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Past articles by Shamsul:

Militarization Of Bhagat Singh’s Revolutionary Heritage| Countercurrents

What is happening to great martyr Bhagat Singh and his revolutionary heritage in India is a living proof of the truthfulness of Lenin’s understanding of the → Read More

38th Anniversary Of 1984 Sikh Massacre: Killers Yet To Be Identified And Punished| Countercurrents

Whenever the country witnesses large-scale violence against the minorities and Dalits, the search for perpetrators continues endlessly and the criminals are → Read More

Hindutva & Zionism As Natural Allies Pose Great Danger To Multicultural World| Countercurrents

Those who believe in a world free of hegemonic ethno-nationalism, Racism, religious bigotry and hatred have rightly taken note of Zionism and its ally → Read More

PM Modi Idolizes Savarkar: Second Killing Of The True Martyrs| Countercurrents

August 15, 2022 democratic-secular India completed 75 years of its eventful journey. It was a great occasion being celebrated as Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav . → Read More

Faizan Mustafa’s Questionable Defence Of Partisan Indian Higher Judiciary| Countercurrents

Faizan Mustafa, a Professor of law and vice-chancellor of National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad established by → Read More

Indian President Idolizes Gita Press That Preaches Enslavement Of Hindu Women!| Countercurrents

It is mandatory for every President of India to take the following oath prescribed under Article 49 of the Indian Constitution before occupying the august → Read More

Debauchery Of The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Top Brass As Narrated By Insider Balraj Madhok| Countercurrents

Balraj Madhok's died on May 2, 2016 ending an era of old guards of Hindutva politics. A senior RSS pracharak till his death was paid handsome tributes by the → Read More

Open Letter To Sharda University Vice-Chancellor| Countercurrents

Discarding a Question on Linkages of Hindutva with Nazism/Fascism is blatant Academic Dishonesty! → Read More

Persecuting Indian Muslims For Crimes Of ‘Muslim’ Rulers: Fallacy Of Hindutva Project| Countercurrents

One has lost count of religious conclaves of Hindu ‘saints’, friendly to RSS, calling for violent cleansing of lawful Indian Muslims. It was not long ago that → Read More

ON 103rd Commemoration Of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre| Countercurrents

Contemporary documents of the brutal massacre and people's heroic resistance remain hidden in boxes of National Archives → Read More

Savarkar As A Diehard Casteist: Evidence From Hindutva Archives| Countercurrents

The Savarkar rehabilitation project is taking newer forms. The latest attempt by the Savarkarites is to claim that “He had imagined a nation free of → Read More

Objection, Your Honour: Supreme Court Judge S. Abdul Nazeer's Recent Speech Raises Eyebrows| Countercurrents

It will not be out of context to know that the architect of the Indian constitution, Dr. BR Ambedkar was present when on December 25, 1927 at Mahad, → Read More

Dear PM Modi, Aurangzeb Rule Was Also The Rule Of Hindu High Castes!| Countercurrents

“Tyrants attacked this city, tried to destroy it. History is witness to Aurangzeb’s atrocities, his terror. He tried to change civilisation with the sword. He → Read More

November 26; The Indian Constitution Day – How RSS Denigrated It: A Peep Into Its Archives| Countercurrents

The Constituent Assembly of India finalized the Constitution of India on November 26, 1949 which is celebrated as the CONSTITUTION DAY. This Constitution → Read More

37 Year-Long Mockery Of Searching For The Killers Of 1984 Sikh Massacre| Countercurrents

Whenever the country witnesses the large-scale violence against the minorities and Dalits, the search for perpetrators continues endlessly and the criminals → Read More

Remembering Meena, The First Afghan Woman Who Laid Down Her Life For The Rights Of Afghan Woman| Countercurrents

The great Afghan woman martyr, Meena (1956-1987) founded the REVOLUTIONARY ASSOCIATION OF THE WOMEN OF AFGHANISTAN (RAWA) in 1977. She was assassinated by → Read More

RSS As Worshippers Of Brute Power Did Not Oppose 1975 Emergency: Documentary Evidence

On the 46th anniversary of the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi [June 25, 1975] we are witnessing once again the farce of RSS claiming that it opposed it with full might. It is laughable to find it boasting that RSS fought against the Emergency not due to any compulsion but as article of faith in democracy. How RSS cadres ruling[Read More...] → Read More

Commemorating 164th anniversary of India’s First War of Independence 1857

Criminal betrayal of the martyrs of India’s First War of Independence 1857 by the Indian rulers Now it is almost 170 years that people of this country; men, women, children belonging to all religions, regions and strata rose in revolt from Kashmir to Madras and Sylhet to the borders of Afghanistan. Today if Indians have forgotten about this glorious saga[Read More...] → Read More

Do Not Let Hindutva Rulers Destroy Heritage Of Communal Unity Of Jallianwala Bagh Martyrs

The RSS-BJP rulers of India declare India to be a battle-ground between Hinduism and Islam. Muslims have been declared as ‘Internal Threat’ number ONE [RSS ideologue, MS Golwalkar’s Bunch of Thought chapter xvi]. Many of their leading cadres including those who hold high constitutional posts have been conspiring over-time to ignite a civil war between the two communities (they believe[Read… → Read More

A Lady Dressed In Ripped Jeans Rips Apart Eternal ‘Bharatiya’ Culture

Tirath Singh Rawat who took over as chief minister of Uttarakhand on March 10, 2021 is a senior cadre of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh . He started RSS career by becoming the organizational secretary of the Uttarakhand unit of Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarti Parishad (ABVP: the student appendage of the RSS), later promoted as its national secretary. He has been a[Read More...] → Read More