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Past articles by Christine:

My Kids Don’t Have Godparents – But How Important Are Godparents, Really?

My kids don't have godparents. Instead, we hope to cultivate those relationships with a wide range of people, not for religion reasons but for personal ones. → Read More

17 Nostalgic Holiday Movies To Watch With Your Fam

'A Charlie Brown Christmas' is the ultimate Christmas classic. → Read More

I Can’t Handle Clutter––So Lots Of My Kids’ Stuff Gets Donated (Or Trashed)

If you think I’m cold-hearted for not getting sentimental about these vestiges of childhood, remember: we all have to draw a line somewhere. → Read More

The World Doesn’t Know How To Handle 40-Year-Old Women

The reality for a 40-something woman: Most days I feel mostly content, profoundly grateful, low-grade terrified, a little bit lonely, and exhausted. → Read More

I’m In My 40s And Still Don’t Feel Like A ‘Grown Up’

I really never thought I’d be a 40-something mom of two and still feel like I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. → Read More

If You Had No Idea That Perimenopause Would Be This Bonkers, You Are Not Alone

Just because perimenopause – and the eventual transition to menopause – are natural and normal, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer through it in silence. → Read More

We Have To Keep That Anti-Trump Momentum Going

We can collectively exhale for the first time in four years. But that does not mean we can go back to our “I don’t do politics” mentality. → Read More

11 Things To Do When You Test Positive For COVID-19

If you do test positive for COVID-19, you might be a little confused about how to proceeed. Here are a few things you can do. → Read More

20 ‘No More Stuff’ Gift Ideas For A Year When We Can’t Do Typical Experiences

The truth is, I love giving gifts. What I don’t like is lots of stuff. I don’t like giving crap to my kids, and I don’t like when they receive crap. → Read More

It’s Not Debatable, Masks Save Lives––It’s Time For A National Mandate

By now, if you’re not on board with the masking up, you aren’t just selfish, you’re ignorant AF. The data is out there, and it’s undisputable. → Read More

An Open Letter To The ‘Biden Has Dementia’ Bullies

These comments about Biden having dementia aren’t just wrong, they are harmful and offensive. They are ableist and mean. Period. → Read More

Eight Months In: This Isn’t Getting Easier, And I’m Struggling

It may be foolish, or naïve or maybe even downright dangerous. But honestly, I thought things would be easier by now. I really did. → Read More

I Wrote An Article About Trump—Here Are The Messages His Supporters Sent Me

I do believe that Joe Biden is the best person for the job for a key reason. He will bring this country back together. They will help us heal. → Read More

How To Cope When A Family Member Says They’re Voting For Trump

So here’s the reality you’re – that we’re – currently facing: someone we love is supporting Trump. So what the hell do we do about it? → Read More

13 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up This Sh*tshow Year

It already feels like we've crammed at least a decade's worth of shit into the past six months, and I'm scared for what's to come. → Read More

If You Have Relaxed Your COVID-19 Precautions, Experts Say To Reel It In ASAFP

Winter is coming, and it ain’t gonna be pretty or easy. We need to shrink our COVID bubble. But we can do this. Because we have to. → Read More

10 Reasons ‘New Girl’ Was The Pandemic Binge I Didn’t Know I Needed

The show quickly pulled me in and did not let go. In fact, New Girl was the pandemic gift I did not know I needed. Here are just a few reasons why. → Read More

It Should Be Okay To Talk About Being A Working Mom

The reality is being a working mom is different than being an at-home mom. It just is. Not better, not worse. Different. → Read More

Dealing With The Pandemic Has Become An Emotional Mindf*ck

When I first used risk assessment tools, they made perfect sense. But now, I find them breaking down for me, and here’s why. → Read More

Why Life Still Feels So Hard Right Now

Pandemic life is still hard. If I sound bitter and negative, it’s because I am. I’m angry AF. It didn’t need to be this way. → Read More