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Past articles by James:

Behavioural battlefronts: why the transition to a zero carbon economy needs psychology as well as technology

New technology or a scientific breakthrough isn’t enough to mitigate the climate emergency. Addressing people’s behavioural blockers – their resistance, reluctance, or any practical difficulties they may face – is vital → Read More

Fostering compassion in polarised times: lessons from psychologists, criminologists, and educationalists

When the world seems increasingly divided, what skills can help us dial down the hostile vibes and become a more compassionate society? → Read More

The metaverse: what is it and why should you care?

Microsoft, Meta and more are vying to create the metaverse, but what does that actually mean? → Read More

This SpaceX rival may finally force the space industry to deal with its junk

Powerhouses like SpaceX and Rocket Lab are looking into reusable parts for their rockets, which could make above-Earth tourism and research cheaper and more sustainable. → Read More

Empowered by encryption: how to make employee data leaks a thing of the past

Email errors leave businesses open to risk, but how can security be improved without overburdening staff? → Read More

Six reasons your business email isn’t as secure as you think – and one way to fix it

From employee errors to ineffective revocation, there are many reasons email is insecure. How can you prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands? → Read More

SpaceX Starship: Where is Musk's mega rocket now?

In this edition of HORIZONS, we explain what's going on with Starship, SpaceX's huge rocket designed to take humans to Mars. → Read More

10 years ago, SpaceX debuted its greatest innovation yet — and paved the way for an even bigger one

On May 31, 2012, a SpaceX Dragon capsule touched down to Earth after successfully launching into space and docking with the ISS. The private space industry would never be the same again. → Read More

Hyperloop: 9 years later, Elon Musk's biggest pipe dream may finally come true

In a tweet posted in April 2022, Musk revealed that tunneling firm The Boring Company would “attempt to build a working Hyperloop." Can Musk's idea be made to work? → Read More

Elon Musk buying Twitter creates a new type of problem for SpaceX and Tesla — here's why

How will owning Twitter affect Elon Musk's other billion-dollar companies? Here's how the deal could create problems for Tesla and SpaceX. → Read More

Apple Self Service Repair explained: you'll soon be able to repair your own iPhone

Apple has revealed its new Self Service Repair that will allow you to fix up your iPhone and other gadgets. → Read More

‘Happy people are more productive’: putting an end to repetitive tasks with workplace automation

New and existing automation technology can transform businesses – and free people to do the work they love → Read More

‘Where is my shipment – and when will I get it?’: three ways businesses can solve supply chain woes

From tech that deals with customs forms to data on what’s inside shipping containers, here’s how we could do away with the empty shelves of a ‘just-in-time’ economy → Read More

Find like-minded people, share joys: how Pinterest can help you lean into your authentic self

From inspiring ideas to creative collaborations, the platform gives users the freedom to curate their world → Read More

Why buying a PS5 is a nightmare, and how retailers can make it better

Is there any way to fix online shopping for must-have gadgets like the PS5? → Read More

WhatsApp alternatives: the best messaging apps like for Android and iPhone

Feeling distrustful of WhatsApp? We've rounded up the best alternative messaging apps for every smartphone. → Read More

What Does Joe Biden's Victory Mean for Brexit?

Britain now faces the prospect of pissing off both the EU and the US at the same time. → Read More

What Huawei's 5G UK network ban means for you

The UK Huawei 5G ban is complicated, so we've tried to distill it down to its core facts. → Read More

New UK parliament’s Twitterati, mapped

POLITICO takes a look at who wields the most influence on social media in Westminster. → Read More

Uber has lost its license in London

What does Uber losing its license in London actually mean for you? → Read More