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Why a Bath Beer Is the New Shower Beer

There's a self-care routine for stressful times that isn't "writing down what you're grateful for." It's called a bath beer. Here's how to enjoy one. → Read More

Here's Why You're Having 'COVID-Cravings' for Weird Foods

If you've had strange cravings for certain foods during the coronavirus COVID-19, you're not alone. A professor of neuroscience explains what's happening. → Read More

Sunlight and Hot Temperatures Do Not Prevent the Coronavirus

Disinformation is spreading that that sunlight and heat may have the ability to prevent the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Here's what the experts say. → Read More

4 Coronavirus Myths People Are Spreading About Ordering Takeout

A public health expert explains the truth about four myths regarding COVID-19 and to-go food, including order hot food, reheating food, and handling wrappers. → Read More

This Protein-Packed Stew Is the Comfort Food Recipe You Need Now

This easy-to-make meal contains 38 grams of protein per serving. That'll help you gain and retain muscle—and the flavors will make you satisfied and happy. → Read More

The 5 Best Podcasts, According to Podcasters

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5 Easy Ways to Make Canned Soup Taste Amazing

Transform a dusty pantry item into a satisfying meal. These are five incredibly simple ways to make canned soup taste better and more nutritious. → Read More

Mushroom Supplements Will Not Prevent or Cure the Coronavirus

Supplement companies are marketing magic mushroom extracts and powders for immunity boosting during the coronavirus. Here's the science behind the claims. → Read More

This Guy Went From Star Linebacker to Homeless. Now He's Helping Others.

"I used all that I'd gone through to start putting my new purpose to work," says Derrick Malone, Jr., a former star linebacker for the University of Oregon. → Read More

10 Healthy, Tasty and Filling Breakfast Recipes to Master This Week

Mastering the art of making a healthy, filling and easy breakfast is no easy task. After a night of questionable sleep, a few snoozed alarms and a subsequent rush out the door, preparing a satiating dish at daybreak can feel like one task too many. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Sure, you could down a mug of buttery coffee, hoping it’ll make you “bulletproof” – or begin the day feeling… → Read More

How to Grow, Store, and Eat Fresh Basil

Here's your beginner's guide to everyone's favorite herb, which is easy to cultivate regardless of the space you have. Plus, how to preserve and cook it. → Read More

This Is How You Reheat Rice So It Actually Tastes Good

There's one right way to reheat leftover rice so that it tastes not only good, but great. This method uses a little science and three simple steps. → Read More

10 Healthy, Filling Lunches That Will See You Through 'Lockdown'

Slay your hunger and finally eliminate that mid-afternoon grazing habit of yours → Read More

Smart People Use Meat Thermometers

An instant-read meat thermometer is not the flashiest tool that you have in your kitchen, but it is definitely an essential for preventing foodborne illnesses. → Read More