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Recent articles by Michael:

Adopting actual Christian foster care

The rule change would remove language in funding grants from the Department of Health and Human Services that protect LGBTQ and other prospective parents from discrimination when they seek to adopt or foster children. The rule is being pushed by evangelical Christians, who in their exalted opinion don’t think gay or lesbian couples should be allowed to foster or adopt children. It’s very sad. It… → Read More

Poor policies help keep California burning

Like most regulated monopolies that are protected for decades by government from competition, PG&E is a poorly run, inefficient and antiquated company that charges customers higher and higher prices and provides lousier and lousier service. → Read More

Michael Reagan | Madness in the Middle East

President Trump says he wants to get our troops out of the “blood-stained sand” of the Middle East. Most sane Americans would agree with that goal and hope he’s successful. Unfortunately, the peopl… → Read More

Michael Reagan: No one excelled in Dem debate

Twelve presidential wannabes standing in a row on stage for three hours.Three friendly liberal journalists under-handing softball questions to them.Tons of → Read More

Michael Reagan: Raising our kids to hate

A Jeb Bush tweet this week got me thinking about some of the ways our nasty partisan politics has been hurting our kids.Paraphrasing Jeb, he asked, “ → Read More

Michael Reagan: Biden family’s conflicts of interest

Please help me get the importance of this infamous Trump-Zelensky phone call.The Democrats and their soulmates in the liberal media are seriously getting r → Read More

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

Has Congress imposed a secret austerity plan? In the past, I remember every office in Congress had at least on calendar on the wall. That is either not the case now or if they have calendars, no on… → Read More

Michael Reagan: Democrats stuck in time warp

On Ukraine, Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!Making Sense By Michael ReaganHas Congress imposed a secret austerity plan? In the past, I remember every of → Read More

Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Donald Trump visited enemy territory last week. He came out here to the deep blue state of California to raise a few million bucks at private fundraisers in Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills. He als… → Read More

Michael Reagan: America Tunes Out the Demented Dems

It’s too bad for America that CNN’s seven-hour town hall on climate change was such a rating disaster.If 20 times as many viewers had tuned in → Read More

Michael Reagan: What Democrats Need to Learn About Education

In the early 1970s California was America’s Nirvana.It was a sunny, well-run, happy and free-spirited place of limitless opportunity where half the y → Read More

Michael Reagan: Shooting down California’s ammo law

Dove season opens in California and across the U.S. on Sept. 1.For as long as I can remember, all I had to do when dove season rolled around each year was → Read More

Michael Reagan: Mueller cooks up nothing burger

Lucky, lucky me.I just happened to be in Paris — France, not Texas, s’il vous plaît — on Wednesday when Robert Mueller made the Demo → Read More

Michael Reagan: Political ugliness takes away from holiday weekend

Who’d Take Ronald Reagan’s Side on Immigration?Making Sense by Michael ReaganIndependence Day used to be a happy day when all Americans put asi → Read More

Michael Reagan: The Democrats’ Debate Could Have Been Worse

Expectations could not have been lower going into round one of the Democrat Party’s ridiculously overcrowded presidential debate in Miami.Maybe that → Read More

Michael Reagan: Trump throws dirt in His own eye

What the heck was President Trump doing?What was he thinking when he told ABC’s star fake journalist George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday that if a for → Read More

Michael Reagan: Great American Stories Never Told

Last week I traveled to central Illinois to speak at a memorial service at Eureka College, my dad’s alma mater, on the 15th anniversary of his death. → Read More

Michael Reagan: Mueller’s Big Nothing Burger

There was a big media buildup and a lot of wild guessing by the pundits on FOX and CNN about what Special Counsel Robert Mueller was going to say in his pu → Read More

Making Sense | The invasion of America is not fake

The Democrats running the House of Representatives have gone insane – and they prove it every day. Despite the conclusions of the Mueller Report, Nancy Pelosi and her Deranged Democrat underl… → Read More

Michael Reagan: The Invasion of America is Not Fake

The Democrats running the House of Representatives have gone insane — and they prove it every day.Despite the conclusions of the Mueller Report, Nanc → Read More