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Recent articles by Kevin:

Former Watergate prosecutor has déjà vu watching Trump-Ukraine hearings

“People have asked me: ‘How does this compare with Watergate?’” he said, “and I have been quite explicit in stating that what Watergate involved pales in comparison to what the investigations of President Trump’s conduct have revealed.” → Read More

Was there a coup in Bolivia? After Evo Morales, what’s next?

Was Mr. Morales’s departure from La Paz the result of a coup? Or was the president’s removal the result of a more or less defensible process? → Read More

A priest is killed as ISIS revives in Syria, and deadly protests continue in Iraq

Armed groups affiliated with ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, celebrating erroneously in a statement the killing of “two priests.” → Read More

Armenian genocide and religious persecution draw U.S. attention as Syrian refugees arrive in Iraq

This is only the latest wave of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people from Iraq to seek safety in Iraqi-Kurdistan, which already hosts 38 camps. So far 12,000 Syrian civilians have taken refuge across the border. → Read More

Best place to be a woman? Look to Scandinavia

The good news is that “trends in women’s empowerment are heading in the right direction globally. Some 59 countries recorded significant progress since the first edition while only one country (Yemen) experienced major deterioration.” → Read More

Only in New York, a fight over a statue of Mother Cabrini

Noting that Mother Cabrini was the first U.S. citizen to be canonized by the Catholic Church, Gov. Cuomo added, in perhaps a dig at political rival New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, “She is certainly deserving of a statue.” → Read More

Trump administration at odds with Catholic leaders on immigration policies

The U.S.C.C.B. and Jesuit leaders have renewed their criticism of the Trump administration's treatment of migrants. → Read More

Pope Francis shined a light on the hopes and challenges in Madagascar, Catholic Relief Services says

The ecological restoration work here is locked in a race against deforestation as hard-pressed Malagasy turn to the forests to make charcoal, build homes or clear the forest for subsistence food production. → Read More

Nassau’s archbishop pleads for help as Hurricane Dorian recovery begins in the Bahamas

“Infrastructure has been severely damaged, as have institutions and businesses,” Archbishop Pinder said. Though the official death count was 30 on Sept. 6, “we are assured the death toll is bound to increase.” → Read More

Five years ago ISIS tried to wipe out the Yazidis. Have we forgotten them?

At Sharya camp, near Duhok in northern Iraq, Yazidi survivors plot the return of as many as 3,000 loved ones who are still held captive and seek answers on the fate of nearly 7,000 others who are missing. Among the survivors here is Layla Taalo, a young mother of two who has lived in Sharya since 2017, when she was recovered from Raqqa, Syria, where she was enslaved by ISIS. On Aug. 3, 2014, she… → Read More

After the Gilroy shooting, a former army chaplain responds to a community in mourning

The irony of finding himself at a mass shooting event on his home soil after his military career had ended is not lost on Father Hendrickson. “I left the service in 2012, and I thought I was done with that kind of stuff; I thought that was the end of that.” → Read More

Is reform possible in Puerto Rico after street protests drive governor out of office?

“The emphasis of the activists on the ground,” Rolando Lopez said, “is that the governor resigning is not the last step. This really is about a more general critique of the economy of Puerto Rico.” → Read More

Catholic leaders decry Barr’s decision to revive federal death penalty

After a nearly two-decade lapse in federal executions, the move, according to a Department of Justice statement to the press, brings “justice to victims of the most horrific crimes.” → Read More

U.S. bishops condemn Trump’s newest asylum policy

“It is contrary to American and Christian values to attempt to prevent people from migrating here when they are fleeing to save their lives and to find safety for their families,” Cardinal DiNardo said. → Read More

Rumored ICE deportation raids deplored by immigrant advocates

The raids target individuals whose immigration cases were fast-tracked by judges in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and other major U.S. cities with significant immigrant populations. → Read More

Changing state abortion laws show a nation divided. What does this mean for Roe v. Wade?

While the sudden rush of limiting legislation has cheered many advocates within the prolife community, some worry that the rush to ban or restrict abortion could backfire. → Read More

Mexican bishops: Our migrant brothers are not a bargaining chip.

“Deploying 6,000 National Guard troops on the southern border is not a root solution that addresses the true causes of the migration phenomenon,” Mexico's bishops wrote. “The fight against poverty and inequality in Mexico and Central America seems to be replaced by fear of the other, our brother.” → Read More

Joe Biden’s support for the Hyde Amendment shows Democrats still at odds over abortion

The campaign said Mr. Biden supports ending the Mexico City rule but backs the Hyde Amendment—for now. → Read More

U.S. health care is in crisis. Here’s how the Catholic Church continues to reach the marginalized.

Income is perhaps the unifying indicator of health care in crisis across all the margins of America—a reliable predictor of poor health outcomes from inadequate treatment for common illnesses—leading to the final measure of all: substantially lower life expectancy. → Read More

Is the U.S. prepping for a war in the Middle East with Iran?

This month the increasingly bellicose rhetoric and actions emerging from the Trump administration under the guidance of Mr. Bolton have meant a sudden surge of alarm in the region. Will it mean another war in the Middle East? → Read More