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Past articles by Mabel:

Made in Singapore: Tech brands and products you might not know were launched by locals, Digital News

Singapore’s 55th year of independence would have been a pretty big event if not for... everything else that’s going on in the world. Still, a global pandemic doesn’t diminish the significance of National Day. The show must go on, even if things are pretty scaled-down and subdued this year. Now, more than ever, we should be commemorating the people that... → Read More

Made in Singapore: Tech brands and products you may not know were launched by locals, Digital News

Singapore's 54th year of independence is coming soon, and if you stand by the official narrative, it's worth celebrating 200 years since Sir Stamford Raffles stepped on our shores to look around for a bit before leaving William Farquhar to run things. But instead of paying homage to the achievements of an alleged racist colonialist, we'd rather give props to... → Read More

Singapore man goes viral on Facebook by giving obligatory pre-flight photos a cheeky twist , Digital, Singapore News

Nothing beats ending the year with a memorable vacation that has long been in your bucket list. No harm getting all fresh and recharged before facing the new decade. As the Social Media Gods demand, snapping an artsy photo of your passport and flight ticket would be a prerequisite procedure to show everyone that you are moments away from embarking on an overseas adventure. One Singapore citizen,… → Read More

12-year-old Chinese girl elopes with boyfriend that she met through an online video game, Digital, China News

Some dream of throwing a lavish wedding with scores of people, while others fantasize an intimate ceremony with few cherished guests. The heart wants what the heart wants, after all. But few would have been as bold as this pair of online sweethearts from China, who decided to elope at such a young age. → Read More

No cash, no problem: Beggars in China now accept WeChat Pay, Digital, China News

Given the advancement of technology, the cashless phenomenon has, without a doubt, been gaining traction each year. Following the adoption of cashless payment amongst beggars in China back in 2017, yet another elderly Chinese beggar has taken the internet by storm. Facebook user Fazil Irwan shared his friends' recent experience in Beijing, China and the post has garnered over 16,000 shares since… → Read More

This Singaporean is a billionaire thanks to mobile video games and online shopping, Digital News

For many kids who spent the majority of their childhood with a game controller in their hands, getting paid to play video games definitely sounds like a pipe dream. Not all of those dreams come true, even though some do. Forrest Li — the 39-year-old Founder and CEO of Singapore-based gaming powerhouse Sea — would just happen to be one of them. → Read More

Chinese man files lawsuit after friend resells his $1.9m game character for $755, Digital, China News

The kids who grew up playing games are now full-fledged adults who are still playing games — but with way more disposable income now. It has come to the point where we're perfectly fine forking out our money on them without a thought. Loads of money. Unfortunately for this man in Nanhe, China, the nearly $2 million he invested in a game almost went down the gutter thanks to a friend. If they're… → Read More

Japanese automated gadget cooks your cup noodles so you don't have to, Digital News

Cup ramen may not be the healthiest nourishment around (even that's an understatement), but it certainly is a staple dish deeply rooted in our lives. It's a familiar friend whenever you're feeling down, lazy, or just peckish during the wee hours of the morning. With this convenience-driven tech dystopia, many of us value a greater need for convenience due to our busy lifestyles, especially when… → Read More

Hotel room in Japan priced at $1.25 a night if guests consent to livestream their stay, Digital, Asia News

Japan might have a reputation for being one of the more expensive countries to travel to for a vacation. Believe it or not, you'd still be able to have an awesome trip, even with a modest budget. Especially when it comes to this 10-roomed hotel — Asahi Ryokan — situated in Fukuoka, Japan, where guests can opt for the cheaper and more enticing rate of 100 yen (S$1.25) a night. → Read More

Japanese farmers embrace automated coin-operated lockers to sell produce, Digital, Asia News

When it comes to weaving the old world with the new age, Japan has much ingenuity to offer. Amidst a serious labour shortage, numerous businesses in Japan are implementing measures to incorporate automation into their business models. The Japanese government even encourages businesses to innovate and embrace the automated and unmanned retail system, according to Lianhe Zaobao. → Read More

Thief cracks into misplaced phone and loots over $4K from victim's GrabPay account, Digital News

One way or another, everyone utilises some form of means to keep their phones locked away from prying eyes. Amongst the plethora of methods available to smartphone users to secure their devices, facial recognition seems to be the one that most brands are leaning on these days (we're looking at you, Pixel 4). → Read More

Internet condemns PMD rider who confronted couple for supposedly staring at him, Digital News

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife right now. The sticky situation between personal mobility device (PMD) riders and politicians over the recent e-scooter ban has no end in sight. Unfortunately for a couple waiting for a ride at a bus stop, they had to bear the brunt of an exasperated rant by a passing PMD rider. → Read More

Chinese netizens angrily respond to video of Caucasian kids causing a ruckus in metro train, Digital, China News

We all have public transport horror stories, including finding an unidentifiable substance spilt on the seat of the bus or seeing someone puke in an MRT train. Unfortunately for this cabin of train passengers in Shanghai, China, they might have faced something just as bad: misbehaving kids. Chinese news outlet WeVideo had shared a 43-seconds-long footage of their childish shenanigans on popular… → Read More

SITEX is primed and ready for tech heads, gamers, and digital artists this year, Digital News

Calling all fans of video games, gaming gadgets, digital arts and everything consumer tech! It's time to mark your calendar (again) for yet another convention at the Singapore Expo. → Read More

Malaysian college students go viral on Twitter for carrying out dormitory tug of war, Digital, Malaysia News

School may be frustrating for students in many ways, especially when assignment deadlines and examinations push stress levels to a whole new level. Very often, dealing with the pressure of academia can be a difficult thing to do. However, a group of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) students in Perak, Malaysia came up with a (literally) straining way of relieving their stress during the exam… → Read More

17-year-old boy in Thailand found dead after overnight gaming binge during school holidays, Digital News

Everyone looks forward to the school breaks because it'll mean some time spent with the family or simply just getting some fresh air in the great outdoors. Much to the dismay of most parents these days, it too signals more time for their children to be playing video games. Such was the case for this 17-year-old Thai teenager by the name of Piyawat Harikun who apparently pushed his leisure time a… → Read More

10-year-old boy drains $1.7k of mum's salary to buy game character 'skins', Digital News

Ask any gamer how much time they've spent customising the looks of their characters in video games, and their answer is probably a unanimous "forever". Asking them how much money they've spent on said games, however, tends to elicit a more interesting response. It's all fun and games until the cash dries up, after all. Unfortunately for this mother in Jiangsu, China, her 10-year-old son had been… → Read More

Telegram group outed for sharing images of Malay women; Malaysians flood it with memes, Digital, Malaysia News

Following the recent illicit group chat shenanigans in Singapore, yet another Telegram group — titled Gadis Melayu (Malay Girls) — has taken the Internet by storm. This time, it's happening beyond our shores. → Read More

New party game The Great Singaporean Sale will push you and your friends to the kiasu limits, Digital, Singapore News

If there's something Singaporeans can't resist, it's shopping — especially when it comes to scoring a good bargain. Life's just too short to lose out on deals, fellow countrymen. With kiasu-ness in mind, a group of 20-year-old creators recently developed a new not-safe-for-work card game: The Great Singaporean Sale (TGSS). The homegrown party game is designed to mirror the farcical Singaporean… → Read More

Japanese wild boars go viral for majestic gallops into horizon after Typhoon Hagibis , Digital, Asia News

Residents in Japan continue to recover and rebuild after facing one of the most devastating storms in 60 years: Typhoon Hagibis. Torrential rains, vicious winds, and multistorey floods left a trail of death and destruction in its wake last Saturday (Oct 12). → Read More