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Past articles by Kelly:

There's a mind-blowing theory about camel evolution that might surprise you

It’s hard to think of an animal better adapted for a hot, desert climate than a camel. They are the quintessential desert animal. Or are they? A few years ago scientists uncovered bewildering fossil evidence that camels once roamed in the Arctic Circle — the exact opposite of their niche habitat today. Latif Nasser, Radiolab‘s director of research, told the story during a live TED Talk in New… → Read More


Scientists just spotted a bunch of mysterious balls of plasma in space

They're like a stream of red-hot bubbles in space. → Read More


Tech billionaires are trying to develop a way to break us out of 'The Matrix'

How would we even know? → Read More


Astrology is bullsh*t. NASA's scathing takedown perfectly explains why.

This epic Tumblr post is a scorching mic drop against astrology. → Read More


Stephen Hawking is really worried about aliens, but here’s why he shouldn’t be

It might not be such a bad idea to try and talk to aliens. → Read More


The 'impossible' EM Drive is about to be tested in space

Fingers crossed this thing works. → Read More


Mars may have been habitable much more recently than we thought

Water may have existed there not very long ago. → Read More


NASA just captured an incredible look at a black hole eating a star

When a star drifts too close to a black hole, it meets a grisly fate. The black hole stretches out the star and eventually swallows it up. The violent feeding frenzy is called a "stellar tidal disruption," according to NASA. The event generates a massive amount of energy and huge flares of high-energy radiation. Previously, we didn't know much about tidal disruptions because it's hard to catch a… → Read More


Scientists just solved a 3-million-year-old mystery about one of our early human ancestors

Poor Lucy. → Read More


This is where all the animals will go when climate change kills their habitats

Animals will have to head for the poles. → Read More


Scientists found a galaxy that’s 99.99% dark matter

This could help us finally figure out what dark matter is. → Read More


Scientists just discovered a monster young star with 30 times the mass of our sun

This is a rare opportunity for scientists to study how giant stars form. → Read More


NASA just contacted a spacecraft it’s been trying to reach for over a year

The spacecraft could teach us a lot about the sun. → Read More


Before you know it, most cities will be too hot to host the Summer Olympics

San Francisco will be the only suitable U.S. city left. → Read More


NASA and the Navy just set an amazing world record

Another win for NASA. → Read More


Zika virus could be more harmful than we thought

Preliminary research suggests Zika could be a problem for adult brains too. → Read More


A Physicist Just Created a Black Hole in a Lab — And Stephen Hawking Should Be Thrilled

What's more, it may have just proved a 42-year-old Stephen Hawking theory. → Read More


A Habitable Planet Might Be Orbiting Our Nearest Star, Proxima Centauri

This could be HUGE. → Read More


Scientists Found Huge Liquid-Filled Canyons on Saturn’s Moon — Titan

It's the only other body in the solar system that has liquid oceans and rivers on its surface. → Read More


Kepler's K2 Mission Just Uncovered Its First 5-Planet System

This was a rare find. → Read More