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Past articles by Tim:

Nine psychological tricks to quietly make more money

Making money comes from how you think. Some people see daily raging fires and endless problems that can never be solved. Successful people see problems that lead to opportunity. I’ve spent almost eight years studying the second category. The popular finance book “Money Master The Game” features interviews from investing greats such as Warren Buffett, John Bogle, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, and… → Read More

A 3-minute hack for focus you've probably never heard of

We all want to up our focus game — but how? Use this 3-minute hack for improving focus, that you've probably never heard of, today. → Read More

Life advice inspired by a COVID-19 patient, in a 3-minute read

You could be sitting next to someone today at work and take them for granted, and then tomorrow they could be gone. You could be gone too. → Read More

12 things that are just not worth your time

Do you ever wonder what things might be taking up your time? These 12 might be the things you shouldn't waste your valuable time doing. → Read More

13 habits to practice in this uncertain time

During uncertain times, it can be hard to see the postive and take care of yourself. But especially now, adopt these 13 habits to better yourself. → Read More

You can make a difference in a pandemic — even if you’re not an emergency worker

If you're not an emergency worker, it can feel like you can't make a difference in a pandemic. But you can! Everyone has something to offer. → Read More

Complacency is a silent killer in a pandemic

Do you find yourself in a state of complacency? We've learned that complacency is a silent killer, especially in a pandemic. Read more, here. → Read More

An HR person declined me with a swear word and it changed my life

When I shared the lesson from this experience on LinkedIn, people were shocked. They didn’t believe a person working in HR could be so harsh. → Read More

What life after this pandemic could look like

Life feels pretty strange right now for many people — but what will life look like after this pandemic ends? Learn more, here. → Read More

These 3 rare questions will completely change your thinking

Rare questions help to change your thinking even if they don’t have any answer, or go against science or the power of the human mind. → Read More

An introvert's simplistic guide to career progression and pay raises

Rejection can be an awkward challenge for an introvert to deal with. The tendency is to shut down or hideaway when it happens. → Read More

Lessons learned from the 2008 recession that will help you fight the next one

2008 was a strange time in my life. Apart from being in my 20s and acting like an insecure, pretentious little so & so, a business I part-owned went through a recession. I’d never experienced this before and markets had only ever gone up since I was in Mickey Mouse diapers back in the 80s. What does it feel like when the stock market crashes? Well in 2008, I found out. It started on a Monday… → Read More

6 psychological reframes for a better, sharper, more powerful mindset

Looking to make a positive change in your mindset? Check out these 6 psychological reframes for a better, sharper ad more powerful mindset. → Read More

The uncommon behaviors of a great leader you'll never forget

A great leader fights for you in secret. They don’t always tell you and often you hear about it from another colleague. They help you in secret. → Read More

Dealing with intense fear during times of uncertainty

No one is immune to fear. There is no vaccine other than a game of MarioKart (unless princesses and go-karts give you nightmares). → Read More

Simon Sinek says that this approach in business wins every time

This typical approach ignores patience. For humans to solve difficult business problems, you have to be patient. Without patience, you miss the point. → Read More

How to stop giving a damn about other people's opinions

Screw all the opinions. If you’re doing your best and people are still hurling opinions at you down the path that leads directly to your ego, it’s okay. → Read More

This is why keeping zero dollars in your savings account helps you

My simple rule is this: you have to show me your investment portfolio and have been investing through one recession for me to listen to your advice. → Read More

You're not lost — You're just too early in the process

The end result might change but the process will get you there. You might aim to be a business owner and end up becoming so much more than that. → Read More

How to quit your job effectively

Quitting your job can be a sense of freedom. It can produce a gorgeous sense of peace. All of that peace is lost when you react negatively on your way out. → Read More