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Recent articles by Ellen:

What I Rent: Bailey and Maddie, £2,075 for a two-bedroom flat in Wembley, London

In our weekly renting series, we talk to couple Bailey and Maddie, who live in the UNCLE apartment block in Wembley, London. → Read More

How this woman saved up a £40,000 deposit to buy her first house at 26

Abigael Aremu talks us through how she saved up a £40,000 deposit on her own in just two years and shares her tips for buying a house. → Read More

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Greta Lawler shares her top money saving tricks for doing a no-spend month, meal-prepping, and sticking to a budget. → Read More

Couple's genius wedding trick for coronavirus times: cardboard cutout guests

48 pals showed their faces on the big day... without actually having to attend in person. → Read More

World Suicide Prevention Day: Five warning signs that someone you care about could be feeling suicidal – and how to support them

We share common warning signs that somone is having suicidal thoughts, and what to do if you're worried about someone's mental health. → Read More

Mum gives birth to surprise baby just two days after learning she was pregnant

Stacey Stevenson thought her weight gain was just due to lockdown, then took a pregnancy test when her feet became swollen. → Read More

Mum warns parents to check bites after child developed 'tangerine-sized' abscess

Ashley Simpson has shared photos of her daughter, Emily-Jane Stuart, after receiving emergency surgery for a suspected spider bite on her arm. → Read More

Man shares why he drinks up to seven pints of his own urine a day

Jan Schünemann, 26, is a proponent of Shivambu Kalpa, also known as urine therapy, and applies urine to his eyes, ears, and skin as well as drinking it. → Read More

Bride and groom pose for terrifying wedding photoshoot on the edge of a cliff

Skye and Ryan had a wedding ceremony in front of 12 guests on Hawksbill Crag, before posing for a thrilling photoshoot. → Read More

Couple selling £3 tickets to give away their two homes worth £700,000

Martin and Sue Stephenson are hoping to sell more than 330,000 tickets - going at £3 a pop - to raise enough money to buy another home and give £100,000 to charity. → Read More

Dwarf who struggled to get a date now has to turn away women as a stripper

Shane said he's now inundated with offers of sex from women who love his short stature. → Read More

National Fish and Chip Day: It’s official, the name for a chip sandwich is a chip butty

What do you call a chip sandwich - a chip bap, a chip roll, a chip butty, a chip cob? A National Fish and Chip Day survey reveals the official answer. → Read More

Man spends his time visiting and rating public benches across the UK

Sam Wilmot, 23, has visited more than 200 benches around the UK, but is yet to settle on his perfect 10/10 seat. → Read More

Most of us struggled with weight gain in lockdown, says study

Increased stress and snacking, and decreased levels of exercise, have been blamed for the majority of Brits struggling to maintain their weight in lockdown. → Read More

There are five types of emailer – which one are you?

From The Rambler to the One-Word Replier, which type of email sender are you in your workplace? → Read More

What I Rent: Sophie, £500 a month for a one-bedroom flat in Birkenhead, Wirral

Sophie Hill and her boyfriend Sam rent a one-bedroom flat, which they've filled with second-hand furniture and 150 houseplants. → Read More

Man quits his job to travel around the world on his motorbike

Paulo Cattaneo hasn't had to get a job for the entirety of his five-year adventure, instead keeping costs down by camping and avoiding alcohol. → Read More

These are some of the strange food combinations people absolutely love

From sugar sandwiches to chocolate on pizza, a survey shares some of the most bizarre food pairings popular among Brits. → Read More

Important TikTok video shows just how easily someone can spike your drink without you noticing

Mell Hall shared a powerful video on TikTok to show how quickly and easily someone can spike your drink without you noticing. → Read More