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Past articles by Frida:

AI Is Already Transforming the Geopolitical Landscape

AI and the battle over access to high-end chips are the latest area of US-China competition. → Read More

The War in Ukraine Is Also a Battle of Narratives

The Ukraine-Russia war is also a narrative battle between Putin in Russia, Biden in the US, and Xi Jinping in China. → Read More


Opinion: Break up the Vladimir Putin-Xi Jinping ‘no limits’ partnership

Frida Ghitis writes that while Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping promised a "no limits" partnership a year ago, the war in Ukraine has changed the geopolitical calculus -- making clear that democracies need to push back against belligerent antidemocratic regimes and keep them from joining forces. → Read More

As Speaker and Before, Pelosi Left Her Mark on U.S. Foreign Policy, Too

As US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi had an impact on US foreign policy, starting long before her visit to Taiwan. → Read More

Mexico Turns to ‘Lawfare’ to Tackle Its U.S. Gun Problem

Mexico, where arms trafficked from the US are a major contributor to violence, has filed two lawsuits against the gun business in the US. → Read More

South America’s New Wave of Leftist Leaders Is Struggling

After sweeping to power in continent-wide pink tide, leftist leaders like Peru’s Castillo have learned it’s easier to criticize than govern. → Read More

The U.S. Could Be the Big Winner in Globalization’s Next Wave

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have led many to predict the death of globalized trade. Those predictions, however, are premature. → Read More

Cristina Fernandez’s Legal Jeopardy Could Give Her a Political Boost

Last week, prosecutors asked a judge to sentence Argentinian Vice President Cristina Fernandez to 12 years in prison and ban her from public office for life for her alleged role a yearslong corruption scheme. → Read More

Jose Ruben Zamora’s Arrest Puts Guatemala’s Democracy Deeper in Peril

In July, Guatemalan police arrested Jose Ruben Zamora, one of the country’s most prominent journalists and publisher of El Periodico, a newspaper whose mission is to shine light on corruption. → Read More

China’s Support Is Emboldening Myanmar’s Military

Myanmar’s return to the position of international pariah has created a new opening for Beijing. By moving in where the West, reeling from the junta’s shocking human rights abuses, has been reluctant to step in, Beijing hopes to boost China’s regional influence and secure access to vital natural resources. → Read More

The U.N.’s Visit to China Was a Win for Beijing’s Propagandists

Activists had hoped last week’s visit to China by U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet would offer access to credible information on the Uyghurs’ plight. Instead, it has resulted in disaster, not just for the Uyghurs, but for all those seeking help against Beijing’s wide-ranging assaults on human rights. → Read More

Higher U.S. Interest Rates Spell Trouble for the Developing World

It’s a widely acknowledged truth that when the United States’ economy sneezes, many countries catch a cold. This week’s interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve in Washington is the perfect example. Efforts to contain inflation in the United States are sure to create new problems for already battered economies and families in less affluent countries. → Read More

America’s restrictive turn on abortion pushes against a regional — and democratic — trend

The free world is largely moving toward greater reproductive freedoms. A glaring exception, ironically, is the United States. → Read More

Peru Is Tired of Castillo’s On-the-Job Training

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo did not wear his trademark broad-brimmed hat on Tuesday when he swore in his fourth Cabinet in six months. It may seem a trivial detail, but the embattled Castillo, who has worn the traditional headwear for practically every public appearance, may have been trying to signal to the country that this is a new beginning for his young, tumultuous presidency. Since… → Read More

Cuba chooses mass trials and repression over the needs of its citizens

A new generation is being repressed for pointing out a reality to the regime: The current system does not work. → Read More

Tonga's massive volcanic eruption is causing different kinds of aftershocks on the other side of the planet

On the west coast of South America, the Tonga volcano eruption is having environmental, social, and political impact. → Read More

The Year Ahead Spells Trouble for U.S. Foreign Policy

President Joe Biden took office during one of the most turbulent times the U.S. had experienced in decades. The primary focus of his first year has been on urgent matters at home—but in 2022, the world is likely to demand more of his attention, even as the domestic challenges remain far from resolved. → Read More

Latin America’s Economy Now Lives—And Dies—on Chinese Growth

Beijing’s efforts to protect the impressive rates of economic growth it achieved in recent decades are now facing stiff headwinds. But if its growth slows further, it would spell disaster for Latin America, where many countries have come to rely on strong Chinese growth to lift their economies. → Read More

Peru’s Castillo Is His Own Worst Enemy

When leftist schoolteacher Pedro Castillo became president of Peru in July, having won the election by a hair’s breadth the previous month, it didn’t require uncommon insight to predict that, sooner or later, the right wing would seek to impeach him and remove him from office. After all, Peru has gone through a jaw-dropping succession of unfinished presidencies, impeachments and presidential… → Read More

Biden Aims to Challenge China in Latin America With B3W

While the Biden administration tries to navigate the domestic political obstacles to its Build Back Better plan, it has quietly started laying the groundwork for a parallel program with major geopolitical implications. Build Back Better World is a plan to improve global infrastructure, but also to counter China’s growing influence. → Read More