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Past articles by Brad:

I Watched China's Version Of Rambo So You Don't Have To

No matter how hard they seem to try, if the action movie isn't set during the Qing dynasty, it ends up being a steaming pile of Mǎ shǐ. → Read More

Jean Claude Van Damme Proves Belgium Is Our Top NATO Ally

A lot has been made of how some NATO allies aren't paying 2% of GDP towards defense that could help keep the the world a safer place. In fact, Belgium spends only .9 percent of it's gross domestic product towards it's military. But they have one weapon that counts for the other 1.1 percent: That... → Read More

‘Stripes’ Showed America That Bill Murray Is An Urban Warfare Visionary

Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq have shown that urban warfare is the future of conventional conflict, and Bill Murray knew this better than anyone back in 1981 → Read More

'Iron Eagle' Was The Worst Thing To Happen To The Air Force Since 'Nam

During the height of the Cold War one teenager decided to attack a sovereign nation with a stolen F-16 fighter in the blockbuster classic Iron Eagle. → Read More

Medal Of Honor Recipient Florent Groberg Explains What You Should Do In A Firefight

Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg's advice for the next time the enemy starts shooting at you is simple: Keep your cool and trust your teammates. → Read More

‘Five Came Back’ Documents The Famous Forefathers Of Modern Combat Cameramen

The new Netflix series follows the directors and cinematographers who gave up flashy Hollywood careers to go to the front lines during World War II → Read More

Why 'The Pacific' Is Legions Better Than 'Band Of Brothers'

Band Of Brothers is an iconic series. It has great action, compelling story arcs, and, most importantly, all-American characters fighting a morally justified war. Yes, bad things happen, and it isn't all sunshine, but the prevailing sentiment of the show can perhaps best be described as "inspired."A... → Read More

Why 'The Pacific' Is Legions Better Than 'Band Of Brothers'

The haunting and violent images of "The Pacific" craft a more impressive series than "Band of Brothers," no matter what the masses think. → Read More

'Spec Ops: The Line' Is The Most Brutal War Game Ever Made

Despite being a commercial failure in 2012, Spec Ops: The Line has become a cult hit that takes all of the US military into the modern heart of darkness. → Read More

Deadpool Was The Worst Army Special Forces Soldier Ever

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, was a military veteran hitting a rough patch before his bout with a terminal cancer led to the superhero we all know and love. → Read More

'Homecoming' Somehow Makes Getting Out Of The Military Even More Terrifying

'Homecoming' is a new Amazon Prime show about veteran rehabilitation gone terribly, terribly wrong. → Read More

This 70s Marine Recruiting Video Wants To Take The Hippie Out Of You

In 1971 the United States Marine Corps released the recruiting video that would propel a new generation of patriots to earn the title of 'Marine'. → Read More

The Marine Corps’ F-35 Combat Debut Was Flown In Honor Of A Fallen Hero

In September 2012, the commander of Marine Corps squadron VMA-211 was killed in Afghanistan. Six years later, he rode again during the F-35's combat debut → Read More

'Insurgency: Sandstorm' Could Be The Next Great Military Shooter

In 2014 Insurgency became a cult video game hit, the follow-up, 'Insurgency: Sandstorm,' is trying to be the next great military shooter of 2018. → Read More

Poland Wants A Permanent 'Fort Trump' To Deter Russian Aggression

Who wouldn't want cheap beer and sausage in Poland? → Read More

These Are The 10 Most Veteran-Friendly Colleges In The United States

If you are getting out of the military, heading into the classroom isn't a bad option. Here are some of the best veteran-friendly colleges to snag a degree → Read More

Here’s How The US Military Is Preparing For Hurricane Florence’s Carolina Landfall

Hurricane Florence is headed for the North Carolina Coast, and the monster Category 4 storm is predicted to make a Friday landfall near Wilmington, NC. → Read More

When We Say ‘Combat Veteran,’ What Do We Really Mean?

After Marine Capt. Maura Sullivan found her service record under attack, the term 'combat veteran' has become one more political football to toss around → Read More

US Forces In Syria Are On High Alert As Russia Starts Bombing Syrian Rebels

Russia has threatened US forces in Syria who are positioned at a base near At Tanf, Syria. This comes as tensions in the country are at a boiling point. → Read More

Will President Donald Trump Replace Secretary Of Defense James Mattis?

Defense Secretary James Mattis may be in hot water over alleged statements from Bob Woodward's new book. The White House is possibly looking for a replacement to the current Secretary of Defense. → Read More