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Christopher Sirola

Hattiesburg American

United States

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Past articles by Christopher:

Sirola: It's 1 per room in the electron house

Certain particles exhibit an “exclusion principle," which means that no two fermions may occupy the same space at the same time. → Read More

Sirola: Finding a balance when talking about science

A public science speaker needs to respect the audience’s intelligence, while pitching to an appropriate level. → Read More

Sirola: Even the solar system, sun need stability

Christopher Sirola says we need stability in the larger aspects of life, such as the routines in our solar system. → Read More

Sirola: The not-so-variable sun

Columnist Christopher Sirola says global warming is not the sun's fault. → Read More

Sirola: Never fear, the sun will keep shining

Columnist Christopher Sirola says an official's comment that solar panels will darken the sun in mind-blowing. → Read More

Sirola: Space and Anxiety

Last time, I related how I was scheduled for an MRI on an injured shoulder, but passed due to claustrophobia. → Read More

Sirola: Comet or MRI — which is scarier?

A while back, I had a bad fall and hurt my shoulder. X-rays revealed nothing broken, fortunately, but to analyze soft tissue, an MRI is needed. Little did I know the terror that would ensue. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine uses powerful magnets to excite hydrogen nuclei of water molecules in a person’s body (via a process akin to spectroscopy, except that protons are involved instead… → Read More

Sirola: More personal inelastic collisions

Columnist Christopher Sirola says Physicists recognize two distinct types of collisions: “elastic” and “inelastic.” → Read More

Sirola: ​A personal and inelastic collision

Columnist Christopher Sirola says AARP think he's getting old —​ perhaps because they saw his picture in the paper. → Read More

Sirola: Oh, that scary Blood Moon

Did you see the total lunar eclipse back on Sept. 27? Columnist Christopher Sirola didn't. → Read More

Sirola: A man of letters

Columnist Christopher Sirola says physicists are in love with equations. → Read More

Sirola: It’s all Greek to me

Columnist Christopher Sirola looks at the use of ancient Greek or Latin in science. → Read More

New Horizons flyby offers insight to Pluto

The New Horizons probe will have had its closest approach to Pluto on July 14. → Read More

Pluto as a planet: yes or no?

Columnist Christopher Sirola looks at how one-time planet Pluto was discovered. → Read More

Pluto probe is near its destination

New Horizons probe will make its closest approach to Pluto on July 14. → Read More

Reopening a planetary debate

Columnist Christopher Sirola has always been interested in astronomy. → Read More

Sirola: A heavy burden

When the kids were babies, we had a triplet stroller. It looked like a miniature bus. → Read More

Take a shot

Christopher Sirola takes a look at the Spanish Flu, its impact and vaccines today. → Read More

Christopher Sirola: Spin cycle aids flight

Christopher Sirola looks at the physics one uses to treat the motion of a football. → Read More

Full of hot air

Christopher Sirola weighs in on the physics behind the Patriots’ deflated footballs. → Read More