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Recent articles by Meredith:

I want more control over when we get engaged

Getting engaged is something that I think about and want daily. It feels silly to be this committed, this in love, and live together just to be boyfriend/girlfriend. → Read More

I think this ‘friend’ is flirting with my wife

I explained to my wife that his behavior makes me uncomfortable; I would prefer if she does her best not to participate in his creepy flirtations. My wife was offended. → Read More

I have a crush on the person I carpool with. At risk: My heart and my ride.

Where will the road lead if I confess my feelings to my commuting pal? → Read More

Is it wrong to want a provider?

I broke it off because I don’t see us moving up financially together; it felt like he was more of a burden than a partner. → Read More

At 29, I feel undatable

“I’ve been single since my first boyfriend (of two months) broke up with me over MySpace in 2008.” → Read More

He skipped my birthday

I had worked an extra shift with the intention of using that money to take him to a nice place for dinner for his. → Read More

He says I’m weak and pathetic

“After bad nights, his morning response isn’t even an apology.” → Read More

I live with my elderly mother. Will anyone want to date me?

How to manage dating when you’re taking care of an aging parent. → Read More

How do I talk to my wife about her weight?

"She’s heavier now than when she was pregnant with any of our children." → Read More

Should I stick a fork in this relationship?

“She says she has interest, admits she should probably move forward with me.” → Read More

Can I learn to love Doctor Strange?

Can I learn to love Doctor Strange? The Marvel superhero is smug. Entitled. Maybe the worst boyfriend ever. But if he can grow, I can too. → Read More

He says maybe later

We’re looking for letters! Send your relationship question to or fill out this form. Q. I’m 18 and have been talking to this guy for the past year. We met through my church. As far as the “talking” stage goes, we’ve done it all. When I expressed an interest in taking things further and starting an official relationship, he kept pushing it back. First, it was supposed to… → Read More

COVID complicates dating

"I’ll have to eat in restaurants and go to places with crowds. I’ll have to be mask-free in public." → Read More

He’s been checking in on me

“I finally asked if he felt anything for me, and he said...” → Read More

I can’t tell if my boss wants to date me or if she’s just flirty

A waiter wonders about his manager’s intentions and if it’s even “cool” to date the boss. → Read More

I do not feel like our five-year relationship is a romantic one

“We do not have sex all that often, and lately I haven’t been feeling like being intimate with him at all.” → Read More

She didn’t choose me

“I’m still carrying a torch for her and I don’t think I’m ever going to get over her.” → Read More

I want to talk to the person my spouse cheated with

Is there anything to gain by reaching out to this person? → Read More

Is my boyfriend my caregiver? Or am I his?

We’re looking for letters! Send your relationship question to or fill out this form. Q. I’m a college student here in Boston. I’ve been in a relationship with a loving boyfriend. Everything went well at the start, but then there were problems. I have been diagnosed with major depression disorder and am on medication, which is hard on him. Do you think my boyfriend is… → Read More

He promised he wouldn’t watch porn

“I know that a lot of men watch this stuff. But the fact that he would watch it behind my back ...” → Read More