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Past articles by Mark:

Why Does Trump Like Communist Vietnam? Because It’s Capitalist.

Trump wants North Korea to become a member of the global neoliberal community, just like Vietnam. → Read More

What Liberals Have Gotten Wrong About Main Street USA

Democrats should take voters’ concerns seriously rather than blowing them off, says Thomas Frank. → Read More

“Rad Girls Can”: A Book That Refuses to Sugarcoat History

A counternarrative to white supremacy and misogyny for the young reader. → Read More

Attacking Income Inequality by Limiting Wealth

Redistribution is not enough; we need an economy that generates less inequality in the first place. → Read More

Donald Trump Uses Right-Wing Populism to Unite Divergent Groups

Trump himself is not a far rightist but he has used anti-elitism to mobilize the various right wingers. → Read More

Puerto Ricans Battle Disaster Capitalism to Achieve Self-Determination

Naomi Klein's "Battle for Paradise" details Puerto Ricans' fight for ownership of their water, land and energy. → Read More

A Continuous Thread Runs Through US History: Hucksterism

Trump is really an apotheosis of the American fantasy-industrial complex. → Read More

Henry A. Giroux: The Nightmare of Neoliberal Fascism

It's time we recognized that capitalism is not democracy. → Read More

Noam Chomsky's Political Analysis Comes to Life in Graphic Novel

A new graphic novel explores the linguist and political philosopher's ideas of creating spaces of resistance. → Read More

The United States Is a Force for Chaos Across the Planet

The US's endless war has resulted in endless failures. → Read More

A CIA Coup Set the Stage for the Conflict With Iran

Here's how the US helped destroy democracy in Iran. → Read More

"Making America Great Again" Assumes That It Once Was

The US is exceptional in believing it is exceptional. → Read More

By Rigging the Cost of Money, Central Banks Contributed to Inequality

Nomi Prins discusses solutions to the financial threat we face. → Read More

"Freedom" and "Liberty" Were Only for Whites in Settler Colonialism

Modern capitalism was built on colonial slavery. → Read More

List-Making as Resistance: Chronicling a Year of Damage Under Trump

A catalog of the real damage done behind the tweets. → Read More

Democracy Should Not Be Suppressed by Tear Gas

How a weapon of war got approved for police use. → Read More

Fascism Depends Upon a Belief in Human Inequality

Fascism can only be stopped by mass opposition at every step. → Read More

Chronicling the Struggles of Migrant Agricultural Workers, in Words and Pictures

The brutality of low wages affects us all as a society. → Read More

Trump Sticks to Friendly Confines of Fox News, Shuts Out Other Media

Trump knows the value of Fox News in keeping his base motivated and in line. → Read More

Global Capitalism Is the New Colonialism for Workers, and They Are Resisting

If capital can go global, so can labor organizing. → Read More