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Recent articles by Michael:

Power to the people during pandemic?

And after almost three months of being spooked and confused by the media, medical experts and authoritarian politicians, they’re people who have figured out that the coronavirus – dangerous and mysterious as it is – doesn’t attack people randomly. → Read More

Michael Reagan: Ordinary people, American heroes

A month ago I said it will be the public that makes the decision to reopen America, not the government.It took too long, but that’s exactly what has → Read More

Time to end the great shutdown?

It still could get worse, but the percentage of Californians who’ve been infected by COVID-19 – 70 per 100,000 people – is a tenth of New Jersey’s and the number of our daily cases of new infections seems to be leveling off. → Read More

Michael Reagan: End this nightmare

I ran into a nurse I know this week.“Let me ask you a question,” I said, keeping a safe six feet away from her.“About 40 percent of the p → Read More

The positives and negatives of being stuck at home in sunny LA

What if among these children whose education has been disrupted, a great leader emerges who had the benefit of a slower pace and a simpler life to truly learn what really matters in this life? → Read More

Michael Reagan: A well-deserved salute to General Trump

It’s lucky I’m being such a good American and sheltering at home.Every day I’ve been able to watch President Trump’s coronavirus Wh → Read More

Michael Reagan: Trump fighting virus without sowing panic in the streets

There’s a virus threatening the health of America, all right.But it’s not new, not from a foreign country and it’s not the coronavirus.Th → Read More

Michael Reagan | The establishment strikes back

Everyone talks about the power of the Republican and Democrat party establishments. It’s real – just ask Bernie. He quickly found out how powerful the Democrat establishment is this week when Mayor… → Read More

Michael Reagan: Bernie couldn’t stop being Bernie

Everyone talks about the power of the Republican and Democrat party establishments.It’s real – just ask Bernie.He quickly found out how powerfu → Read More

Sick of the media hype

The coronavirus may yet live up to its media hype and become a true pandemic in the United States or elsewhere that kills hundreds of thousands. But as the stock market dropped a few thousand points this week on the Dow Jones, it’d be a nice public service if the media put the death toll of the coronavirus in the proper perspective. → Read More

Michael Reagan: Bloomberg tried his best and failed miserably

I never thought I’d feel sorry for a billionaire – a $60 billion billionaire.But watching Mike Bloomberg getting beat up in the Democrat debate → Read More

Poor Mike

I never thought I’d feel sorry for a billionaire – a $60 billion billionaire. But watching Mike Bloomberg getting beat up in the Democrat debate in Vegas Wednesday night was almost tragic. → Read More

Winners and losers

The only “news” made at the impeachment trial was Mitt Romney’s split vote on the two articles of impeachment. → Read More

A dangerous impeachment policy

Democrats have proved for the last three years now that they can spot a new impeachable crime in every other presidential tweet or executive order. → Read More

Michael Reagan: What lessons did we learn?

It doesn’t matter whether the impeachment trial of President Trump is already over or it drags on for months.Two-thirds of the U.S. Senate is never g → Read More

The new rules of impeachment

All those poor senators are allowed to drink is milk and water. The rest of us watching the hearings on TV are lucky. We can always get up and do a few Jello shots or drink some tequila to pass the time and ease the pain. → Read More

Another Democrat ‘bombshell’ bombs

The money for Ukraine was held up. It was not withheld. And it was sent by the OMB to Ukraine weeks before Congress’ deadline, which was the end of the fiscal year on Oct. 31. → Read More

Michael Reagan: Another Democrat ‘bombshell’ bombs

You’re excused if you didn’t hear about the latest impeachment “bombshell” that exploded in the media on Wednesday.Wednesday, after → Read More

Michael Reagan | Workers resist California’s newest bad law

I’d like to see everyone have a happy and prosperous New Year. But I’m afraid a lot of freelancers and independent contractors in California are going to have it tough in 2020. Thanks to Democrat l… → Read More

Michael Reagan: Democrats stuck in time warp

On Ukraine, Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!Making Sense By Michael ReaganHas Congress imposed a secret austerity plan? In the past, I remember every of → Read More