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Past articles by Hannah:

A massive new study confirms vaccinated people are still at risk of long COVID

People who were vaccinated but had breakthrough infections had a lower risk of long COVID by about 15 percent, a large study found. → Read More

Forecasters predict an abnormally high number of storms for this hurricane season—again

The eastern US coast will see up to 21 named storms this year, according to a new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report. → Read More

Demo-crow-cy: Jackdaws leave the roost by voting

The birds use a behavior scientists call 'consensus decision-making' to swiftly take flight in vast flocks. → Read More

Greenhouse gases, sea level rise, and ocean acidification all broke records in 2021

In 2021, global sea levels rose to the highest they’ve been in modern history, one of several record signs of climate change. → Read More

Children 5 to 11 can now get COVID boosters

Any child 5 to 11 who finished their primary vaccination series at least five months ago can get their COVID booster, the FDA says. → Read More

What the FDA is doing about the US baby formula shortage

To get more formula back on shelves, the FDA is working with a domestic manufacturer and making it easier for importers. → Read More

Researchers just woke up the eyeballs of dead donors and that's good, actually

The research team restored electrical pulses to cells in the region of the human eye called the macula, a scientific first. → Read More

A viral descendent of the deadly 1918 flu is probably still going around

A rare set of human lung tissue specimens allowed experts to complete the genome of the flu virus from early in the 1918 pandemic. → Read More

Why NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter briefly went dark on Mars

Dust coated Ingenuity's solar arrays, preventing the Martian helicopter from fully recharging its batteries. → Read More

First-of-a-kind study shows encouraging data for trans kids who socially transition

Ninety-four percent of participants in a new study stood firm in their trans identity after five years, and "detransitioning" is rare. → Read More

Southeast Asia’s months-long heat wave is untenable for human health

In India, unusually high temperatures have brought an early start to summer, stressing residents, businesses, and energy suppliers. → Read More

We still don't know what's behind the global hepatitis outbreak in kids

Jaundice, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, in addition to liver inflammation, are among commonly reported symptoms of this hepatitis. → Read More

The biggest myth about dog breeds

We match personalities and behaviors to different dog breeds, but science says that's a myth. → Read More

New water restrictions in California show just how bad the Western drought is

California just experienced the driest January, February, and March on record—months when the state typically gets the most water. → Read More

CDC estimates 58 percent of Americans have been infected with COVID so far

A new CDC report estimates 58 percent of the US population has antibodies that resulted from exposure to the coronavirus. → Read More

Astronomers just caught a ‘micronova’—a small but mighty star explosion

Astronomers have only seen three such eruptions, all on the surface of white dwarf stars. The events are shorter and dimmer than most novae. → Read More

The first US trial to release GMO mosquitoes just ended. Here’s how it went.

Researchers wanted to see whether the modified mosquitoes would successfully mate with local insects to reduce the wild population. → Read More

A judge threw out the US travel mask mandate. What’s next?

The Transportation Security Administration won't enforce wearing masks, though local and state authorities may require face coverings. → Read More

A single HPV vaccine dose can protect against cervical cancer

An effective single-dose schedule could help countries vaccinate more of their populations of women against HPV. → Read More

The biggest comet ever found is cruising through our solar system’s far reaches

It is 80 miles in diameter and has an estimated mass of 500 trillion tons, much greater than typical comets in our solar system. → Read More