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Past articles by Mike:

Mighty bison charge this poor Yellowstone tourist's car

Life in Yellowstone National Park is shared with the wildlife that have made the setting their home long before humans ever set foot upon it. There's no getting around that. Not even if you... → Read More

World's most apathetic cat knocks over objects just because he can

YouTube user Jennifer Morales' cat, whom she lovingly refers to as → Read More

If you laugh at your dog slipping on ice, you might end up like this man

YouTube user Dan Chamberlain got a harsh lesson in karma one recent morning while taking his dog for a walk.Recent snowstorms and freezing temperatures have left a good chunk of the nor... → Read More

This German shepherd may be Maroon 5's biggest fan

Maroon 5 has been a strong part of the music scene for quite a while now, and as a result, they've amassed millions of fans. However, it appears to have taken until 2015 for the band to gai... → Read More

Skydivers just barely miss colliding with airplane

When you go skydiving, usually the only thing that you have to worry about as you hurtle toward the earth is when, precisely, to pull your parachute cord. As one very lucky—albeit terrified—sky... → Read More

McDonald's employee's epic rant captured on video by stunned customer

Employees and customers alike at a Minnesota McDonald's suddenly found themselves in the middle of a soon-to-be-ex-employee's destructive freakout.In the video below, an unidentified employ... → Read More

Man's birthday present to girlfriend is a horror movie trailer parodying a tough choice

YouTube user Patrick Maloney wanted a unique way to celebrate his girlfriend Natasha's birthday. He decided against the traditional routes of cake, flowers, or a romantic dinner.Instead, he mad... → Read More

Train cuts through giant snowfall like a hot knife through butter

Winter 2015 has been particularly harsh to the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. But no matter how much snow blanketed the ground from recent weather activity, it'... → Read More

Women's reactions to Playboy say a lot about the modern glorification of sex

It's no secret that Playboy has always been geared toward a male audience. So what happens when women—real women, mind you—take a peek at Hugh Hefner's handiwork?BuzzFeedVideo decided ... → Read More

Science explains what dogs 'see' when they're sniffing around

Anyone who has ever been around dogs for more than a nanosecond knows that they are veteran sniffers. They stick their wet snouts in everything, from patches of grass to, of course, your pe... → Read More

Jimmy Kimmel had people at a farmer's market test his silly new juice blend

This is a pretty sweet spoof. → Read More

Longtime news anchor announces his ALS diagnosis and retires on-air

For close to 40 years, Larry Stogner delivered the evening news to the people of Raleigh, N.C., on WTVD-11, the area's ABC affiliate. → Read More

9 things you could buy with the money the Koch Brothers plan to spend in the 2016 election

Charles and David Koch, everyone's favorite rich, conservative duo to hate, have made no secret of their plans to purchase something far more powerful than Koch Industries: the U.S. government.Yes,... → Read More

Dog saves cat with Solo cup stuck on its head

If you think dogs and cats don't get along, watch this heartwarming video from Russia and think again.It seems that one cat's curiosity got the best of him—as is wont to happen with ou... → Read More

These guys demonstrate a nearly inescapable way to get stuck to a lamppost

This is an excellent way to lose friends. → Read More

Woman eats 9 pounds of steak in less than 20 minutes

When you sit down to a nice, thick, juicy steak, chances are you'll want to enjoy every bite of it. Additionally, chances are that your steak will not outweigh a newborn baby.That's not how com... → Read More

Meet the man filming your death scenes in Call of Duty

Whenever you're killed in Call of Duty (and, if you have my skills, that is rather often), you quickly become acquainted with the → Read More

World's best multitasker runs on the treadmill while playing the drums

Most people like to listen to music while they work out, but one man took this concept to the next level by making music while running on a treadmill.As he jogs at a brisk pace, the ma... → Read More

It's not so easy to use an electric skateboard

No skill? No problem! → Read More

This is why Link from The Legend of Zelda could never fly on a plane

The fantasy realm of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda had all sorts of magical wonder: powerful wizards, mysterious potions, angry chickens, you name it. One marvel that it seemed to lack, howev... → Read More