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Past articles by Eleanor:

This SCOTUS Loophole Is a Conflict of Interest Nightmare

It is up to individual justices to rule on their personal interests but claims that Justice Alito gave conservative donors a heads-up on decisions shows that system is not working. → Read More

The Dr. Oz and John Fetterman Debate Was All About Americans’ Fears

The Pennsylvania U.S. Senate hopefuls were microcosms of their parties. Republicans say they’ll defend Americans from the bad guys, Democrats say they’ll protect them from poverty. → Read More

What the Jan. 6 Committee Needs to Ask in the Big Finale

The committee has made the case that Trump activated his far-right foot soldiers to attack the Capitol. Here’s what it needs to do to seal the deal. → Read More

The Jan. 6 Panel Put the Pieces Together and the Picture Is Ugly

Whether or not it moves the political needle, this was a clear, damning account of what happened on that dark day, and Trump’s role in it. → Read More

Why a Federal Ban on Menthols Is a Minefield for Biden

The FDA’s proposed menthol ban can save Black lives. But critics say this will only lead to greater criminalization of Black communities. → Read More

Susan Collins Told American Women to Trust Her to Protect Roe. She Lied.

A constitutional right that has been in place for 50 years is about to be shattered on the wing of a promise to her that predictably turned out to be a lie. → Read More

GOP Surges Amid Exodus of Women Democrats From Congress

Eleven Democratic women are retiring from the House. Meanwhile, female Republicans are ascendant in the GOP. → Read More

Here’s How the GOP Can Move Beyond Trumpism

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu did what so many Republicans claim privately they’d like to do—he publicly mocked Trump. → Read More

There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Small’ Nuclear Strike. If Putin Uses a Tactical Nuke, It’s World War III.

The deployment of nuclear weapons, however “small,” means untold death and destruction. → Read More

Democrats Need a Better Message Than ‘Putin’s Gas Hike’ to Beat Back GOP Lies

Polls show Americans overwhelmingly support paying more at the gas pump if it means banning Russian oil imports. But for how long? → Read More

Rashida Tlaib’s State of the Union Response to Biden Is a Gift to the GOP

The Squad doesn’t seem to understand that they are Democrats first, and that without party unity, Republicans will run Congress. → Read More

How the QAnon Crazies Went From Comet Pizza to the National Butterfly Center

The lunatic MAGA fringe that brought you Pizzagate and the Big Lie has moved on to an unhinged conspiracy theory about the National Butterfly Center. → Read More

Harry Reid, the Dems’ Bare-Knuckle Brawler as Senate Majority Leader, Dies at 82

Reid, the former Senate majority leader who pushed through Obamacare without a single GOP vote, was Nevada’s longest-serving member of Congress. → Read More

The One Issue Where Biden’s Satisfying Progressives

It remains to be seen if Republicans will work with Democrats next year, and if Democrats will keep control of the Senate and the judicial nomination process after that. → Read More

Senator, Veteran, Presidential Candidate Bob Dole Dies at 98

He had a reputation for being a brooding budget slasher. But to his friends in the Senate, Bob Dole was kind, wise, and bipartisan. → Read More

Colin Powell, Who Won First Gulf War and Was Humbled by the Second, Dead at 84

He was the first Black American at the pinnacle of U.S. military and national-security power. And he was also the one who lost the most—for his selling of the Iraq War to the UN. → Read More

Fiona Hill Doesn’t Think the Russians Had Anything on Trump

But the daughter of a British coal miner does think the son of a Queens real estate developer had a bad case of “autocrat envy.” → Read More

Idaho COVID Insanity Shows How Much Worse the GOP Can Get

The slightest hint of responsibility is enough to draw primary challenges in the party’s ever-accelerating race to the bottom. → Read More

‘Court-Packing’ Doesn’t Seem So Radical After TX Abortion Law

Democrats are coming around to the idea of adding four more justices—in part to correct for Trump’s two “extra” picks. → Read More

Florida’s Death Toll Now Exceeds DeSantis’ Margin of Victory

The base still buys his act, but other Floridians appear to have their doubts as the Delta variant spreads and hospitalizations are soaring. → Read More