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Recent articles by Michael:

Michael Reagan: Pitching softballs to President Biden

Joe Biden didn’t disappoint me.At his press conference this week he was the same old strange guy with the same old predictable excuses for one of the → Read More

Michael Reagan: Deregulating the cruise ships

It almost seems like the CDC wants to sink cruise ships.Since the start of its war against COVID-19 the CDC — everyone’s favorite public health → Read More

Michael Reagan: Biden plays the ‘Insurrection Day’ card

It was silly, but I was really hoping 2022 would be different.A new year. A fresh start for America.And an end — or at least a brief armistice → Read More

Michael Reagan: Declaring War On The Unvaxxed

I’m sick and tired of wearing masks.I’m sick and tired of vaccine mandates.I’m sick and tired of hearing the dire warnings and broken pro → Read More

Michael Reagan: ‘Reforms’ bring us ‘smash-and-grab’

The California Crime WaveMy daughter has a nice little house in a safe neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.Until recently she never really had to worry → Read More

Michael Reagan: Thank God, mom didn’t think like ‘Dr. Sotomayor’

The world is still COVID crazy.With their vaccine mandates, passports and mistreatment of the unvaccinated, free countries like Australia and Canada are tu → Read More

Michael Reagan: Hang in there, America, and give thanks

The other day, I ran into someone who was too discouraged to give thanks for much of anything.He’s convinced the world is going to end and the USA → Read More

Michael Reagan: The yahoos of Kenosha

On Thursday afternoon, as the country was still awaiting the decision on the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, the yahoos outside the courthouse in Kenosha we → Read More

Michael Reagan: Celebrating freedom and the vets who defended it

Did you and your family celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall on Tuesday?Didn’t think so, but it’s not necessarily your fault.“The Fall o → Read More

Michael Reagan: Yes Virginia, Donald Trump finally got it right

Well, what do you know.Donald Trump finally did the right thing.He shut the hell up, encouraged his supporters to flood the polls and stayed away from Virg → Read More

Michael Reagan: California pizza, $10 a slice?

The phonies who write the laws in Sacramento have no idea how hard it is to run a small business successfully. And they don’t care.When they pay you → Read More

Michael Reagan: Trump simply can’t help being Trump

“I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there is purpose and worth to each and every life. → Read More

Michael Reagan: An escape from Joe Biden’s ‘Angry America’

It’s not until you leave the United States that you realize how angry Americans are.Earlier this month my wife the travel agent and I took a cruise i → Read More

Michael Reagan: Sticking with my father in regards to John Hinckley

News that a federal judge had approved the unconditional release of John Hinckley Jr. next June set my phone to ringing furiously earlier this week.Journal → Read More

Michael Reagan: It’s time for Jill Biden to do right thing

Will Jill Save Us From Old Joe?Does anyone on the planet really still believe Joe Biden has the mental faculties to be president?Anyone in Congress? Anyone → Read More

Michael Reagan: Dems learning how to play Trump card

“A blow out.”That’s what I said Monday on Newsmax when I was asked what I thought would happen in Tuesday’s gubernatorial recall el → Read More

Michael Reagan: America mourns the anniversary of 9/11. The Taliban Celebrate.

As the country sadly marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks Saturday, I’ve been thinking about where America was 20 years ago and whe → Read More

Michael Reagan: Oscar-worthy performance by a confused president

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York got a special Emmy last year for his nauseating daily pandemic press conferences.So why shouldn’t President Biden win s → Read More

Michael Reagan: Blame people who elected Biden for ‘Terror in Kabul’

“Terror in Kabul.”That’s what CNN branded its coverage of the two powerful suicide bombs that exploded in the sea of U.S. soldiers and Af → Read More

Michael Reagan: The high price of Biden’s blunder in Kabul

So what else could President Biden possibly screw up?Our commander in chief and his woke generals have blown the evacuation of Kabul so badly that even CNN → Read More