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Past articles by Nicole:

Writing A Book Is Not A Side Hustle

By the time I signed my contract for my first book, I had four rejected book proposals. My decade-plus of false starts put me face-to-face with a harsh reality: getting a book sold, writing a book, and making a book successful is a full-time job. → Read More

5 Weird Ways To Make Extra $$$

Do you have some clothes you haven’t worn in years? Maybe some candles you got for your birthday that smell like Febreze? Sell them! → Read More

Five Money Hacks For Hot Girl/Guy Summer

Summer officially started on June 20th - and after the year we’ve had, it’s time for some fun in the sun. I always love summer, but it hits different post-pandemic. Honestly, I don’t think the country has needed to let loose this badly since prohibition ended. → Read More

5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

If your credit report is your financial report card, then your credit score is the actual grade. And maybe your grades weren’t all that important once you got out of school but… in the money world, your financial transcript is very important. → Read More

Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin's stories. I cover money and personal finance for a new generation. → Read More

You Are Not Screwed, And You Are Not Alone

That was the only thing that would cure my hunger pangs—not the kind of hunger pangs because I didn’t eat in a few hours or had a hard workout but deep, painful pangs because I hadn’t eaten a balanced meal in days. → Read More

Hear Me Out: Superwoman Is the Worst Role Model for Working Moms

Nicole Lapin, author of upcoming career guide Becoming Super Woman, explains why being a Super Woman, not Superwoman, is a much better idea. → Read More

Procrastination Can Be Productive. Really!

When you work smarter, not harder, procrastination can be your friend. → Read More

Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to Take a Mental Health Day

Their burnout will cost your company more than you think! Nicole Lapin, author of upcoming career guide Becoming Super Woman, will explain how supporting their health (physical and mental) will help you build a team that thrives. → Read More

How I Went From Burnout To Balance & You Can, Too

Nicole Lapin, author of upcoming career guide Becoming Super Woman, always put her work first until she crashed. Here, she shares what she’s learned to help you navigate the demands of your job without hitting your breaking point. → Read More

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Money in 2019

Finance expert Nicole Lapin offers five steps towards achieving financial freedom. → Read More

My Parents Didn’t Teach Me How to Invest but That Didn’t Stop Me

Growing up in an immigrant household in the '80s, we didn't talk about money -- like, at all. Cash was king (ahem, queen), and stashing money under the mattress was a thing that actually happened (I... → Read More

Should You Invest in a 401(k)?

Five questions to ask before opening a 401(k) account for retirement savings. → Read More

How to Find Your Side Hustle Sweet Spot

You've clearly crushed it in your career -- or you wouldn't be reading this article -- so that means you already know how to hustle. But, do you know how to side hustle? It's a popular phrase in... → Read More

The 5 Things We Should Have Learned in School — But Didn’t

"I'm so glad I learned about parallelograms instead of how to do taxes. It's really come in handy this parallelogram season." I posted this meme on Instagram recently because it really resonated with... → Read More

Don't Panic! You CAN Recover From These 5 Major Financial Mistakes

It's an easy thing to do: blow your entire month's budget on a major splurge, miss a credit card payment, or get into a little (big) thing that I like to call → Read More

Stop! In the Name of Savings — Consider This Before You Buy Those Clothes

Dressing to impress at work doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. It's all about clean and simple — which is a look every budget can afford. After → Read More

3 Things I Wish I Knew About Money in My College Years

I still remember my trip from Los Angeles to Chicago to start my freshman year at Northwestern. Before I left California, I had to go out to the airport and purchase my airfare in cash. This was... → Read More

How to Organize Your Expenses

Don't be afraid of your receipts. → Read More

Everything I Know About Career Success I Learned From a Bathroom Attendant

Doris is a bathroom attendant at one of my favorite restaurants, and everything I have learned about career success (and, frankly, a lot of what I've learned → Read More