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Past articles by Doug:

The U.S. Needs to Talk About the Risk of War With China

Washington’s commitment to Taiwan hasn’t been sold to the American public. → Read More

The South Korean Nuclear Bomb Is Probably Coming

North Korean nuclearization makes a once-taboo option thinkable. → Read More

Prisoner Release Doesn't Make Myanmar's Junta Any Less Dangerous

The West shouldn’t let up pressure after Myanmar’s recent prisoner releases. → Read More

Beijing and Washington Need a Joint Plan for North Korea’s COVID-19 Disaster

As Pyongyang claims success, the World Health Organization raises serious doubts. → Read More

A Lame-Duck Moon Can Fix South Korea’s Refugee Failings

Persecuted Chinese Christians deserve asylum from Seoul. → Read More

A Lesson for North Korea: Ukraine Gave Up Its Nukes and Was Invaded

Nonproliferation may be the next, albeit unintended, victim of Russia’s aggression. → Read More

How North Korea Could Exploit Russia's War Against Ukraine

North Korea always moves on its own timetable, but it might decide that the Ukraine crisis offers useful cover while it ramps up its testing program. → Read More

Can South Korea Still Draw Kim Jong-un into a Peace Deal?

North Korea already is a nuclear power. The most important question today is whether it is possible to prevent it from becoming a serious mid-level nuclear power whose aspirations no longer can be ignored. → Read More

North Korea's Isolation Will Likely Lead to More Missile Tests

The pandemic has only deepened North Korea's isolation, leading to a famine in the country and difficulty for the Kim regime. → Read More

Hong Kong’s National Security Promises Were All Hollow

The Beijing-backed law is now used to crush dissent across the board. → Read More

North Korea Needs the Bomb to Protect Itself From America

Pyongyang isn’t crazy, just focused on a credible threat. → Read More

Negotiation Is The Only Way Forward With North Korea

Moon Jae-in’s White House visit is a good chance to step up talks again. → Read More

Rich and Entitled Allies Don’t Need US Support

Why should we protect stable allies who won’t protect themselves? → Read More

After Two Months, President Joe Biden Has Become Donald Trump Lite on Foreign Policy

Biden was elected to lead the US, not remake the world. → Read More

China on the Rise: Never Forget the Horror of Chinese Totalitarianism

That way we’ll remain aware of the dangers posed by the CCP’s creation of another Red Emperor. → Read More

Washington Is Awash in Debt, Yet Hawks Want Us to Borrow Even More

The United States no longer can afford to police the world. It is time for other nations to fulfill their responsibilities. → Read More

Washington’s Anti-Russia Fixation

The foreign policy establishment puts hatred of Moscow before America’s interest. → Read More

The U.S. Shouldn't Be Afraid of China

Although a rethink of U.S. policy is warranted, given China’s dramatic advances and growing assertiveness, Washington should develop its response from a position of confidence. → Read More

Time to Bring the Troops Home

The Biden administration begins a military “posture review.” A quick look around the world shows how badly our posture needs revision. → Read More

Don't Boycott the 2022 Olympics Because They're in China

Forcing athletes to stay home might feel good but it would do nothing to improve Beijing’s approach to human rights. → Read More