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Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Past articles by Michael:

Michael Reagan: Montana, where American still works

I’m a lucky American.Thanks to my wife Colleen’s job as a travel agent, in the last two weeks I’ve been to Europe and back.I was able to → Read More

Michael Reagan:

Lots of perplexed Americans are asking the question, “How did we get here?”They ask how is it that a rich, powerful and generally happy country → Read More

Michael Reagan: Trump 2024 is too risky for Republicans

Donald Trump is out there speaking and drawing fired-up crowds in places like Illinois.It’s obvious that he’s still the most popular figure and → Read More

Michael Reagan: The dishonesty of the gun-control mob

It’s so predictable, maybe we should start calling it “Gun Control Day.” Like the movie “Groundhog Day,” it happens again and → Read More

Michael Reagan: After Roe, there’s no time to party

It’s been a fabulous week for conservatives, Republicans and millions of ordinary Americans.I cheered all of the Supreme Court’s recent blockbu → Read More

Michael Reagan: The sad descent of Disney

I cry to see what’s happened to Disney.When I was growing up – and until not that long ago – you knew you could trust Disney to make ente → Read More

Michael Reagan: Good news from Texas

McAllen, Texas, woke up this week.After 150-some years of electing only Democrats, a predominantly Latino congressional district in the Rio Grande Valley s → Read More

Michael Reagan: Democrats put on a gun show

Matthew McConaughey was the star of this week’s gun drama in Washington.Two weeks after the slaughter of 19 school children in his hometown of Uvalde → Read More

Michael Reagan: Stopping future school shootings starts at home

Why is it that whenever we dig into the details of a mass shooting, we wind up finding nothing but screw-ups?Police, schools, mental health officials, pare → Read More

Michael Reagan: Biden is color blind on shootings

On and on it goes.Another lone wacko, a white 18-year-old, went on a well-planned killing spree in a supermarket in a Black neighborhood of Buffalo.It was → Read More

Michael Reagan: The great baby formula shortage of 2022

That’s the big news story of the week.In the richest country in the world, new mothers are not able to find baby formula or are having to stand in li → Read More

Michael Reagan: Thank God I was adopted, not aborted

Forget inflation, forget Ukraine, forget the crashing stock market.Thanks to a troublemaking leak by some jerk inside the U.S. Supreme Court, abortion is d → Read More

Michael Reagan: Beware the control freaks, Mr. Musk

Should I be offended by the fact I never got kicked off Old Twitter?Its wokesters-in-charge must have missed some of the mean things I tweeted about Dr. Fa → Read More

Michael Reagan: Masking the truths

A friend of mine from back east once told me what he said was wrong with the country.“Readers are leaders,” he said. “Unfortunately, our → Read More

Michael Reagan: History repeats itself, unfortunately

Forty years ago we had a soaring inflation rate, obscene gas prices and interest rates in the teens.Today, thanks to their incredible incompetence, bad pol → Read More

Michael Reagan: The pitch for enjoying Opening Day

It was a great day for America – or at least it should be.Thursday, April 7 was Major League Baseball’s Opening Day.From Los Angeles to St. Lou → Read More

Michael Reagan: Boo hoo for Hollywood

What happened the other night at the Academy Awards show really saddened me.After all, I’m a child of Hollywood as much as I am a child of politics.M → Read More

Michael Reagan: Make America better again

Already I’ve had it.I’ve been back home for just a weekend, but I’m ready to get back on that cruise ship and get away from America the A → Read More

Michael Reagan: The Reagan of Ukraine

Volodynyr Zelenskyy has made quite a quick and dramatic transition.In less than six years he’s gone from a comedian and TV actor to politician to pre → Read More

Michael Reagan: President Biden’s nothing address

Last week we wondered what President Biden was going to say in his first State of the Union address that was new, upbeat or important.Unfortunately, this w → Read More