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Past articles by Kate:

American startups need surveillance reform

Government surveillance impacts companies with users abroad, especially startups. → Read More


Restoring Privacy Protections for Californians

Californians now have a chance to reclaim crucial online privacy protections. Earlier this year, Congress narrowly voted to repeal federal privacy rules that kept your ISP from selling information about who you are and what you do online without your permission. Today, California legislators are introducing new state legislation—the California Broadband Internet Privacy Act, A.B. 375 (Chau)—… → Read More


NSA Reneges on Promise to Tell Congress How Many Innocent Americans it Spies On

Lawmakers should know how the laws they pass impac → Read More


Liveblogging Today's Senate Intelligence Hearing on Section 702

The debate over expiring online spying powers is h → Read More


A Bad Broadband Market Begs for Net Neutrality Protections

Anyone who has spent hours on the phone with their → Read More


Congress’ Imperfect Start to Addressing Vulnerabilities

With the global and debilitating WannaCry ransomwa → Read More


The Fight Against General Warrants to Hack Rages On

The federal government thinks it should be able to → Read More


What Don’t You Want the NSA to Know About You?

We sent a reporter to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California in February to ask one simple question: What don’t you want the NSA to know about you? → Read More


The End of the NSA's ‘About’ Searches Is Just the Beginning

The NSA is stopping its use of one controversial surveillance technique that impacts Americans' privacy. Make no mistake. This is good news for anyone who wants government surveillance to follow the law. → Read More


Hollow Privacy Promises from Major Internet Service Providers

It’s no surprise that Americans were unhappy to lose online privacy protections earlier this month. → Read More


Trump Signs Bill to Roll Back Privacy Rules into Law

A measure to roll back crucial privacy protections has crossed the finish line, and Internet users are worse off for it. Despite massive backlash from the American people, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law a resolution that repeals the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules to protect consumers from privacy invasions by their Internet service providers (ISPs) like… → Read More


Dear Mr. President: Reject the D.C. Swamp and Veto the Broadband Privacy Repeal

President Trump will soon be asked to sign into law a bill that gives tremendous power to some of the most hated companies in America, the cable and telephone industry. If he cares about protecting our privacy from the very special interests he campaigned against, he’ll veto the bill. In the last week, Congress rushed through and approved S.J. Res. 34, handing away our privacy protections as a… → Read More


The First Horseman of the Privacy Apocalypse Has Already Arrived: Verizon Announces Plans to Install Spyware on All Its Android Phones

Within days of Congress repealing online privacy protections, Verizon has announced new plans to install software on customers’ devices to track what apps customers have downloaded. → Read More


We Have 24 Hours to Save Online Privacy Rules

This is our last chance to save critical online privacy protections. Take part in the action! We are one vote away from a world where your ISP can track your every move online and sell that information to the highest bidder. Call your lawmakers now and tell them to protect federal online privacy rules. Last year the FCC passed a set of rules for how ISPs deal with their customers’ data. The… → Read More


Senate Puts ISP Profits Over Your Privacy

The Senate just voted to roll back your online privacy protections. Speak up now to keep the House from doing the same thing. ISPs have been lobbying for weeks to get lawmakers to repeal the FCC’s rules that stand between them and using even creepier ways to track and profit off of your every move online. Republicans in the Senate just voted 50-48 (with two absent votes) to approve a… → Read More


Call Your Senators Thursday Morning to Save Your Privacy

Congress is getting serious about taking away your online privacy. We have to get serious about stopping them. The Senate is going to vote on Thursday on a measure from Sen. Jeff Flake that would repeal the broadband privacy rules passed by the FCC last year. → Read More


Three Myths the Telecom Industry is Using to Convince Congress to Repeal the FCC’s Privacy Rules, Busted

Back in October of 2016, the FCC passed some pretty awesome rules that would bar your internet service provider (ISP) from invading your privacy. The rules would keep ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner Cable from doing things like selling your personal information to marketers, inserting undetectable tracking headers into your traffic, or recording your browsing history to build up a behavioral… → Read More


The Foilies 2017

Recognizing the Year’s Worst in Government Transparency A thick fog is rolling in over Sunshine Week (March 12-18), the annual event when government transparency advocates raise awareness about the importance of access to public records. We are entering an age when officials at the highest levels seek to discredit critical reporting with “alternative facts,” “fake news” slurs, and selective… → Read More


Congress is Trying to Roll Back Internet Privacy Protections As You Read This

Call congress now! Back in 2014 over 3 million Internet users told the U.S. government loudly and clearly: we value our online security, we value our online privacy, and we value net neutrality. Our voices helped convince the FCC to enact smart net neutrality regulations—including long-needed privacy rules. But it appears some members of Congress didn’t get the message, because they’re trying to… → Read More


Trump's Director of National Intelligence Pick Is on the Wrong Side of Surveillance

President Donald Trump’s pick for Director of National Intelligence has laid out his vision for the country’s surveillance, and it’s not good for technology users. In his confirmation in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, former-Sen. → Read More