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Past articles by Jacob:

My Boyfriend Reviewing A Bowl Of Ramen:

Flickr / Jolene 7:41pm I’m debating ramen again Is that self care Jacob I need to KNOW ordering I’ve had two places Need to try a third 8:19pm Omg delicious Babe This isn’t the hottest broth The second place was piping hot This is better than the first time though I don’t like paper bowls Their potstickers aren’t as good as the last place 8:23pm the plastic spoon they provided is good. it’s a… → Read More

I’ve Spent The Whole Damn Week Trying To Keep My New Superstars Clean

I had been very slow to accept the reality that my tattered black gym shoes weren’t cutting it anymore. → Read More

Is Any Of This Relatable?

Please tell me. → Read More

A Brief History Of My Writing

“If you can write well about one thing, that’s great!” → Read More

How To Become An Apologist For Violence

This isn’t violence. What they are doing is violence. They are the violence. Didn’t you hear what they said last week? Didn’t you see the video that went viral last week? → Read More

Stop Using My Religion To Discriminate Against Me

The same pharisees and charlatans who couldn’t stand Jesus’ message of love and compassion are the ones today trying to convince us that we should focus more on hating people for their … → Read More

These Chilling Text Messages Show Exactly What It’s Like To Be In An Abusive Relationship

“I just wanted to share for possibly some closure since I never really got that.” → Read More

16 Haunting Two-Sentence Horror Stories That You Shouldn’t Read Before Bed

“Three cheers for Santa Claus, and all the good children who believe. ‘Makes this so much easier,’ He chuckled, the bells on the trusting little girl’s shoes jingling as he … → Read More

25 Blood-Chilling Facts About The ‘Axeman Of New Orleans’ That’ll Make You Scream

What was the axeman’s beef with Italian grocers?? → Read More

14 Stupidly Scary True Stories Posted On The Internet

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Here’s Everything Donald Trump Has Done To Screw The Middle Class

From this point on, nobody should begrudge anyone who voted for Donald Trump. We should, however, begrudge anyone who insists on continuing to walk around with their eyes and ears covered as Presid… → Read More

Amy Schumer Made This Defiant Instagram Post Blaming Alt Right Trolls For ‘Sabotaging’ Her

Apparently the trolls don’t have much else to do with their lives, because they spent the past few weeks giving Shumer’s new hour-long stand-up special bad reviews on Netflix. → Read More

This Is Why Strong Women Fall Harder Than Everyone Else

We love deeply, we love fully – because there’s not one aspect of our life that we half-ass. → Read More

This Couple Decided To Prank Their Friends By Faking A Brutal Murder, But They’re Both Arrested For Real Now

This probably won’t end well. → Read More

When You’re Haunted By The Ghost Of Them

You remembered him like it was serenity. You stop in your tracks, gaze at the sky, smiling as you begin to close your eyes; then you breathe — like it was your first. → Read More

Why ‘Picture Perfect’ Is Ruining Your Chances At Happiness

We want to be special, we want our body to be one-of-a-kind, our love life to be epic and, of course, we want others to see it. If it is not on social media, it doesn’t exist. → Read More

7 Reasons Why The Dating System Is Broken And How To Navigate The Shit-Show

Good luck out there. → Read More

What It Means To Have High-Functioning Anxiety, Because It Isn’t Just Feeling ‘Stressed Sometimes’

Anxiety comes in many different forms. For me, it has been a struggle throughout my entire life. I had been experiencing symptoms before I even knew what to call it. → Read More

Here’s The 51 Creepiest Mysteries That Remain Unsolved To This Very Day

At around 2am, after around 47 minutes on the phone, Brandon yelled “OH SHIT” and the phone hung up. That was the last anyone ever heard from him. → Read More

This Police Department Has The Most Hilarious Twitter Game Ever And You Won’t Stop Laughing

I never thought police could be this funny. → Read More