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Past articles by TechWell:

Avoid Continuous Bugs by Focusing on Speed and Quality in DevOps

There is an old saying in testing: Automating a bad test only gives you bad results faster. The same thing applies to DevOps. Lots of DevOps initiatives focus on speed and frequency of deployment… → Read More

Should Company Size Change Your Software Testing Process?

There isn’t one perfect testing formula that works for each and every team. You need to understand your personnel, the type of application you’re putting together, your budget, and a medley of other… → Read More

Three Core DevOps Values Every Tester Should Know – TechWell –

With DevOps, modern software teams of all shapes and sizes are aiming to deliver a high-quality software production early and often. Shifting testing earlier into your development lifecycle and… → Read More

Where Do You Stand in the Debate over Testing versus Checking ?

Michael Bolton began talking about something he called “testing and checking” around 2009. Testing and checking is a riff on the work sociologist Harry Collins described in two books, Tacit and… → Read More

Simplify, Simplify: Small User Stories Best for Agile Success

As an agile coach, my work revolves around helping teams learn and improve. When I meet a team for the first time, they are frequently either preparing to undergo an agile transformation or, having… → Read More

How Automation will Affect Training and Tomorrow’s Jobs

Robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are thrilling — until the possibility arises that they could take your job. Could a computer pass the Turing test with your job description… → Read More

What Testers Can Contribute to Scrum Conversations – TechWell –

Scrum is one of the most popular ways for development groups to start down the agile road. The technical team meets every day and answers a few questions about what they were working on yesterday… → Read More

Quality Engineers and Specialist Skills — These Are the Future of Software Testing

I had the pleasure of participating in a testers leadership roundtable recently, and one of the questions posed was “What is the future of testing?” Now, I’ve been asked that question a few times in… → Read More

Should You Get Your Project Sponsor Involved? – TechWell –

One of your company’s projects is remodeling your own house. You decided to get that fancy kitchen you wanted. You detailed your requirements for Carlos and got cost and schedule estimates. Then you… → Read More

Why We Must Think Differently about the Future of Software Testing

We continue to see the doomsday narrative: “Testing as we know it today is dead. Humans will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future.” But AI is not here to replace human testers… → Read More

How to Overcome 3 Common Collaboration Problems when Transitioning to Agile

As teams move toward agile, there is pressure to deliver software more quickly and through collaboration among smaller cross-functional teams. This can be a big leap for those used to longer release… → Read More

The Power of Testing in Conjunction – TechWell –

As a tester, how often do you refer to yourself as a “tester” without qualifying specifics, such as a functional tester, performance tester, security tester, etc.? Almost always, right? However, the… → Read More

Help Specialists Find a Home on Cross-Functional Agile Teams

It may seem like the best team would be composed entirely of specialists. Why wouldn’t you want all people who are experts in their areas of work? But while specialists get certain things done… → Read More

3 Fundamental Practices for Building Secure Apps

Nearly every organization dreads the “S-word,” but security should be something we embrace early instead of avoiding until the last minute. It’s strange that we would delay something that could… → Read More

Integration Testing Is a Crucial Step in Delivering Mobile Apps

Mobile technology is everywhere. It is no longer a luxury to have a mobile application for your users; it has become more of a necessity. When customers use a mobile app you built, they expect… → Read More

Tips for Establishing Your Organization’s Agile Culture

Culture is a combination of three things: how people treat each other, what people can discuss, and what the organization rewards. Team 1 has a project manager who believes in collaboration. She… → Read More

The Importance of Unifying Agile Methodologies Among Teams

The modern workforce looks quite different than before. Where workers were once tethered to their desks and computer towers, they are now seeking more remote work opportunities using mobile devices… → Read More

Mitigate Risk on Software Projects by Conducting a Hudson’s Bay Start

The Hudson’s Bay start is a method of reducing risks when undertaking a project that’s complex, expensive, or susceptible to disaster. The name is derived from the Hudson’s Bay Company, which was… → Read More

Skills Software Testers Need in the Mobile and IoT Age

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing business area that testers may want to get ready for. Interestingly, many of the skills and knowledge areas that testers have in the IT, web, PC, and even… → Read More

How Useful Are Software Measurements and Metrics?

Many well-known laws are named for their discoverers: Avogadro’s law, Marconi’s law, Newton’s laws, Ohm’s law — and, of course, Murphy’s law. However, most important to those of us interested in… → Read More