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Past articles by Alex:

Between a Brussels farce and a German demographic disaster

Two omens of the destruction of Europe. → Read More

Doomsday elections in Europe?

The Euro-elites are losing it at the prospect of the people gaining some of their power back. → Read More

Germany's Energiewende on the ropes

Is Germany finally coming to its senses concerning renewables? → Read More

In defense of Hungary

A recent copy of that highbrow epitome of German journalism, Die Zeit, carried a piece called → Read More

Trump-blaming media must not have read the Christchurch shooter’s ‘manifesto’

A lot of the ideas he discusses in his ‘manifesto’ are crackpot to put it mildly. But they are crackpot in a distinctly green, leftist way a lot more often than in a right wing, let alone a conservative way. → Read More

Is the World Bank Changing for the Better?

Can reform candidate David Malpass rehablitate the World Bank? → Read More

Freezing out the climate charlatans

Winter shuts down global warming fanatics with a vengeance. → Read More

Freezing weather and the left's charlatans

So many different ways leftists use the cold weather to advance their agenda – and none of them has merit. → Read More

Understanding Brexit in 2019

What motivated Brits to get the heck out of the European Union in the first place? Cucumbers had something to do with it. → Read More

China: Dystopia in Power

Yet further evidence that Xi Jinping's China is returning to its totalitarian communist roots. → Read More

The Green Farce at Katowice

Read the whole thing -ed. → Read More

The other Solzhenitsyn

Not all of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's ideas were great. And here's the worst thing about it... → Read More

Appeasement of evil returns to Europe

When European 21st-century history is written, this picture will be considered as emblematic of its times as the one of Chamberlain waving his → Read More

A migration pact to disaster

A U.N. → Read More

Europe opting for submission to Islam

Two seemingly unrelated events in Europe over the past 20 days point to what cannot be described other than as the slow suicide of European civilization. → Read More

Twilight of the Green Follies

The efficiency of solar and wind tech, despite being heavily subsidized, is rapidly approaching the limits of physics, which means there are no great efficiency improvements to be expected. → Read More

Fort Trump and the future of Eastern Europe

Poland and all of Eastern Europe simply do not trust the Western Europeans to defend them if push comes to shove. → Read More

Erdogan and the wages of Islamism

By taking his country down the one-way path to Islamism and tyranny, Erdoğan has severed its ties with the West irreparably. Illusions to the contrary by many in NATO and Western Europe will not change that. → Read More

Sultan Erdogan: Invincible and Doomed

Turkey has a new sultan who can and will do whatever he seemingly wants. → Read More

Is Trump Pivoting East in Europe?

The White House is putting together a robust strategy in Europe that was missing until now. → Read More