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The Sydney Morning Herald

Goleta, CA, United States

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Past articles by Will:

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The Battle Over Facebook’s Top 10 List

What kind of news does the news feed feed when the news feed does feed news? → Read More

The Key Questions That Will Decide Whether Google Is a Monopoly

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How “Breaking Up” Apple and Amazon Might Actually Work

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The Man Who Rallied India Against Facebook Worries Digital Nationalism Has Gone Too Far

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Why Australia Is Making Facebook and Google Pay the Media

With news outlets in crisis, some countries are turning to Big Tech to save them. That’s trickier than it sounds. → Read More

Instagram Turned a User’s Tweet Into a Feature Overnight

At 8:09 on Wednesday evening, Musa Tariq of San Francisco tweeted at Instagram with an idea for a product tweak. Platforms as big as Instagram get unsolicited feature requests all the time, from all… → Read More

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage

It isn’t really about hoarding. And there isn’t an easy fix. → Read More

The Simplest Way to Spot Coronavirus Misinformation on Social Media

If you were on Twitter Monday, there’s a solid chance you ran across the tweet below, imploring readers not to use hand sanitizer to guard against the coronavirus. In less than a day, it was… → Read More

Why Tech Journalists Took Off Their Rose-Colored Glasses

Why technology reporters are going harder on big tech companies. → Read More

The Best Reason for Your City to Ban Facial Recognition

The technology isn’t ready. Society isn’t ready. And the law isn’t ready. → Read More

Why Big Tech Companies Are Suddenly Trying to Save Local News

The bull is returning to fix the china shop. → Read More

The Strange Story of the Most-Shared Story on Facebook in 2019

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Drivers Say Uber and Lyft Are Cutting Their Pay Ahead of the Companies’ Multibillion-Dollar IPOs

States across the country are passing laws on the employment status of gig workers. → Read More

Apple Wants to Sell You the News. And TV. And Games. And

Forget selling iPhones. Apple wants to be the middleman for everything you buy. → Read More

Facebook Live Gave the New Zealand Shooter a Stage

The main suspect in the New Zealand shooting appears to come from some of the most hateful corners of the internet. → Read More

Apple’s New AirPods Are the Future, Like It or Not

Not because they're revolutionary, but because they just work—and young people love them. → Read More