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Recent articles by Devindra:

My love/hate relationship with streaming movies early at home

For The Invisible Man, Universal Pictures decided to go the VOD route. It's hard to argue against the convenience of these early VOD releases, which also includes Universal's Emma, The Hunt and Disney's Onward. → Read More

How Valve brought 'Half-Life' to VR

It's hard to believe that a new Half-Life game is actually here. Half-Life: Alyx is everything I've ever wanted from a flagship VR game. It takes full advantage of the immersiveness of virtual reality, and while it might not be the sequel many gamers have been waiting for, it's still an important move for Valve. It's not treating VR like a special mode bolted on top of another game, like… → Read More

Apple unveils its own COVID-19 screening app and website

Because you can never have too many testing resources during an unprecedented global pandemic, Apple has introduced a new app and website for screening COVID-19 symptoms. Developed together with the CDC, both tools step you through a series of questions related to the coronavirus to figure out the best course of action. Sure, it's all the same advice you'd see directly from the CDC, or from… → Read More

Engadget Podcast: How games (and Animal Crossing!) are keeping us sane

This week on the show, Devindra and Cherlynn dive into the deserted island life of Animal Crossing and how games can help us all survive being stuck at home. Also, Senior Editor Jessica Conditt describes how Doom Eternal -- a literal romp through hell on Earth -- serves a similarly relaxing roll for her. And producer Ben Ellman nerds out about Cities Skylines. Don't ever say we don't have varied… → Read More

PlayStation 5 will feature a 10.2 teraflop GPU and a speedy custom SSD

It's been almost a year since Sony started talking about the PlayStation 5 in an uncharacteristically revealing Wired interview. We learned the next-generation console will be powered by AMD's third-generation Ryzen CPU and a custom Radeon Navi GPU. Additionally, it'll support hardware accelerated ray-tracing and feature speedy SSD storage. But beyond confirming the name "PlayStation 5" and… → Read More

‘Westworld’ remembers that TV is supposed to be fun

The entire scene feels like a preview of what's to come from Westworld season 3, with Dolores serving as an avenging angel, stalking a privileged man and toying with him like a blond lioness amused by her prey. It's also our first glimpse at life outside of the park in the year 2058, where humans use digital supplements to fall asleep and voice-controlled AI handle our security. Clearly, you're… → Read More

Engadget Podcast: Coronavirus and our remote work future

Well, we're officially living through a global pandemic, folks. This week, Devindra and Cherlynn chat about how coronavirus is pushing many companies towards remote work and better employee support. (It's just too bad it took a widespread illness to make those things happen.) Will this be the norm moving forward for white-collar jobs? And for a change of pace, they chat about the tech world's… → Read More

‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’ finds hope for humanity in a hopeless era

"This season is based on my belief that we have what it takes to get to a real exciting future," Druyan said in an interview with Engadget. "I base my belief on stories of the courage of our ancestors, the generations of searchers for the truth who have been willing to die, to stand up for what they believed was true. As well as the great migrations of generations that came before us. As Carl… → Read More

Podcast: Coronavirus hits tech and a chat with Cosmos's Ann Druyan

This week on the Engadget Podcast, we dive into the many ways the coronavirus is affecting the tech industry, all the while remembering to wash our hands and not touch our faces. It's not quite a pandemic yet, but there's some hope on the horizon, now that social media companies like Facebook are actually trying to fight coronavirus disinformation. And for something completely different,… → Read More

Does the Xbox Series X make gaming PCs obsolete?

The Xbox Series X is going to be a beast. On paper, its sheer power blows away most gaming rigs today -- but what does that mean for PC enthusiasts? To be h... → Read More

Apple blocks Clearview AI's iPhone app

Won't someone just let Clearview AI invade our privacy in peace? After having its full client list stolen and leaked on the internet, the controversial facial r... → Read More

Engadget Podcast: Reviewing Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra

On the latest Engadget Podcast, we dive into our review of Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is your 5G king? → Read More

Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X will have a 12 teraflop GPU

We already know the Xbox Series X is going to be significantly faster than Microsoft's current consoles, but in a blog post by Xbox head Phil Spencer, the compa... → Read More

Try out Windows 10X today with Microsoft's dual-screen emulator

Microsoft surprised everyone with the Surface Duo and Neo last fall, dual-screen devices that gave us a glimpse at the next generation of phones and PCs. At the... → Read More

'Ring Fit Adventure' is the perfect winter workout

The Nintendo Switch's Ring Fit Adventure is a good workout without leaving the house. → Read More

Apple TV+'s Mythic Quest is 'Silicon Valley' but for game devs

Mythic Quest shouldn't work. The new Apple TV+ comedy, created by the folks behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and co-produced by Ubisoft, dives into the... → Read More

Engadget Podcast: How tech (and humans) failed the Iowa caucus

The logistical and technical debacle of the Iowa Democratic Caucus is exactly why we're not hopeful about online voting in America. This week on the Engadget Po... → Read More

Iowa Democrats say sloppy app code delayed caucus results

We're still waiting for a full explanation about what, exactly, went wrong during Iowa's caucus Monday night, but the state's Democratic party claims a "coding... → Read More

Podcast: Why Clearview AI's facial recognition is a privacy nightmare

On the latest Engadget Podcast, we chat about how an unknown startup's facial recognition tech may have killed privacy for good. → Read More

Every smart device you love will die

Sonos isn't the only company facing the perils of aging hardware -- every smart device you own will die sooner than you think. → Read More