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Recent articles by David:

Conservatives Rain Hellfire On The Rule Of Law After Mar-A-Lago Raid

News of the FBI’s raid at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort has Republicans and conservative commentators’ heads exploding. → Read More

The Backstory On Fox News Guest Jeffrey Tucker

A bow-tied, bespectacled guest for the segment was billed hilariously in one chyron as a “recent Monticello visitor.” Turns out there’s more to the story. → Read More

Cassidy Hutchinson Revealed How Close The Coup Came To Succeeding

The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson moved us decisively beyond questions of incitement and dereliction of duty by President Trump. → Read More

Cassidy Hutchinson Is The Surprise Jan. 6 Witness

The Jan. 6 committee hurriedly announced yesterday a new hearing today, without revealing who the witness would be. → Read More

GOP Sure Is Acting Like The Dog That Caught The Car

No one really knows how the politics of abortion will play out in the brave new world of Dobbs. Not in the midterms. Certainly not long term. → Read More

Welcome Back To A Pre-New Deal America

From a longtime reader and top echelon DC lawyer: Agree with what you just wrote. But don’t separate what the Court has done on guns and Roe—and what’s surely… → Read More

Trump and His Supporters Are A Clear And Present Danger

The former president and his allies are executing the 2020 blueprint all over again for 2024 in open and plain view of the American public → Read More

Faux Outrage Flips Baby Formula Shortage Into Attack On Immigrants

The bank shot from baby formula shortage to xenophobic attack on immigrants to blaming Biden for it all came via Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL). → Read More

‘I’m Not Getting In That Car’

Earlier this week, Chris Hayes did a nice job pulling together the various elements surrounding Vice President Mike Pence's movements (or lack thereof) during the Jan. 6 attempted coup. → Read More

Not Exactly What We Had In Mind

How TPM Reader JO finds his joy: > One small reason that I appreciate my TPM Prime AF account is because I convinced my wife that Prime AF stands for “Prime as f-ck.” She asked me the difference between Prime and Prime AF, and I said the AF content is a lot edgier, includes profanity, very raw and unfiltered, etc. Now she periodically asks me to read the “news with swears website”, and I… → Read More

Why Didn’t Senate Democrats Defend Ketanji Brown Jackson?

Dahlia Lithwick puzzles over Judiciary Committee Democrats’ “chilling unwillingness to go to the mat” for Ketanji Brown Jackson. → Read More

Cory Booker makes Ketanji Brown Jackson cry

I wanted to make sure you saw Cory Booker bringing Ketanji Brown Jackson to tears yesterday: > Sen. @CoryBooker to Judge Jackson: "I'm not letting anybody in the Senate steal my joy…Don't worry, my sister. Don't worry. God has got you. How do I know that? Because you're here and I know what it's taken for you to sit in that seat." pic.twitter.com/m7cGjLrftZ — CSPAN (@cspan) March 23, 2022 → Read More

Unpacking The Big Jan. 6 News

It’s worth pointing out that this is probably not a comprehensive recitation of the the committee’s legal case against Trump. → Read More

Boom! Jan. 6 Committee Cranks Up The Pressure On Merrick Garland

The House Jan. 6 committee alleged in a new court filing yesterday that Trump committed crimes in pressuring Vice President Pence to overturn the results of the 2020 election. → Read More

Has Turkey Shut Down Black Sea Access For Russian Warships?

President Zelensky is saying publicly that Turkey has agreed to shut down transit to the Black Sea for Russian warships. → Read More

Crisis of Command

I want to expand on what I mentioned in Morning Memo about some really good work from the Just Security guys on better understanding the delay in the deployment… → Read More

How Much Damage Will SCOTUS Do In COVID Mandates Cases?

Editor's Note: After today, Morning Memo will go on hiatus for the holidays. Look for it again beginning Jan. 3, 2022. See you next year! Late Wednesday… → Read More

Melania Trump Cashes In On The NFT Craze

Former first lady Melania Trump launched a platform to sell NFTs of herself. → Read More

Where Things Stand: Jan. 6 Developments Coming Fast And Furious

No overarching Jan. 6 news today but a lot of incremental developments over the last 24 hours to catch up on, in no particular order: The creator of that Big… → Read More

The Ex-Pat Perspective On America’s Political Crisis

TPM Reader TD fled the country under Trump and isn’t coming back anytime soon. → Read More