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Past articles by Willy:

Why Are Automotive Chips Still In Short Supply?

There are many reasons so many semiconductor chips are used in cars, and the need for special qualification processes means shortages will take longer to abate. → Read More

Here Are Opportunities For The U.S. And China To Work Together

In a recent conversation meant to quell growing tensions between the U.S. and China, President Biden and President Xi Jinping recently discussed their differing priorities and perspectives. Here are some opportunities for the U.S. and China to work together. → Read More

Apple’s Plans To Source Chips From Arizona Is Big News

Apple's sourcing of semiconductor chips in the U.S. is a big step forward for American semiconductor manufacturing. → Read More

What Fruits And Veggies Reveal About Supply Chain Resilience

As we saw during the pandemic, dependency on distant production sources exposed supply chains to disruption. We are headed that way with our fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains. → Read More

With Candy Prices Up 13%, Trick-Or-Treaters Get An Economics Lesson

What we will pay for Halloween candy is up 13.1% over last year. This will offer trick-or-treaters an economics lesson. → Read More

Can supply chain disruptions lead to a recession?

Let’s remember that the Fed’s monetary decisions are intended to be long-term. → Read More

What Bathtubs Can Teach Us About Supply Chain Bottlenecks

The latest news that the Port of Charleston, South Carolina has a queue of 31 ships waiting to unload once again highlights a bottleneck that has thrown supply chains into turmoil over the last two years. What can a bathtub teach us about this problem? → Read More

The Detroit Automakers Should Worry About The Smaller Companies In Their Supply Chains

Less visible mid-tier suppliers are struggling with higher costs. In view of their recent earnings announcements, this is a good time for Detroit OEMs to think about how they are treating these suppliers. That is if they want them to stay around. → Read More

Plan for free N95 masks could save domestic mask makers — or kill them

The Biden administration’s plan to distribute 400 million N95 masks, free of charge, is a great way to encourage a much higher level of protection against COVID-19. → Read More

Supply Chain And Logistics: Things To Watch In 2022

While many people who work in the shipping and logistics industry consider 2021 to be an unprecedented year for disruptions and supply bottlenecks, there are already signs of trouble ahead. Here are some things to watch. → Read More

Semiconductors: The US should be asking how we can lead

Amid a global semiconductor shortage, lawmakers will consider how the U.S. can gain ground. They shouldn’t stop there. → Read More

Black Friday deals? If you didn't shop early there is good reason to wait

In a year of pervasive supply chain disruptions — expect higher prices, competition for hot items, and late bargains. → Read More

Speeding up flow of cargo through ports only addresses a small part of the problem

There aren’t any short-term solutions to current supply chain woes, only tactical remedies for localized bottlenecks. → Read More

If You Thought The Ever Given Blocking The Suez Canal Was Bad, What’s Coming Could Be Worse

The recent Covid-19 outbreaks in southern China, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan are threating to cause more pain as their effects ripple through supply chains over the next few week and months. → Read More

About That White House Meeting To Discuss The Semiconductor Supply Chain

The White House is hosting a virtual summit among semiconductor chip companies and consumers today. But these companies are focused on very different types of problems, which could add some confusion. → Read More

Biden’s Plan For American Semiconductor Manufacturing Needs To Allocate Funding Carefully

Biden's plan to help American semiconductor manufacturing should allocate funding to advancing the technology frontier. It should be careful not to spread funding to thinly. → Read More

NASA’s HyTEC Program Is A Great Way To Help Aerospace Manufacturers In The U.S.

NASA’ Hybrid Thermally Efficient Core (HyTEC) program is seeking to improve the fuel efficiency of jet engines by 5-10%. This is an investment in the long-term competitiveness of American engine manufacturers. → Read More

It Might Take A Long Time For The U.S. To Become Self-Sufficient In Rare Earth Materials

The President recently ordered a supply chain review of U. S. reliance on overseas sources for rare earth elements. How hard would it be for the U.S. to become self-sufficient? → Read More

Severe Winter Weather In Texas Will Impact Many Supply Chains Beyond Chips

The winter weather has added further stress to the semiconductor supply chain. Because of its geographic location, a lot of intermodal freight passes through Texas as well, so the weather will impact many other supply chains. → Read More

The American Foundries Act Of 2020 Is About Much More Than Building Semiconductor Foundries

The American Foundries Act of 2020 is a bi-partisan effort to rebuild American capabilities in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. → Read More