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Recent articles by Greg:

Apple is suing Corellium –

Apple is suing virtualization software company Corellium, according to documents filed today in Florida. Corellium allows customers to create and interact with virtual iOS devices — a software iPhone, for example, running actual iOS firmware, all within the browser. Apple says this is copyright infringement, and is demanding Corellium stops “all uses of” its iOS […] → Read More

Amazon is killing off the Dash button later this month –

The idea seemed simple: if you find yourself regularly ordering the same thing from Amazon — coffee, laundry detergent, whatever — why not replace the whole ordering process with a button you put somewhere in your house? Push a button, get a thing. And from that, Amazon’s Dash Button was born. Announced one day before […] → Read More

Capital One hacked, over 100 million customers affected –

Capital One was hacked earlier this month, the company has disclosed. A notice about the data breach is currently being broadcast from the company’s home page. Here’s what we know so far: Capital One believes the breach exposed credit card application data for those who’d applied between 2005 and 2019. The company says this works […] → Read More

Discord now lets you group chat servers into folders –

If you’re on Discord, you’re probably not a member of just one chat server. They tend to collect. You install it to chat with your Fortnite friends… then a few of them split off and start an Apex server. And each of your favorite streamers has a server, so maybe join those. Oh! And now […] → Read More

Occipital’s Structure Sensor Mark II is a smaller and much improved 3D scanner for your iPad –

Back in 2013, Occipital (a company then best known for making the RedLaser barcode scanning app) released the Structure Sensor, a device that turned any iPad you strapped it to into a portable 3D scanner. Five years later, they’re back with the next one: Structure Sensor Mark II. It’s about half the size, but […] → Read More

Google will now pay bigger rewards for discovering Chrome security bugs –

Bug hunting can be a lucrative gig. Depending on the company, a serious bug reported through the proper channels can earn whoever found it first tens of thousands of dollars. Google launched a bug bounty program for Chrome in 2010. Today they’re increasing the maximum rewards for that program by 2-3x. Rewards in Chrome’s bug […] → Read More

Instagram will now hide likes in 6 more countries –

Would the Internet be a better place if we all paid a little less attention to fake Internet points? Instagram is still trying to figure it out. Just a few months back, Instagram started testing a design tweak that would no longer show the total number of “likes” other user’s posts had received. You could […] → Read More

iOS and Android are about to get a bunch of new emoji –

Tomorrow is World Emoji Day. Why is there a World Emoji Day? No idea! But it’s tomorrow! To recognize the day, Apple and Google have both shed some light on their plans regarding new emoji coming to their operating systems in the coming months. Both companies are adding around 60 new emoji in all, from […] → Read More

Minecraft Earth starts rolling out in beta in Seattle and London –

If you’ve been waiting to check out Minecraft Earth (Mojang’s Pokemon GO-style augmented reality reimagining of its hugely popular game Minecraft) good news: it’s starting to roll out to some people now. The catch? It’s only available to a slice-of-a-slice of the world, at first. After opening up a registration system for its closed beta […] → Read More

Pokémon GO battles will soon be less tappy, more Fruit Ninja-y –

At the end of last year, Pokémon GO finally got a player-versus-player battling system. While it was a very much welcomed addition, it has always seemed a bit… monotonous. It just requires so… much… tapping. You repeatedly tap the screen to make your Pokémon attack, simultaneously building up its “Charge” move with each tap. Once […] → Read More

Steam Labs lets you peek into Valve’s experimental projects –

Like most companies, much of what Valve tinkers with behind the scenes never sees the light of day. Concepts are born, torn apart and rebuilt, and sometimes tossed away without anyone outside the company ever seeing a hint of it. Seems Valve is trying to change that, giving users an opportunity to provide feedback on […] → Read More

You can now register for the Minecraft Earth closed beta –

Take the real-world exploration of Pokémon GO and mash it up with the building elements of Minecraft, and you get Minecraft Earth. While there’s no launch date for the game, Mojang has been saying for a while now that a closed Beta would go live sometime “this summer”. If you’re looking to get in there […] → Read More

There’s a tennis game hidden in Google right now. Here’s how to find it –

Google loves a good Easter egg. From cutesie Douglas Adams references to the search results for “askew” being just a liiiiittle bit crooked, there’s all sorts of stuff hiding in the search engine if you know the right thing to type or the right buttons to push. The latest addition — a fun little tennis […] → Read More

Cloosiv gives local coffee shops a mobile ordering experience on par with the mega chains –

Starbucks’ mobile ordering app has proven wildly popular for the company, with reports indicating that it had more users than the likes of Apple Pay or Google Pay last year. The convenience is just too alluring. When you’re late for work and forgot to eat, being able to order up a drink and a […] → Read More

IBM closes Red Hat acquisition for $34 billion –

We’ve known it was coming since late last year, but now it’s final: IBM has wrapped up its $34B acquisition of Red Hat, completing what is one of the largest tech acquisitions of all time. IBM originally announced its intent to acquire the Linux developer in October of last year. The US Department of Justice […] → Read More

Bored before the holiday? Go play the game built into today’s Google Doodle –

The concept of a Google Doodle — the little widget that sometimes replaces the Google logo on the company’s main search page — has gotten a lot more complex over the years. The first one (from 1998!) was just a simple static image of the Google logo with a Burning Man logo behind it, meant […] → Read More

Niantic is throwing a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fan festival this summer –

Niantic had already been hinting at plans to throw a big festival for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players — something in the same vein as its Pokémon GO Fest events, but with less Pokémon and more virtual witchcraft and wizardry. I mentioned it back when the game first got a launch date. Now it’s a […] → Read More

The Office is leaving Netflix in 2021 because NBC wants it back –

Well, it’s official: The Office is leaving Netflix . Michael Scott and the rest of Dunder Mifflin will be heading for another streaming service come January 2021. By far the most popular show on Netflix in 2018, The Office was bound to leave the service eventually — or, at the very least, see some HUGE […] → Read More

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite goes live in Canada, Germany, and 23 other countries –

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (think Pokémon GO, but with wands and giant spiders instead of pokéballs and Pikachus) officially launched earlier this week, but with a catch: it was only available in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Why? Amongst other reasons, a country-by-country rollout helps Niantic ensure that their servers stay stable. By […] → Read More

A chat with Niantic CEO John Hanke on the launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite –

Just shy of three years ago, Pokémon GO took over the world. Players filled the sidewalks, and crowds of trainers flooded parks and landmarks. Anywhere you looked, people were throwing Pokéballs and chasing Snorlax. As the game grew, so did the company behind it. Niantic had started its life as an experimental “lab” within Google […] → Read More