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Past articles by Tom:

Senator Hirono Has It Backwards

Women like Hirono who back the sexual exploitation of women through legalized abortion are actually traitors to their sex. → Read More

Democrats make Joe McCarthy look like an amateur

With the Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco, the Dems are doing McCarthyism better than McCarthy ever could. → Read More

Democrats Demonstrate Their Hatred of Women

Are the Democrats planning to use their common strategy of creating standards that only Republicans are judged by to make #MeToo a tool that attacks only conservatives? → Read More

Keyser would have remembered the party

There is every reason to believe that if Ford, Kavanaugh, Judge, PJ, and Keyser had been at a party together, Keyser would have remembered it. → Read More

Time to call out Democrats for the liars they are

It's time to call out publicly and repeatedly the massive lies of the Democrats and their propaganda arm, the fake news media. → Read More

Ford vs. Kavanaugh: There's Nothing to Investigate

What does Christine Ford actually want the FBI to do? → Read More

Dianne Feinstein Prepares a Deathblow for Kavanaugh

Will it work? → Read More

#FakeNews NYT has admitted its bias

Never forget that the New York Times has publicly admitted that its job isn't providing people with the truth, but ensuring that people vote the way the fake news media want them to vote. → Read More

A Disloyal Coward Condemns Trump

The New York Times has apparently found a White House staffer willing to crawl out of the woodwork to denounce his boss. Is this for real? → Read More

A Solution to Internet Tyranny

The problem with censorship by left-wing social media platforms is due solely to the fact that we’ve let those sites become publishers without having to accept the responsibility that entails. → Read More

John Brennan, Security Clearances, and the Office Stapler

Brennan has been acting as though he's still in a position of power by using his → Read More

Pope Francis and Church Doctrine

Pope Francis has not said the death penalty is intrinsically evil or that society doesn’t have the right to protect itself from evil people. → Read More

Freeing People from Left-Wing Lies

The majority of Democratic voters are victims of a deliberate conspiracy by the leftist media. → Read More

The Real Threat to American Democracy

The left and the media, which are pretty much one group, are working to undermine the American system because they believe in elections only when their candidate wins. → Read More

Correction: Trump Did Not Absolve Russians of Meddling

Donald Trump did not say the Russians didn't meddle in the U.S. election. → Read More

The Left is Always Wrong: Election Meddling Edition

It’s perfectly fine when parties release false information that is damaging to Trump, but it’s the ultimate evil when someone releases accurate information that hurts a leftist. → Read More

The Left Is Always Wrong: NATO Edition

The left was wrong to say the imperialistic Soviet Union wasn't an existential threat in the past, and it's wrong to say Russia is an existential threat today. → Read More

Democrats Endorse Judicial Tyranny

Democrats don't believe that power is from the people. Rather, Democrats believe that the elites, who in the minds of Democrats are made up solely of Democrats, should rule the rest of us. → Read More

There Are No Conservative Judges

The role of the judiciary is not to solve problems or decide what's → Read More

Those Who Live by the Court...

Not one of the socially revolutionary changes that leftists have inflicted on America has been the result of the democratic process. → Read More