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Clara Moskowitz

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New York, NY, United States

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Past articles by Clara:

Milky Way Census Shows Stars Take Varied Paths

The Gaia satellite is making the most detailed and complete map of the stars in our galaxy → Read More

Are the James Webb Space Telescope’s Pictures ‘Real’?

As light travels through space, it gets stretched by the expansion of the universe. This is why many of the most distant objects shine in infrared light, which is longer in wavelength than visible light. We can't see this ancient light with our eyes, but the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was designed to capture it, revealing some of the first galaxies ever to form. Credit: Jen Christiansen… → Read More

The Best of JWST’s Cosmic Portraits

These new views of familiar space sights reveal details never before seen → Read More

How JWST Is Changing Our View of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has sparked a new era in astronomy → Read More

See How Scientists Put Together the Complete Human Genome

For the first time, researchers have sequenced all 3,117,275,501 bases of our genetic code → Read More

Wildfires Followed by Severe Rain Will Become More Common

Graphics show how the two weather extremes will more often pair up → Read More

How the Higgs Boson Ruined Peter Higgs’s Life

A new biography of the physicist and the particle he predicted reveals his disdain for the spotlight → Read More

How Skin Cancer Rates Vary across the Globe

This leading cancer affects some populations and regions much more than others → Read More

Colonialism Casts a Shadow on Fossil Science

Paleontologists from a small number of countries control much of the world’s fossil data → Read More

How Measuring Time Shaped History

From Neolithic constructions to atomic clocks, how humans measure time reveals what we value most → Read More

What makes Earth unique?

Several factors make Earth unique given what scientists know about the thousands of planets discovered to date. → Read More

Climate Change Drives Escalating Drought

The past two decades have seen some of the most extreme dry periods in U.S. history → Read More

The Art of Mathematics in Chalk

A photography project reveals the allure of equations in mathematicians’ blackboard work → Read More

Martian Satellite Photos Show Dynamic Planet

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter celebrated its 15th year circling Mars → Read More

Unprecedented 3-D view inside Animal Mummies

X-ray scans of ancient Egyptian cat, bird and snake mummies show details never seen before → Read More

Melting Candy Gives Mathematicians Insight into How Some Landscapes Form

Researchers dissolved a sugary treat underwater to understand the origin of spiky rock forests → Read More

Antimatter Discovery Reveals Clues about the Universe’s Beginning

New evidence from neutrinos points to one of several theories about why the cosmos is made of matter and not antimatter → Read More

Milky Way Dark Matter Signals in Doubt after Controversial New Papers

New analyses question whether mysterious gamma-ray and x-ray light in the galaxy actually stems from an invisible mass → Read More

New Measurement Aims to Solve Neutrino Mystery

A new finding limits how much the bizarre particle can weigh, shedding light on a physics quandary → Read More

Come One, Come All: Building a Moon Village

Humanity first went to the moon to make a point. Now it’s time to overcome rivalries and pitch in together → Read More