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North Carolina, United States

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Recent articles by Kevin:

How to Make a Portal in Minecraft

As you marvel at all the virtual beauty, there's a sinister dark side that awaits. Here's how to make a portal in Minecraft so you can answer the dark's call. → Read More

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

You've journeyed far beyond your typical stomping grounds and your horse has wandered off. Here's how to make a lead in Minecraft to keep your mount in check. → Read More

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What is Linux? That's the question we're answering for PC owners wanting to break away from Windows and MacOS. We cover the past and present. → Read More

How to Sell Video Games

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to get rid of your dusty game collection. Here's how to sell your old video games for maximum return or recycle them. → Read More

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Humans require fire, and the virtual world is no different. Darkness consumes the world when the sun goes down. We show you how to make a torch in Minecraft. → Read More

How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

Need to keep your cattle or imprisoned villagers contained? We show you how to make a fence in Minecraft along with gates and walls so nothing can ever escape. → Read More

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

If you’ve invaded strongholds and dungeons, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across books in chests and bookshelves. We show you how to make a book in Minecraft. → Read More

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

You’re in a cave and stumble into a dungeon full of skeletons. We show you how to make a shield in Minecraft to defend yourself and live to loot another day. → Read More

How to Make Potions in Minecraft

If you're playing Minecraft in Survival Mode, potions can come in handy. We show you how to make potions in Minecraft so you can throw poison, heal, and more. → Read More

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Everyone needs to sleep, even NPCs and avatars. Here's how to make a bed in Minecraft so you can sleep peacefully at night while the skeletons roam outside. → Read More

How to Port Forward

If you're a gamer noticing poor online performance, you may need to alter the settings for your router. Here's how to port forward for a better experience. → Read More

What is a DNS Server? Internet Networking Explained

Changing your DNS settings can have all sorts of benefits, from security to speed. But what is DNS exactly, and how does it make the web the way it is today? → Read More

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Your tamed horse in Minecraft still has a mind of its own -- it won't follow your lead. We show you how to make a saddle in Minecraft so you can take control. → Read More

How to Make a Map in Minecraft

For a digital realm, Minecraft can be a big place. Use the "infinite" world type and the terrain stretches on forever. Here's how to make a map in Minecraft. → Read More

What Is Packet Loss, and How Do You Fix It?

Does your network connection feel horribly slow? Are your online gaming skills just not on target? You may be suffering from packet loss. Here's how to fix it. → Read More

The Best Motherboards for 2020

Shopping for the best motherboards can be a difficult task, so we weeded through hundreds and listed six across three tiers: budget, mid-range, and extreme. → Read More

How to Speed Up Your Graphics Card

When gaming, the GPU is your best friend. It does most of the heavy lifting, making games look pretty and run fast. Here's how to speed up your graphics card. → Read More

How to Use Slack in 2020

Looking to create a team to work in-house and/or remotely? Here's how to use Slack to increase workflow and enable team-based chat no matter your location. → Read More

How to Determine Your Browser Version

Here's how to determine your browser version to see if it's compatible with services you want to use and, in some cases, manually update to the latest version. → Read More

How to Use the Hidden Nintendo Switch Browser

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming-first console. It wasn't designed to surf the internet. Just for fun, here's how to use the hidden Nintendo Switch browser. → Read More