rainbow flag

Activists are calling out companies that tout their Pride links but donate to Republicans who voted against the Equality Act → Read More

Tim Scott says ‘America is not a racist country’ – the data says otherwise

Datasets consistently show racial disparities, from the healthcare system to the criminal justice system. Those gaps are wide and persistent → Read More

How glaciers are shrinking at an ever faster pace

Analysis: glaciers are on average 8 metres thinner and many have vanished completely because of global heating → Read More

Derek Chauvin was found guilty – how typical is that of US police who kill?

Statistics on consequences for police officers who killed people between 2013 and 2019 are stark → Read More

Can an assault weapons ban reduce killings if firearms last 100 years?

Firearms remain operational for a century or more, complicating any path to reform in a country with the highest gun ownership rate per capita in the world → Read More

Atlanta shootings: why US hate crime data is so lacking

Statistics gathered by the FBI are often categorized by a single motivation – no data is collected on sex worker violence → Read More

Covid in US has left 4 million family members grieving, study finds

Researchers estimate that for every person who dies of coronavirus, 8.9 close relatives are bereaved → Read More

Who really owns the largest slice of Wall Street?

The vast majority of people who trade in shares are already the wealthiest 10% of American households → Read More

The pandemic has been good to big US retail firms – to their workers, less so

Profits are soaring for the likes of Amazon and Walmart but their workers have received only modest pay raises → Read More

The pollsters were wrong - again. Here's what we know so far

Demographics cannot be divided into neat slices of pie and people don’t vote in tidy groups. We still haven’t learned that lesson → Read More

How millions of new voters could shape the US election

Analysis: Mona Chalabi examined the data from a surge in early voting. Here’s what it could reveal about the outcome → Read More

Here’s how conservative the supreme court could tip with Amy Coney Barrett

Academics have measured justices’ views on a spectrum from ‘more liberal’ to ‘more conservative’ – and Barrett could tip the scales considerably → Read More