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Recent articles by Samuel:

How marketers can ‘speak CFO’ to survive the recession

You may know how to talk to consumers, but can you speak CFO? The Drum's Promotion Fix columnist, Samuel Scott, explains why speaking the language of the chief finance officer will be essential for marketers' survival in the testing times ahead. → Read More

Why this Facebook advertising boycott is different

Bill Bernbach once said that 'a principle isn't a principle until it costs you something.' Well, the marketing industry is finally stepping up to the challenge, writes The Drum’s Promotion Fix columnist and global marketing speaker Samuel Scott. → Read More

The coronavirus will not ‘change marketing forever’

Countless marketing pundits have been proclaiming that the coronavirus and resulting global shutdown will change everything in the industry forever. But if the 1918 influenza epidemic’s trend repeats itself today, the economy will recover and return to pre-crisis normal quickly, writes columnist Samuel Scott. → Read More

Marketing events in the time of coronavirus

The best marcom campaigns happen in the real world and not on computer screens. But following the recent coronavirus outbreak, event planners and field marketers will still need to learn and adopt the best virtual practices quickly. → Read More

Digital accessibility might be 2020’s most important marketing trend

A deaf man suing Pornhub for not having subtitles might lead to the internet becoming much more accessible to people with disabilities. Let’s give him a hand. → Read More

Brandless was actually a brand – just a bad one

In the 1992 Gen X twentysomething movie Singles, a guy flirts with a girl in a club and says he does not → Read More

The blurring boundaries between native ads and editorial

Today, everyone wants to pretend that ads are not ads. So-called “native advertising” is one of the most disingenuous examples. → Read More

Your company is ‘harder to get into than Harvard’? So is Walmart

It’s a common publicity tactic: brag that your hiring rate is lower than Harvard University’s acceptance rate. The obvious goal is to attract top talent to such a seemingly prestigious company. But it also happens to be completely disingenuous. → Read More

Who got 2019’s marketing predictions right – and absolutely wrong?

“Am I too cynical about ‘predictions for 2019’ posts? More than a few seem to conflate a company's own hopes/goals with prognostications about what the market will do independent of them. Is it snarky to ask, ‘How did your predictions for 2018 work out?’” → Read More

WeWork shows that real profit still matters more than ‘growth’

In recent weeks, the news has grown steadily worse for WeWork. The company postponed its planned IPO amid concerns from the investment community over its financials. Revenue doubled to $1.5bn in the first half of this year, but net losses increased 25% to -$904m over the same period of time. Its valuation dropped from $47bn to $8bn. → Read More

Why CMOs are only lasting as long as Spinal Tap drummers

What has happened to the chief marketing officer role is the business equivalent of a person being drawn and quartered by four horses. But talking the right way to chief financial officers might keep you from that nasty fate. → Read More

So, you’ve got legal cannabis? Here’s how to market it

Cannabis has come a long way since I fell asleep watching basketball at an early 2000s college party after going one toke over the line. It is becoming big business. → Read More

A look at FaceApp, TikTok and the rise of ‘data nationalism’

Gordon Ramsay may have just given an obscure Russian company the right to do whatever they want with his face. → Read More

The ‘end of digital marketing’? Google is self-serving but right

Our industry throws around terms such as ‘marketing’ and ‘digital’ and ‘communications’ with abandon that is truly reckless. Let’s be more precise to be more effective. → Read More

The brand purpose hypocrisy at Cannes Lions

Some things you can see from only 1,700 miles away – like how the ad executives gathered at Cannes Lions last week talked a lot about brand purpose but completely ignored an actual opportunity to help the world. → Read More

An exclusive look at Binet and Field’s new B2B marketing research

The most effective practices in B2B marketing are mainly the same as in B2C because the two are actually not polar opposites, according to new findings from noted British researchers Les Binet and Peter Field that I have exclusively obtained for The Drum. → Read More

YouTube’s algorithm is spreading a series of unfortunate far-right events

So I was walking with a friend to see Avengers: Endgame a week before Holocaust Remembrance Day here in Israel. On the way, he told me something completely out of the blue: ‘The Nazi Party was liberal!’ He said he learned it online. → Read More

Is everything on the internet fake?

This is an edited transcript of a talk that The Drum’s Promotion Fix columnist, Samuel Scott, recently gave at The CMO Network in the UK. → Read More

Marketing’s ‘faux-feminism’ problem on International Women’s Day

There is much hypocrisy in the marketing world. Some examples are the ad campaigns that some companies run for occasions such as this week’s upcoming International Women’s Day. → Read More

How do I hate open plan offices? Let me count the 63 ways

Open office workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your high blood pressure. → Read More