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Past articles by Tatiana:

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I Love You Because I Can’t Have All Of You

If every time I called, you answered, you’d silence the sweet dizzy of your uncertain hello. → Read More

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Gold rolling papers. Duh. → Read More

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‘I’m So Hammered Right Now’ And 9 Other Ways No College Guy Should Ever Start A Conversation With A Woman

You drank 32 beers tonight and have boot ’n rallied twice already……and my panties haven’t already dropped for u??! CHRIST, WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? → Read More

13 Things Every Senior In College Is Too Damn Old For

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23 Signs You Have Absolutely Zero School Spirit

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All of them wanted sex. None of them wanted me. → Read More

Read This If You’re Hopelessly Attracted To The Guy Who Treats You Like Shit

Doesn’t our beloved hookup trope revolve around the idea that girls are only interested in guys who treat them like shit? That the moment a dude considers a woman a human being capable of feeling, ... → Read More

Here’s Why The Person You Love Should Never Complete You

Love doesn’t mean fixing. Or making whole. Or finishing one another’s sentences because you’re the peanut butter to his jelly. → Read More

The Fate Of Every Commitment Phobic College Guy

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19 Ways Anyone Born After 1990 Is Totally Unprepared For The Real World

We legit do not know how to write a check. (No, guys, we can’t “just venmo" our landlord this month’s rent...) → Read More

Read This If You’re Struggling To Love Your Body

My insides turn as I stuff them with whatever I can find: cookies I don’t like, dry pasta, days-old rice. The food’s not feeding my hunger; I’m not hungry, and I haven’t been for an hour. But I can... → Read More