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Past articles by Robert:

Biden Says Opposing the Mutilation of Children Is ‘Close to Sinful’

Biden’s appropriation of religious language to support this disgusting barbarism is one of the most disgraceful episodes of his noxious career. → Read More

Second-Worst President in History Asks the Worst President to Deliver His Eulogy

No matter how badly Biden delivers what will be a farrago of historical revisionism and self-serving distortion, there will be a fitting aspect to the occasion. → Read More

Recipe for Disaster: With $22.5 Billion Deficit, California Looks to Pay $640 Billion in Reparations

Californians will soon have to pay for a new government bureaucracy that will be devoted to figuring out ways to fleece them for a crime none of them committed. → Read More

Whitmer Concedes Her COVID Rules Didn't Make Sense

Whitmer fleetingly displayed a reaction one almost never sees from Leftist politicians, even when confronted with the bitter fruit of their actions: regret. → Read More

Now Your Tax Dollars Will Pay for Gender Madness for Veterans

As the elites usually do, Biden and his henchmen will escape the consequences of their actions, and will die laden with honors for their services to humanity. → Read More

As Military Recruiting Numbers Dip to Record Lows, Biden’s Woke Army Works to Destroy Morale

The troops have been browbeaten with Critical Race Theory, vaccine mandates, and gender madness. To institute a policy that will breed animosity is absurd. → Read More

Get Ready to Stink for Climate Change, Thanks to Biden’s New Washing Machine Rules

You have to wonder: do they really believe their own nonsense, or do they just want to reduce America to Third-World status to satisfy a socialist imperative? → Read More

America’s Teens Are Dumber Than They’ve Been In 100 Years

Our educational system has turned out a generation of narcissists who've never been intellectually challenged and are ill-equipped to deal with such challenges. → Read More

Of Course: Nancy Pelosi Is Still Pushing the Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’ Hoax

Pelosi's interview at SXSW gives us a picture of someone who is determined not only to ignore reality, but to compel the rest of us to ignore reality as well. → Read More

They Called It: Woke Idiots Disrupt Event for Book on Leftist Indoctrination of Youth

This incident speaks to how deranged the Left has become and how contemptuous Leftists are of the basic human rights of those whom they hate and fear. → Read More

Woke Pope Takes Right Turn, Hits ‘Gender Ideology’ as ‘Dangerous’

Leftist ideologues aren’t generally given to introspection, but the woke pope’s breaking ranks with them over “gender ideology” ought to give them pause. → Read More

Even as Jan. 6 Narrative Implodes, Pence Still Blames Bad Orange Man for Endangering His Life

Mike Pence is running hard to be the Mitt Romney of 2024, the controlled opposition establishment Republican nominee to run for president and lose gracefully. → Read More

Greta Thunberg’s 2018 Prediction That World Would End In Five Years Doesn’t Turn Out So Well

Leftists have been using fear as a tool for decades. Greta’s deleted tweet ought to be a wake-up call for those who suspect that their scenarios are real. → Read More

Some Joke: Insufferable Jane Fonda Really Did Call for the Murder of Pro-Lifers

In light of the ongoing violence that pro-lifers face, Fonda’s remarks were incendiary, and her attempt to claim that it was all a joke remains unconvincing. → Read More

Stanford Law School Descends Into Barbarism

America, these are your lawyers of tomorrow: a Leftist mob at Stanford Law School howled down Fifth Circuit appellate judge Stuart Kyle Duncan. → Read More

Cori Bush’s 109-Trillion-Year-Old Bodyguard Offers a Bizarre Explanation for His Anti-Semitism

Davis said quite enough to cause concern. If we had any journalists today, Bush would be fielding questions these days about the anti-Semite on her staff. → Read More

They Never Give Up: Washington State Bill Would Destroy Free Speech and Criminalize Opposing the Left

Leftists claim “hate speech is not free speech,” a slogan that has no basis in logic or law, but shows that more assaults on the First Amendment are coming. → Read More

Donald Trump’s New Book Isn’t Even Out yet, and It’s Already Exposing More of the Left’s Hypocrisy

Donald Trump's forthcoming book will likely provide further examples of how Leftists were his good friends until he decided to try to challenge their hegemony. → Read More

It's Time for Mitch McConnell to Retire

It’s time for Mitch McConnell, and many others, to go. Not only is he in poor health; he also has the bad habit of acting as the accommodationist minority. → Read More

Minnesota Dems Want $100 Million for Reparations, Apologies for George Floyd and Dred Scott

To end structural racism in Minnesota, or at least make up for the damage it has done so far, white Minnesotans are going to have to pony up $100 million. → Read More