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Recent articles by Fred:

Tesla updates its Autopilot auto lane change animation

Tesla has made a slight update to its Autopilot auto lane change animation in a new software update this week. Thought out 2019, Tesla has been making a few gradual updates to the real-time render of the vehicle’s surroundings, which Tesla calls ‘Driving Visualization’. In May, Tesla started pushing a new software update (2019.16) to … → Read More

Tesla Sentry Mode helps police in break-in

Tesla Sentry Mode, a security system built into Tesla vehicles, has helped the police in another Tesla break-in in California. Learn people, stop breaking into Tesla cars! Tesla Model 3 owner Steve Widick told KCRA3: “I was on my way home from work and stopped to pick up some dinner for my wife and I. … → Read More

Podcast: Tesla this week, Mercedes-Benz electric minivan, Porsche Taycan, and more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including all the news from Tesla this week, the new Mercedes-Benz EQV electric minivan, Porsche unveiling the interior of the Taycan, and more. The Electrek Podcast is me, Fred Lambert, editor-in-chief of Electrek, and Seth Weintraub, … → Read More

Tesla announces expansions in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovenia

Tesla is finally expanding in Eastern Europe by making its vehicles available to order in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovenia starting now. It has been a while since Tesla expanded to new markets, but we expect it by the end of the year. The automaker is already covering most of Europe, but there are still … → Read More

Tesla and Walmart are looking to re-energize 240+ solar systems and avoid removing them

Earlier this week, we reported on a dispute between Tesla and Walmart over problems with a massive amount of solar power systems the former installed at the latter’s property. It looks like both companies are now open to working together to solve this issue instead of going through the courts. Several Tesla solar power systems … → Read More

Audi teases new electric off-roader and it looks insane

Audi is going to bring a few new electric vehicles to the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show next month and today, it teased one of those EVs: an insane-looking new electric off-roader. The German automaker didn’t reveal much about the new electric vehicle. They wrote in a tweet early this morning: “At IAA Frankfurt Motor Show … → Read More

Toyota will deploy 850 electric vehicles at the Olympics, including some weird ones

Toyota is providing the official fleet for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 and 90% of them will be electric. That’s 850 electric vehicles to be deployed next year — most of them new, including some weird ones. Last month, we already reported on the short-range shuttle that Toyota is building specifically … → Read More

Tesla makes battery supply deal with LG for Gigafactory 3, report says

Tesla has reportedly signed a battery supply deal with LG Chem for Gigafactory 3 in China. It would be Tesla’s first deal to supply battery cell for its electric vehicles with another company than Panasonic. At first, CEO Elon Musk said that all of Tesla’s new factories, including Gigafactory 3 in China, will include the … → Read More

Porsche unveils the interior of Taycan electric car

Porsche has unveiled almost the entire interior of the Taycan electric car ahead of the vehicle’s unveiling planned for next month. With the announcement that Porsche partnered with Apple to offer Apple Music streaming directly inside the electric car earlier this week, the German automaker released the first official picture of the interior of the … → Read More

Tesla gets stolen with keyfob hack on camera in seconds — here's how to prevent it

A Tesla got stolen on camera in seconds with a keyfob hack, but it’s preventable. Here’s how you can help prevent your Tesla from getting stolen. Last week, a Tesla owner reported a Model S stolen from his house during the night in London. The house was equipped with a Ring video camera doorbell, and … → Read More

Chevy Bolt EV 2020 gets a range increase to 259 miles, EPA says

The Chevy Bolt EV 2020 is getting a slight range upgrade from 238 miles to 259 miles of range, according to an update from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Over the last three years since the Bolt EV has been on the market, the electric car hasn’t received any significant upgrade. For the 2019 model … → Read More

Hyundai teases a new 1970s-inspired electric car to be unveiled next month

Hyundai is teasing a new 1970s-inspired electric car concept set to be unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Over the last few years, Hyundai has been going through a bit of a transition. They are one of the few automakers still heavily invested in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the alternative to … → Read More

Tesla is looking at Gigafactory sites in Lower Saxony, local govt says

Tesla has been talking about building a Gigafactory in Europe to build electric vehicles and batteries for years, but it now says that it is finally closing in on a site. The local government in Lower Saxony now says that Tesla is particularly interested in a few sites in the region. According to a report … → Read More

VW CEO is open to investing in Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla (TSLA) has attracted interest from many established automakers over the years, and now it adds Volkswagen to the list as VW CEO Herbert Diess says he is open to investing in Tesla, according to a report from Germany. Over the years, Tesla was partly owned by Toyota and Daimler, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company. Both automakers … → Read More

Rivian releases video of its electric pickup truck camper option

Rivian is hyping up its electric pickup truck with a new video of it being used with a camper configuration as it is about to take it on a tour for reservation holders to see it ahead of production. Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck In many ways, Rivian has launched the current electric pickup truck … → Read More

Tesla's head of Autopilot software leaves in restructuring

Tesla’s head of Autopilot software, Stuart Bowers, has left the automaker to work for the venture capital firm Greylock after a restructuring of the Autopilot team. Over the last few months, there have been several reports about a restructuring of Tesla’s Autopilot team. In May, we reported that Tesla was restructuring its Autopilot software team … → Read More

Here's one of the most important charts in electrification and end of combustion engines

Here’s one of the most important charts in the electrification of transport and the end of the combustion engine: conversion of fossil fuel-powered car production capacity to electric car production capacity. The effort to electrify the car industry has been approached in several different ways. Tesla is definitely the leader with a larger production capacity … → Read More

Tesla is losing market shares to Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace, claims analyst — really?

According to Bernstein, Tesla is losing market shares to Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace, especially in Europe. Are they looking at it the right way? → Read More

World’s largest all-electric ferry completes its maiden trip

Ferries are rapidly adopting electric powertrains as the first few all-electric ferries in operation are proving to be doing an excellent job. Now we’ve learned of a new all-electric ferry, reportedly the world’s largest all-electric ferry, completing its maiden trip. All-electric ferries Ferries are a good place to start electrifying cargo transport on the sea … → Read More

Tesla Roadster 2020 spec ad will get you excited for the electric supercar

The status of the new Tesla Roadster, which is supposed to come out in 2020, is currently uncertain, but we have a new spec ad to get you excited for the electric supercar in the meantime. The new Tesla Roadster has gathered a lot of interest in the industry over the last 2 years. When … → Read More