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Past articles by Mark:

Mark Primack | Growth control and a paralyzing political hypocrisy

County supervisors just took an important step this week, acknowledging a four decades’ long bureaucratic log-jam that had institutionalized NIMBYism at the expense of responsible planning. Enough … → Read More

Mark Primack | Santa Cruz progressives have become the modern bourgeoisie

Columnist Mark Primack writes that “Santa Cruz progressives have in all their many battles proven themselves the most modern iteration yet of the bourgeoisie.” → Read More

Mark Primack | Of Paul Lee and Sacred Oaks

Paul Lee was 15 years younger than Page Smith and I was 20 years younger than Paul. When Paul was denied tenure at UCSC, Page — the first provost of the first college there — resigned in protest. S… → Read More

Mark Primack | Who’s responsible for addressing homeless crisis? We are

“We’ve weaponized the environmental crisis, and to the same dead end,” writes Mark Primack in his latest column for the Sentinel. → Read More

Mark Primack | Who Runs? Maybe we need less politics, not more

Mark Primack writes in a column that “maybe we need less politics, not more. Less top-down grass-roots organizing and more people encouraged to speak their own truths. Maybe we should elect l… → Read More

Mark Primack | Rants against ‘out of town developers’ echo Charlottesville

The weather felt like summer, and so did the traffic at highways 1 and 9. So I cooled my heels and focused on a radio interview of some local environmental activist who was saving us from fracking,… → Read More

Mark Primack: Putting Santa Cruz in its place

By Mark Primack Mr. Primack, There are places in the world that desire high rise construction and unlimited growth. I suggest YOU pack up and GO THERE! Sincerely, (Name withheld). Actually, places … → Read More

Mark Primack | Third time lucky

My engineer once complained that the County building department approved our building plans without corrections. They saw our stamps on the drawings–proof that we were State-tested, licensed … → Read More

Mark Primack | Second thoughts

It’s easy enough to decry systemic racism and demand that the “system” be cleansed once and for all. But systems are not as easy to read as the disdain on a police officer’s face, or the condescens… → Read More

Mark Primack | Second thoughts

It’s easy enough to decry systemic racism and demand that the “system” be cleansed once and for all. But systems are not as easy to read as the disdain on a police officer’s face, or the condescens… → Read More

Mark Primack

Forty years. That’s how long I’ve been admiring my friend’s stewardship and devotion to the land in Bonny Doon where he and his wife work to make a home and livelihood for their extended family. Ei… → Read More

Mark Primack | Times like these

These times stir memories of Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane singing “I’d rather have my country die for me.” We were in the middle of a senseless colonial war in Southeast Asia, which I dodged s… → Read More

Mark Primack | Running from empty

This is somebody else’s story, but it could be yours or mine. The writer Jim Harrison went on a fishing trip to Baja. He hired a skiff and a boatman to row him out for the day and, along with his g… → Read More

Mark Primack: Begin making room for others in our community

Growing up in the former New England colony of Rhode Island, I spent a lot of time in front of a television. That’s where I learned what little I knew about California before migrating here as a yo… → Read More

Mark Primack | This will kill that

Work has stopped on the restoration of Notre Dame. In Victor Hugo’s medieval tale of Quasimodo and Esmeralda, a renegade priest stands in a study built within the flying buttresses of that now-gutt… → Read More

Guest Commentary

By Mark Primack Two Sundays ago, I finally got around to replying to an email from a New York friend. Remembering his recent infirmity, I made sure to wish him safe keeping. But that Thursday, a mu… → Read More

Mark Primack | Medical history

By Mark Primack Launched in 1906, the RMS Mauretania, sister ship of the ill-fated Lusitania, was funded in part by the British government. With war on the distant horizon, the luxury liner was con… → Read More

Mark Primack | Divide or change

Now that I’ll no longer be writing a weekly column for the Sentinel, I want to write about why I wrote a weekly column for the Sentinel. Whenever I’m asked if I’d consider another run for public of… → Read More

Mark Primack | The patterns that connect

By Mark Primack Last Wednesday at 3:26 p.m., taps were sounded in Santa Cruz for officers Butch Baker and Elizabeth Butler, seven years from the afternoon they were shot down in a front yard on Nor… → Read More

Mark Primack | The deep state of Santa Cruz

The Russians are pumping steroids into Bernie’s campaign. Having done the research and studied the metadata, they’ve concluded that he’s the weakest contender for their puppet’s seat. His defeat wi… → Read More