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Traci Watson

National Geographic

Berkeley, CA, United States

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Past articles by Traci:

These Dogs Vote by Sneezing

The way African wild dogs seem to come to a consensus might make you say gesundheit. → Read More

Cannibal Sea Lion Kills and Eats Pup—Never Before Seen

The unprovoked attack on Russia's Medny Island baffled scientists. → Read More

Tiny Spiders Devour Lizards Three Times Their Size

It's the first time scientists have published observations of jumping spiders eating vertebrates. → Read More

This New Parrot Species Sounds Like a Hawk

A new study says the bright, noisy bird have escaped notice in Mexico's Yucatán forests—but parrot experts are skeptical. → Read More

'Dragon' Lizard Named for the 'Hobbit' Pummeled by Poachers

Humans are vanquishing the “sun gazer” lizard for the pet trade and traditional medicine. → Read More

Giraffe Assassin Bugs Catch Spiders by Dampening Web Vibrations

Scientists discover how hungry giraffe assassin bugs muffle their rampage through a web to grab the unwitting occupant. → Read More

Whales Mourn Their Dead, Just Like Us

Seven species of the marine mammals have been seen clinging to the dead body of a likely friend or relative, a new study says. → Read More

Neat Freak Rattlesnakes and Other Animals That Tidy Up

From birds that remove their babies' "dirty diapers" to crows that store their tools, nature is full of orderly species. → Read More

The World's Largest Whale Sharks Are Disappearing

Scientists are spotting fewer of the biggest whale sharks in global oceans, but no one is sure why. → Read More

Hotels Offer a Wide-Eyed Amenity: Lemurs

Resorts in Madagascar offer up lemurs—some critically endangered—for selfies and entertainment. → Read More

See the World’s Oldest Dress

A 5,000-year-old Egyptian garment provides a glimpse into the fashions of yester-yester-yesteryear. → Read More

This Bus-Size Whale Is Even More Unusual Than We Thought

Scientists are starting to piece together the secret life of the little-seen Omura's whale, which has a peculiar diet. → Read More

New Spider Species Found, Plays Peekaboo to Attract Mates

The newly discovered jumping spider Jotus remus of Australia is "the most amazing one I've seen," expert says. → Read More

Mystery Solved? How Sharks Find Their Way Home

The ability of sharks to navigate the vast and seemingly featureless ocean has been a mystery. A new study offers a tantalizing clue. → Read More

Pandas Have More Babies if They Can Pick Their Mates

The discovery may boost efforts to breed captive pandas, which are matched by their genetic compatibility, a new study says. → Read More

Wisdom the Albatross and Other Shockingly Old Moms

From killer whales to sea turtles, many animal mothers have kids well into their elder years. → Read More

Whales Die From Bizarre Cause: Fish Stuck in Blowhole

The long-finned pilot whales were far from home and eating unfamiliar food, a new study says. → Read More

To Cool Off, This Fish Leaves the Water

Researchers say the species reacts to warm water and lowers its body temperature quickly while on land. → Read More

To Cool Off, This Fish Leaves the Water

Researchers say the species reacts to warm water and lowers its body temperature quickly while on land. → Read More

People Without Electricity Don’t Get 8 Hours’ Sleep Either

A study of modern-day groups with a gadget-free lifestyle casts doubt on our notions of preindustrial snoozing. → Read More