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Past articles by Stephen:

Madam Speaker, no more delay on US-Mexico-Canada free trade deal

Both parties could take political credit for the major victory of passing this bill. → Read More

America Is The Real Climate Hero: Natural Gas Has Helped Reduce US Emissions More Than Many Paris Signatories

Shale gas is replacing coal and other inefficient energy sources, and helping the U.S. beat many Paris signatories in emissions reductions. → Read More

MOORE: The Only Reason For Recession? The Prospect Of Trump Ever Leaving Office

All that could end the boom time is the prospect of a President Warren, Sanders, Biden or Harris → Read More

Americans are $10 trillion better off thanks to rising stocks under Trump

Why are critics of the president in denial that a wealthier nation bodes well for workers and families? → Read More

MOORE: Congress Should Think Twice About Importing Drug Prices

Almost all Americans want to see lower prices for prescription drugs. Americans don’t deserve to be gouged when they need life-saving drugs. It’s also unfair that Americans often pay higher prices than customers in developed nations around the world. To solve these issues, too many in Congress want to impose state-mandated price controls. The research is clear that this would only inhibit the… → Read More

Time to capitalize on rare earth abundance in the United States

The Chinese government's recent threat to stop shipments of strategically vital minerals to the United States has exposed the dangerous folly of years of America's anti-mining policies. → Read More

Why free traders and all Americans should back Trump on China policy

I’m a free trader, and I hate tariffs — which are consumer taxes — but if ever there was a right time to impose punitive tariffs, it is now, and it is against China. → Read More

Stephen Moore: I've been right on Federal Reserve policy

The academic economists may not like my challenge to their limits to growth orthodoxy. → Read More

State Renewable Energy Mandates: A Regressive Green Tax on America’s Poor

The “green” activists’ war on conventional energy is accelerating, and, given that the Trump Administration is fully in favor of developing the nation’s vast storehouses of oil, natural gas, and coal, liberal environmental groups have taken their crusade to the states. This November, four states will vote on anti-conventional-fuel measures, and several more states—including California—are moving… → Read More

To win on White House budget, Trump must wield his veto pen

This is the most powerful tool the president has to ensure his spending cuts are set into motion. → Read More

Why Donald Trump (and just about everyone) is wrong on trade deficit

I used to warn Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign — only half-jokingly — that the only way he was going to get the merchandise trade deficit down was by creating a long, deep recession. → Read More

All the Pro-Trade Democrats Go Missing

Does anyone know where all those free trade Democrats went? → Read More

New York hates Amazon

Political demands overcame economic rewards as the business investment crumbled in the Empire State. → Read More

70 percent tax is total fantasy

Why do liberals applaud the calls to move toward socialism by the new Democrats? → Read More

Trump will win the China trade war

The stock market will soar if my prediction that the president wins this battle turns out to be the case. → Read More

The Trump Boom Is No Mere ‘Sugar High’

The tax cuts primed the productive economy for long-term growth, not a short-term buzz. → Read More

Another government report is dead wrong on fragile state of our planet

History will prove the latest report on climate change and media coverage of it to be too alarmist. → Read More

Moore: No, The Economy Isn’t Tanking, Stupid

If Nancy Pelosi and Fed chair Jerome Powell will just get out of the way, this boom can last another five years. → Read More

Green Energy Mandates Could Double Your Electric Bills

These mandates appear simply to be a multibillion-dollar corporate welfare giveaway to the solar and wind industries at the expense of ratepayers. → Read More

Best way to punish Saudi Arabia: Drill, baby, drill

Donald Trump's critics have wondered whether his slow response in condemning the Saudi Arabian government after the apparent killing of a Saudi journalist was that → Read More